Continuity and Change Over Time Essay

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					                    Continuity and Change Over Time Essay

This essay question deals specifically with analysis of continuities
and changes over time covering at least one of the periods in the
course outline. It addresses, for example, technology, trade,
culture, migrations, or environment. The continuity and change
over time questions require analysis of process and explanation of
causation with specific examples. Students may have the
opportunity to choose different cases for illustration.

The time allotted for this essay is 40 minutes, 5 minutes of which
should be spent planning and/or outlining the answer. Write an
essay that:

•   Has a relevant thesis
•   Supports the thesis with appropriate historical evidence.
•   Addresses all parts of the question.
•   Uses world historical context to show continuities and changes
    over time.
•   Analyzes the process of continuity and change over time.

                     Base Core                                          Expanded Core
     Thesis addresses Change AND Continuity                Comprehensive and analytical thesis
     Address Change                                        Includes more than 4 pieces of specific
     Addresses Continuity                                  evidence
     Evidence (3 pieces- 1 pt, 4 pieces- 2 pts)            Analyzes all issues of the question (as relevant):
           Change                Continuity                global context, chronology, causation, change,
       1        2        3        1        2        3      continuity, effects, content
     Global Context: compares to another                   Provides additional links to relevant ideas, events,
     region or links with relevant ideas, events, trends   trends in an innovative way.
                                                           Includes additional analysis for Change
     Reason for Change or Continuity
                                                           and/or Continuity
                                      TOTAL SCORE                  /9
                                     CCOT Essay Structure
  There is no universal “best” structure. The specific wording of the question requires you to be
                               flexible in organizing your response.

Region #1                                                    Chronological
• Changes                                                    Beginning
• Continuities                                               • Global Context
• Analysis of Region #1's relationship to global             • Region/Category #1, including analysis of
   context                                                      relationship to global context
Region #2                                                    • Region/Category#2, including analysis of
• Changes                                                       relationship to global context
• Continuities                                               Middle (with emphasis on how changes develop from
• Analysis of Region #2's relationship to global             beginning through to end)
   context                                                   • Global Context
                                                             • Region/Category#1, including analysis of
Categorical                                                     relationship to global context
Category #1 (Social)                                         • Region/Category #2, including analysis of
• Global Context                                                relationship to global context
• Changes, Continuities, and analysis                        End
Category #2 (Economic)                                       • Global Context
• Global Context                                             • Region/Category #1, including analysis of
                                                                relationship to global context
• Changes, Continuities, and analysis
                                                             • Region/Category#2, including analysis of
Category #3 (Political)
                                                                relationship to global context
• Global Context
• Changes, Continuities, and analysis
Changes, then Continuities
• Region/Category #1
• Region/Category #2
• Analysis of changes’ relationship to global context
• Region/Category #1
• Region/Category #2
• Analysis of continuities’ relationship to global context

                                    “Power Words” for Analytical Writing
              Verbs                       Adverbs/Time Qualifiers                      Adjectives
Assert              compliment          now                                 impressive
Demonstrate         embrace             gradually                           despicable
Exemplify           illustrate          later                               contemplative
Indicate            portray             eventually                          authoritative
Reflect             reveal              immediately                         humble
Signify             strengthen          at once                             creative
Symbolize            undermine          at this point                       subtle
Change               continue           next                                ironic
Transform           evolved             afterward                           rude
Emerge              revolutionize       soon                                haughty
connect                                 then                                dutiful
                                        ironically                          traditional
Words to avoid: very, lot, many, big, small