rabbits and rodents

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rabbits and rodents

pedigree rabbits
Breeders of pedigree rabbits make stringent demands on their animals; they want to have tiptop show condition, and optimum fertility and growth. Not only does heredity plays a role, but also many other factors contribute to the ultimate quality of rabbits. One of these factors is the right nutrition. One kind of feed throughout the year Garvo developed the 1025 alfamix rabbit and 5062 alfachunk rabbit for rabbits. Alfamix is a muesli, alfachunk is a 3mm pellet. These feeds contain all important substances that rabbits need during the various phases of the year. You can choose one of these feeds, and give them all year round. After starting to feed your rabbits with alfamix rabbit or alfachunk rabbit, the change in condition can be noticed in about two weeks. As to the nutritious value, alfamix rabbit and alfachunk rabbit are almost the same. Both are complete feeds, which means that no supplements need be given. In fact, additional feed can even disturb the balance between the Complete feed A pellet usually consists of compressed small particles, but alfamix rabbit contains coarse bits as gnawing and digesting these coarse corns corresponds with their natural background. Alfamix also contains oils. This mix of oils supports high fertility and fine quality of the fur. Usually, pellets consist of compressed small particles. Alfamix rabbit contains coarse bits, because gnawing and digesting these coarse grains simulates rabbits’ natural situation. Alfamix also contains a mix of oils, supporting high fertility and a fine quality of the fur.

various nutrients. Additional portions of hay or carrots will not be necessary. But if you want to give them a treat, we suggest restricting the portions in order to give full justice to alfamix rabbit or alfachunk rabbit. Please note: the only thing rabbits need in addition to the mixed or pelleted feed is straw of good quality. Good straw provides the fibres they need. Breeding time Breeding the rabbits that perfectly satisfy the pedigree standards starts with selecting the right doe with the right buck. The best fertilization results are achieved when both animals are slim and in good condition. The mineral supply and the oils in the feeds support their hormone management. Indeed, a good fertilization is the basis for a good result. If you give them alfamix rabbit or alfachunk rabbit and straw you must keep a tight rein on supplementary feed

to maintain the right balance. Equally important is the quantity of feed at the end of gestation. Increase the amount of alfamix or alfachunk with 30 per cent starting ten days before throwing. This will give a nice litter with the right birth weight. The quantity of feed should also be increased during lactation. Young rabbits There are many advantages to be gained from giving the same feed all year long, especially to young rabbits. Young rabbits are vulnerable to outbreaks of coli or coccidiosis, but the risks can be greatly reduced if you don’t need to change their diet. The young animals gradually build up their resistance to all kinds of diseases. The transition from milk to solid food, the weaning and perhaps the change of hutch can unsettle the young rabbits’ digestive system. Alfamix rabbit and alfachunk rabbit maximally support their digestive flora in a natural way. If combined with the well-balanced pro-

tein formula, this will ensure a smooth and gradual growth. The composition ensures that the rabbits will not get fat. During the first eight weeks you can give your young rabbits unlimited quantities of alfamix rabbit or alfachunk rabbit. The feed provides the rabbits with all necessary nutrients for developing into a showpiece of their breed. Showing season Feed has great impact on physical development. Alfamix rabbit or alfachunk rabbit contributes to a well-muscled

rabbit with a slick and shiny fur… an excellent showing condition. Alfamix and alfachunk contain lecithin. This substance encourages excess energy to be used as heat and not as fat reserves in a large fold of skin or dewlap. Moulting in rabbits will proceed quickest when there are sufficient materials available for the new fur to develop. With alfamix rabbit and alfachunk rabbit, the moulting will pass almost without being noticed, quickly and without problems.

pet rabbits
Rabbits can be lively pets and even become housemates. When you keep pet rabbits you may be less concerned about optimum ear length or the right fur pattern. Even high production and fast growth are of minor importance. For the hobbyist, priority is given to good health and the welfare of the animals.

Originally, 1025 alfamix rabbit is composed for pedigree rabbits, which must have a perfect condition and resistance. Of course, these aspects are also important for pet rabbits. The Garvo selection for rabbits also has the following products: 5081 rabbit mix A mixed product with carrot flakes. This product offers great variety for your rabbits and every bit of it will be gone when they have finished eating. This mixture is well suited for one or several rabbits that are often fed with green crop. 5749 rabbit melange This richly varied mixture consists of cereal flakes, corns, seeds, vegetable flakes and crunchy and pressed pellets. On account of its fine structure, this melange is very suitable for dwarf rabbits. 5065 rabbit breeder pellets This 3mm pellet provides for the basic needs of rabbits, and can also be used as breeding feed. The composition ensures a good basic condition. 5061 rabbit maintenance pellets You can feed them with this pellet together with straw and any hay. Ropadiar (a natural product) is added to the pellet to provide basic protection against coccidiosis. Feed this if you have many rabbits or if they are often ill. It is also very suitable as growth-feed for young rabbits.

guinea pigs
Guinea pigs are unique rodents with a high demand for vitamin C. Guinea pig pellets with vitamin C is a feed for guinea pigs of all ages, be they showing or pet guinea pigs. The importance of vitamin C in guinea pigs’ feed is often correctly emphasised. When it comes to food, guinea pigs are in more than one way different from other rodents. Guinea pigs have a very active digestive system which can obtain vital nutrients from roughage. The quantity of starch and fibres in the feed demands as least as much attention as vitamin C content. Garvo composed pellets for guinea pigs: 5068 guinea pig pellets with vitamin C. It contains all vital substances for good condition and health. If you feed these pellets to your guinea pigs, you need not to provide extra vitamin C (drops). Because guinea pigs are real fibre eaters, you must supplement their feed with straw. Hay as a fibre source may do as well, but keep in mind that hay not only provides fibre but also contains many other nutritive substances, and this may imbalance the nutrient proportion. You may supplement the feed with fresh fruits and vegetables, but it is not really necessary since the pellet contains dosed vitamin C. The pellet contains all important nutrients for young guinea pigs, helping the animals to grow gradually and without problems. The pellet is very tasty and contributes to an optimal natural resistance, a healthy skin and a lustrous fur.

small rodents
Mice, tame rats, hamsters, degus, chinchillas and gerbils fall in the category of small rodents. When breeding them, it is advisable to feed them a complete pellet. Garvo has two kinds of feeds in its assortment: 5070 rodent rat and 5067 rodent mouse. Giving them a mixed feed is a good option, if you keep this little rodent as a pet. The 5540 rodent mix is especially developed for these pets.

Rats, gerbils and hamsters
When it comes to food, rats, gerbils and hamsters have almost the same needs. When they live in the wild, they have not only a vegetable diet, but also animal matter, such as carrion. Rats, gerbils and hamsters therefore have a natural need for animal proteins. When they are only on vegetable diet in a domesticated environment there is the chance that cannibalism will occur. Rats, gerbils and hamsters that are evaluated and shown must be vital and well developed. It is obvious that feed plays an important part in their development. 5070 Rodent rat is enriched with animal matter, including meatmeal and bloodmeal. This will contribute to perfect fertility, growth and the health of the rodents. As the form of the pellet is rather coarse (12mm), the feed can also be used for so-called nursing trays. Rodent rat can be given all the year round, both to adult and young animals, and supplements to the pellet are not needed.

Mice, chinchillas and degus
These critters will mainly feed on vegetable products when they live in their natural habitat. They have another digestive system, which is different from that of rats, for example. The 5067 rodent mouse is especially developed for mice, chinchillas and degus. This first-class 12mm pellet can be given to gestating and lactating mothers, their young and to show animals all the year round. Rodent mouse enhances good fertility and growth. If you give this pellet, it is advisable not to give any other supplement.

Rodent pets
If you keep small rodents as pets it is delightful to see them busy with mixed feed. We developed 5540 rodent mix for this group. It is a highly varied mixture and is digested up to the last pellet. It contains, among other things, maize flakes, white sunflower seeds, peas, dried carrots, safflower seeds, St. John’s bread and tasty vitamin grains. No need to supplement this with vegetables, but you may do this for variation. Rodent mix is a mixed rodent feed and a purely vegetable product. You may regularly give rats, hamsters and gerbils some animal products, such as a cube of cheese.

product analyses
1025 Composition crude protein crude fat crude fibre crude ash calcium phosphorus potassium Additives / kg vitamin A vitamin D3 vitamin E vitamin C vitamin B1 vitamin B2 vitamin B5 vitamin B6 vitamin B12 vitamin K3 cupper biotin % 13,8 4,9 12,8 8,8 1,10 0,50 0,96 5062 % 5068 % 15,0 4,6 14,0 9,5 1,30 0,62 1,02 5067 % 22,0 3,5 6,5 8,8 1,07 0,80 1,36 5070 % 14,3 4,9 11,1 11,9 1,82 0,90 0,93 13,5 4,4 14,1 9,3 1,14 0,53 1,56

10.000IE 1.000IE 74mg 1,0mg 4,0mg 7.0mg 1,0mg 10mcg 1,0mg 20,0mg 25mcg

10.000IE 1.000IE 41mg 1,0mg 4,0mg 7,0mg 1,0mg 10mcg 1,0mg 20,0mg 25mcg

10.000IE 1.000IE 81mg 2500mg 1,1mg 4,0mg 7,0mg 1,2mg 10mcg 1,0mg 20,0mg 25mcg

10.000IE 1.000IE 40mg 1,0mg 4,0mg 7,0mg 1,0mg 10mcg 1,0mg 20,0mg 25mcg

9.000IE 1.440IE 124mg 30mg 2,0mg 4,0mg 3,0mg 3,0mg 20mcg 1,0mg 14,0mg 50mcg

Declarations are just an indication. For complete compositions and analyses visit www.garvo.eu.

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