Essay Competition on Diversity 2007

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					Essay Competition on Diversity 2007
2nd Runner-up: Justin Tsang            Australian International School Hong Kong

                              Colours of Harmony

        Red, green and blue. Three colours. Monotonous and unexciting.
But what if you mix them together? Wham! A feast of new colours and
possibilities. I grew up in a world of vibrant colours; societies filled to the
brim with diversity. Each day, I am exposed to new colourful experiences,
brought by strangers and friends. I learn from each person’s uniqueness,
benefiting from their ideas and views. Diversity is an element essential in
everyone’s life. As a wise person once said, “Variety is the spice of life.”

         Everyday when I go to school, I am exposed to a mixture of colours.
I don’t see a messy splatter of paint, but a beautiful mosaic. I see people
with black hair and people with golden hair, working and learning side by side.
I see boys and girls playing games together, laughing with joy. I see women
wrapped in silk headdresses and monks in robes sitting together on the MTR.
Colour, religion, sex or race do not separate people, it adds to the mosaic,
fitting together to form a richer picture of harmony.

        I learn at an international school. I learn at a meeting place of
different cultures. In such a learning environment, I don’t just benefit from
reading textbooks; I gain from interacting with the people around me.
Diversity in a sanctuary is how I see it. I am protected from the prejudice,
racism and discrimination that exist in the world. At school, I interact with
people from around the world, connecting threads of culture that weaves
into a web of understanding and acceptance.

       Hong Kong is a multicultural society, welcoming all traditions, races
and religions to exist and be treated with equal freedom. Unfortunately,
some people choose not to live up to Hong Kong’s expectations. Once I saw
a woman scolding a Philippine maid for dropping a shopping bag. She had
several bags strung on each arm, while the woman had a handbag. The
woman was loud and rude, the maid saying sorry repeatedly. I was thinking,

if everyone in the world had equal status, this wouldn’t be happening. I
imagined a utopian world with diversity. Is it possible? Diversity and
inclusion, creating a world where everyone lives side by side in harmony.

         Everyone wants to be different, even if they already are. But there
are some people, who would wish only to be normal. People who can walk
only with a cane, people who can only talk with their hands, people who can
only see in their dreams. People like you and me, who have to live their rest
of their lives with a disability. We should not discriminate disabled people,
nor should we pity them. What we need to do, is to include them in our
daily lives. Inclusion gives disabled people the message: “Even though you
are different, we accept you for who you are.”

        “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it
every day.” This quote sums up what diversity is about. Everyone is
different. We come across obstacles each day, things and people we don’t
agree with. But try to see it through the other person’s eyes. If you
understand, then it’s brilliant, but if you don’t, then move on with your life.
Diversity and inclusion is mankind’s first and last step to reach true harmony.