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					              Scholarship Biographical Essay Writing Tips

 •   Type your essay. Don’t forget to include the date, print your name, and sign your

 •   Tightly structure your essay by sticking to the point and supporting your
     experience with compelling examples. Write with personal voice and avoid
     sounding wooden and dry. Evaluators are extremely responsive to life
     experiences that indicate overcoming adversity. Your personal statements should
     include your academic achievements, community involvements, leadership skills,
     and aspirations.

 •   Be creative and maintain the evaluator’s interest. Mention how you would benefit
     from a scholarship.

 •   Some aspects of biographical essays that evaluators look for:
     1) Student leadership
     2) Involvement in community service
     3) Exceptional talents – writers, scientists, artists, athletes, or musicians

     Emphasize the talents you have as well as academic achievements

 •   Avoid writing too much but neither should you write only a paragraph or two.
     Essay should not trail off into topics of religious beliefs, political views, etc.

 •   Take your essay to CSUSB Writing Center located in University Hall, Room
     387A or call them at (909) 537-5232 to make an appointment and have someone
     from their center to read and edit your essay for structure, grammar, redundancy,
     and logic.

Please submit completed autobiographical statement and 1 letter of
recommendation to:
                  CSUSB- Financial Aid, UH-150
                      5500 University Parkway
                    San Bernardino, CA 92407

 If you have any questions, please call the Financial Aid Office (909) 537-5227