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					Meeting Details

September 18, 2009 AT PUNE
1. The 105th SLBC meeting was held on June 19, 2009 at Bank of Maharashtra, Head Office,

2. Mr. Allen C. A. Pereira, Chairman & Managing Director, Bank of Maharashtra &
Chairman,    SLBC       -    Maharashtra   presided      over    the    meeting.

3. Mr. M. G. Sanghvi, Executive Director, Bank of Maharashtra, Mr. Sunil Soni. Principal
Secretary, Planning and Institutional Finance (Lead Bank), GoM, Dr. Amarendra Sahoo,
CGM, RBI, RPCD, Mumbai, Dr. P. Satish , Chief General Manager, NABARD, Pune, Dr.
Krishna Lavekar, Commissioner of Cooperation and Registrar of Cooperative Societies,
Maharashtra State, Mr. Tanaji Satre, Chief Executive Officer, KVIB, Mumbai, Mr. Avinash
Subhedar, Deputy Secretary, RDD, GoM, Mr. S. S. Dhapate, Under Secretary, Housing
Department, GoM, Mr. Sarbananda Kar, AGM, RBI, RPCD, Nagpur, Senior officers of the
State Govt. & various Corporations, Senior Executives of the Banks, Chairmen of Regional
Rural Banks, and representatives of financial institutions attended the meeting. List of
participants is enclosed separately.

4. Mr. A. S. Banerjee, General Manager, Planning, Bank of Maharashtra and Convener
SLBC - Maharashtra welcomed the participants. In his welcome address he covered the
following points.

4.1       Due to support from the stake holders we could successfully implement the
important programmes like enhancing credit flow to priority sector including MSME,
Agriculture, SHGs, minority communities & weaker sector, Financial Inclusion and setting up
of Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) in Maharashtra.
4.2       A High Level Committee headed by Smt. Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, RBI has
suggested reforms in the Lead Bank Scheme, which would catalyze rural credit delivery
system. The shift under Lead Bank Scheme is towards faster & more inclusive growth of the
4.3       A meeting of Sub–committee for export promotion was convened on 29.08.2009 at
Mumbai. The representatives of Foreign Exchange Dealers Association (FEDAI), Federation
of India Export Organisations (FIEO), Senior Executives of the Commercial Banks, EXIM
Bank and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC) had attended the said

4.4         Information system is an area, which SLBC is finding difficult to collect and place
it before the forum and hence “on line reporting” system is suggested to streamline the flow of
4.5         Important communications regarding implementation of Debt Waiver & Debt relief
Schemes of Govt. of India & Govt. of Maharashtra including extension of date upto December
2009 for repayment of loans covered under Debt relief Scheme were circulated to Member

5. Mr. Allen C.A. Pereira, Chairman & Managing Director, Bank of Maharashtra and
Chairman, SLBC - Maharashtra covered the following points in his inaugural address:

5.1   He welcomed the participants and requested to the member banks for improvement in
the overall performance especial enhancing disbursement to the priority sectors of the
economy. He requested the member banks for sharing information on critical analysis of
performance of the banks in post economic meltdown situation especially on export & capital
intensive industries.
5.2 He informed that Financial Institutions could play a significant role in Financial
Inclusion and achievement of targets under Annual Credit plan. He urged the participants to
rise to the occasion by showing good performance in extending credit to export & MSME
sectors. He also stressed the need of strengthening of Lead Bank Scheme.
5.3 He made a reference that during Platinum Jubilee Year being celebrated by Bank of
Maharashtra the Banks has decided to adopt 75 villages for intensive development from all
over India including 50 villages from Maharashtra. He further appealed to the banks for
village adoption for all-round development.
5.4 He made a specific reference of soil and water conservation techniques being adopted
the farmers of Hiware Bazar village in Ahmednagar district, where Bank of Maharashtra has
organized a workshop for Agriculture Field Offices.
5.5 He also informed about the SHGs formed by Gramin Mahila Va Balak Vikas Mandal a
trust formed by Bank of Maharashtra) and marketing outlet viz. “ Savitri” at Pune for
marketing of products prepared by SHGs.
5.6 He covered the following points while deliberating on current economic scenario.

5.6.1 The Primary goal of Indian economic planning is to achieve rapid economic
development and it is believed that the fruits of development would percolate down to the
poor and under privileged through the trickle down effect and various strategies including
enhancing credit flow to priority sector and especially to weaker sections of the society.

5.6.2 The global economic crisis has brought the growth rate down to 6.7 percent in 2008-09
with growth in the second half of 2008-09 at 5.8 per cent largely because of lower export
demand and shrinking foreign liquidity. The banks therefore should be proactive in extending
credit                      to                         export                         sector.

6. Mr. Sunil Soni, Principal Secretary, Planning and Institutional Finance (Lead Bank), Govt.
of Maharashtra covered the following points while addressing the forum.
6.1.       He requested the banks to improve their performance especially lending to priority
6.2.        He added that banks should enhance credit flow to farmers particularly in drought
affected / scarcity areas.
6.3.       20 to 25% reduction in crop yield is likely to occur during this year due to scanty
6.4.       Due to scanty rainfall / scarcity the demand for employment is increased in rural
areas but agriculture sector is not in position to generate sufficient employment to cope up
with the situation.
6.5.       He stressed the need for adequate credit at right time for increasing agriculture
6.6.       He informed that there is huge pendency of cases under Govt. sponsored scheme.
Overall pendency level is 5 times of the sanctioned cases. He requested banks to clear the
cases urgently. He urged the Controlling Offices to give instructions to their branches in this

7.      Dr. Amarendra Sahoo, Chief General Manager, RBI, RPCD, MRO, Mumbai welcomed
Shri. Sunil Soni, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra and Dr. P. Satish, CGM,
NABARD, Pune being their first SLBC meeting. He further informed that due to joining of
Mr. Soni as Principal Secretary for Institutional Finance (Lead Bank) it is expected that long
pending issues would be resolved at the earliest. He congratulated Bank of Maharashtra for
celebrating the Platinum Jubilee year. RBI is also celebrating its Platinum Jubilee during the
current fiscal and RBI adopting one village from each district. He covered the following points
in his address.

7.1.      Majority of No Frill accounts opened under Financial Inclusion are dormant and
underlined the need to revive them urgently. Effective implementation of financial inclusion
would not be possible until banks adopt appropriate business models. Process of issuing GCC
is slowly picking up. Products like insurance would not make a dent until leveraged
technology is adopted in financial inclusion by banks. Due to involvement of huge transaction
costs, banks are shy in attempting IT enabled services. RBI is ready to bear 50% cost for smart
card under IT enabled services. It is a matter of pleasure that Convener bank I.e. Bank of
Maharashtra has initiated necessary steps in this direction.

7.2.        Performance of Dhule & Parbhani districts needs to be improved. Among the 12
districts taken up in second phase, the focused attention is required for Ahmednagar, Jalgaon
& Kolhapur districts. The reporting system should be strengthened. Pune has recorded 66%
achievement in opening of No Frill accounts, should gear up their efforts to achieve 100%
Financial Inclusion by Dec. 2009. Regular LDM be posted at Nandurbar so as to gear up the
work of Financial Inclusion. Concerned Lead bank i.e State Bank of India should take note of
this aspect and post the person as Lead District Manager urgently. Lead Banks of these
districts to take note of this and to pass on instructions to their branches for completing the
task of opening of No Frill accounts under Financial Inclusion.

8. Dr. P. Satish, Chief General Manager, NABARD, Maharashtra Regional Office, Pune
mentioned the following points in his address to the forum.

8.1.       NABARD, RBI & Banks have focused on drought related issues due to delayed
monsoon. A special meeting was convened by NABARD, MRO, Pune on 31.08.2009 &
prevailing drought like situation in state was reviewed in the meeting. As an action point of
the meeting LDMs were requested for convening special DLCC meeting report to SLBC by
8.2.      Additional credit is needed for agriculture due to draught like situation and hence
emphasis should be given on crop loan for rabi crops and for investment credit. Cooperative
banks have done well in disbursing crop loan as compared to Scheduled Commercial Banks.
8.3.      Beed & Osmanabad districts in Marathwada area are badly affected by delayed
monsoon. Hence Banks should concentrate on this area.

9. Dr. Krishna Lavekar informed the forum the details of disbursements of crop loans by
various banks as on 14/09/2009. Agency wise break up of districts is as under:

Disbursement of DCCB :- 93.61% of target for Kharif 2009
Disbursement by SCBs :- 71.00% and
Disbursement by RRBs :- 73.00%

Chairman of SLBC informed the banks to step up Agril. Disbursement.

10. Mr. Avinash Subhedar Deputy Secretary, Rural Development Dept. informed that
Govt. has decided to restructure SGSY scheme for SHGs. He further informed that interest
subsidy is also available for SGSY SHGs groups so that the groups need to pay only 4%
interest to banks ultimately.

11.     Discussions on Agenda items:

Mr. Dalip Mehra, Deputy General Manager, Planning Bank of Maharashtra and Member Secretary,
SLBC – Maharashtra piloted the discussions on agenda items.

11.1.     The minutes of 104th Meeting of SLBC held on June 19, 2009 were confirmed and
taken on record..

11.2.      Follow-up of action points of last SLBC meetings
Sr. No.   Action Point                  Action suggested by the forum
          CD Ratio less than 40%:       Discussions held on districts having CD ratio
          sending copies of minutes     less than 40% .i. e. Chandrapur, Sindhudurg &
          of meetings of Sub            Thane. It was suggested by Dr. Amarendra
          committee     to   SLBC       Sahoo, Chief General Manager, RBI, RPCD,
          Secretariat                   MRO, Mumbai that critical analysis is
                                        required for these three districts. i.e. no. of
                                        sub-committee meetings held, strategies
                                        adopted for enhancing CD ratio, response from
                                        the banks, reasons for low CD ratio, views of
                                        the sub-committee about whether it is possible
                                        to increase CD ratio to more than 40% etc.

                                        Lead Banks to submit data for analysis.
                                        (Action: Lead Banks of these districts and
                                        concerned LDMs)

                                         Dr. Sahoo informed that the performance of
                                        Chandrapur & Sindhudurg is around 100%
                                        under Financial Inclusion but CD ratio of these
                                        districts is less than 40%. In this regard he
                                        suggested for improvement in the CD ratio of
                                        the above three districts.

Sr. No.   Action Point                  Action suggested by the forum
2         Controllers of the banks to   During the discussions held on disbursement
          give instructions to their    of crop loans, Dr. Lavekar, Commissioner of
          branches for expediting       Cooperation, Govt. of Maharashtra, informed
          crop loan disbursement.       that Cooperative banks are submitting
                                        information on crop loan disbursement on
                                        weekly basis. Scheduled Commercial Banks
                                        should compile their information at least
                                        monthly basis.
                                        (Action: All Banks to send their information
                                        to SLBC)
    3            Scale of Finance should be      Detailed discussions were held on scale of
                 fixed       taking     into     finance. DLTC should give per hectare finance
                 consideration     the   per     range for various crops. MSCB Ltd. Should
                 hectare finance range           issue necessary instructions to the DCCBs
                 recommended by the State        accordingly.
                 Level Task Force on scale       (Action: MSCB Ltd.)
                 of Finance.
                                                 Principal Secretary, planning and Institutional Finance (Lead Bank) , GoM
    4            Prevention of frauds in         that arrangements are being made to make available the data at one place
                 housing loans: Registration
                 of equitable mortgages &        (Action: GoM )
                 inter linking of Sub
                 Registrars Offices in the       Since the matter is pending with IGR & CS,
                 city / town.                    Maharashtra state, it was decided to take up
                                                 the matter with concerned authority of GoM
                                                 after assembly elections in the state.
                                                 (Action: SLBC / GoM )

    5            Waiver of stamp duty for As above
                 loans up to Rs. 50,000/- to
                 all SHGs & for all types of
                 credit facilities under under
                 facilities.under      Priority
                 sector      under     Priority
                 sector: To take up the

11.3.      Review of implementation of stimulus package for MSME, Housing and Auto

While deliberating on this issue, it was observed that figures of corresponding year are not given in
existing format; hence forum is not in position to make out any inference for progress made in credit
facilities extended to MSME, Housing and Auto sector. Hence the Chairman of the forum suggested
for modifying the format so as to have analytical information and meaningful discussions there upon.
The modified format will be made available to member banks in 2-3 days. The banks should submit
the data to SLBC up to 10th of succeeding month. (Action: SLBC & member Banks)

During the discussions, the industry representative pointed out that no information is placed before the
forum regarding number of accounts eligible for restructuring so that analytical review could be taken
on the package.

Principal Secretary, Planning and Institutional Finance underlined the need to cover educational sector
so that review of performance can be made on regular basis during SLBC meeting. (Action: SLBC)

11.4.      Effectively monitoring credit flow to various sectors

It was requested that all banks should submit their information before 5th or 6th of the succeeding
quarter end. (Action: All Banks)

Data on the following parameters was placed before the forum for information.

i)                   Information on advances to weaker sector
ii)                  Information on advances to Minority Communities
iii)                 Information on financing to Housing and Education
iv)                  Information on advances to Priority sector / SME sector
v)                   Information on outstanding of direct and indirect Agril. Advances
vi)                  Information on KCC / GCC
vii)                 Information on financing to SHGs

It was decided for stepping up of lending to minority communities to the extent of 15% of
priority sector lending. (Action: All Banks)

11.5.      Performance under State ACP 2008-09

Performance under State ACP 2009-10 as of June 2009 was placed before the house.

While deliberating on performance Dr. Krishna Lavekar, Commissioner of Cooperation &
RCS informed as under:

?                Disbursement to agriculture sector is not satisfactory and suggested to find
out the reasons of the same.
?                During current fiscal all banks should achieve the disbursement target.
?                He narrated that DCCBs have 93.61% achievement regarding disbursement
of Agril loans during Kahrif 2009 in the state of of Maharashtra and for Commercial Banks it
is 71% for RRBs it is 73%.
?                The achievement level for Agril. Loans of commercial banks are extremely
low in Thane, Jalgaon & Nandurbar district i.e. 3%, 8% and 12% respectively against the state
average of 71%.
?                He requested Commercial Banks to give instructions to their branches for
increasing disbursement for rabi crops and investment credit.
?                The banks should ensure timely and adequate credit

It was decided that at district level, the scale of Finance should be fixed taking in to
consideration the per hectare finance range recommended by the State Level task force on
scale of finance
(Action: MSCB/All DCCBs)

11.6.      Implementation of Govt. sponsored schemes:

Progress as of June 2009 under various Govt. Sponsored schemes was placed before the house.

SGSY: Mr. Avinash Subhedar, Deputy Secretary, RDD, GoM informed that 18000
applications are pending at bank branches under SGSY.
While deliberating on the issue of pending cases, Mr. P. satish advised that concerned Govt.
Dept. / Corporation should incorpoarate the age of pendancy in the format submitted to the
banks / SLBC. (Action: Sponsoring agencies)

Representative of KVIB informed that banks sanction only 300 cases.

Representative from MPBCDC informed that 1500 cases are pending with the banks.

It was decided that controlling offices of the banks to pass on instructions to branches for
quick disposal of pending cases on merit.

Regarding Maharashtra Gramin Bank, Nanded, it was narrated by the Chairman of MGB that
their bank is not allowed to consider the cases under PMEGP by RBI as erstwhile Marathwada
Gramin Bank was having accumulated losses and considering the financial health of the bank,
the Banks was not allowed to consider the cases. Hence it was decided that LDM of concerned
district i.e. Nanded, Parbhani, Hingoli, Beed, Osmanabad & Latur should be advised to
reallocate the cases amongst the other major Commercial banks in DLCC so as to accomplish
the targets.
 (Action: SLBC Covener Bank : LDMs of Concerned district )

11.7.     Review of SHGs

Mavim representative highlighted the details of the interest subsidy scheme as under:

- Scheme was launched last year.
-                  The scheme is applicable to women SHGs formed by NABARD through
-                  The repayment behavior of SHGs will be reviewed after every six months
and if it is found satisfactory then interest subsidy maximum up to 7% will be deposited in the
account of SHG.
-                  Interest subsidy will be available to the extent of contractual rate of interest
minus 4% or 7% which ever is minimum.

It was decided that prescribed format should be provided by MAVIM for claiming the interest
subsidy. It was also decided that credit linkage of all eligible SHGs in general & providing
repeat finance to SHGs. (Action: All Banks)

11.8.   Implementation of "Government of Maharashtra Debt Waiver & Debt Relief
Scheme 2009: Pending claims under Relief Scheme

The issue regarding pending claims under Debt Relief Scheme of the Govt. of Maharashtra
was discussed in the meeting.

Regarding the audit of the loan accounts covered under the scheme it was clarified by the
Commissioner of Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Maharashtra State that
banks should follow the procedure given in the letter dated June 09, 2009 addressed to
SLBC - Maharashtra by the Principal Secretary, Cooperation & Marketing Department, Govt.
of Maharashtra.

Regarding the AXIS Bank, it was made clear by COOP Dept. that the clarification sought by
them from AXIS Bank & the claim for relief will be passed on with in one month.

It was decided at the forum to clear the pending claims under Debt Relief urgently.

11.9.      Implementation of Financial Inclusion in Maharashtra:
        Issue of Financial Inclusion was discussed at length during meeting.

?                  Out of 20 districts 9 districts viz. Raigad, Chandrapur, Nandurbar, Amravati,
Satara, Soalpur, Yavatmal, Washim & Sindhudurg have completed the first phase of Financial
Inclusion. Since the first phase of opening of No Frill accounts is completed in above districts,
need based finance is to be provided to the households in the form of GCC, KCC, SHGs or
joint liability groups.
?                  Performance of Dhule & Parbhani districts needs to be improved.
?                  Among the 12 districts focused attention is required for Ahmednagar,
Jalgaon & Kolhapur districts.
?                  The reporting system should be strengthened.
?                  Though Pune has recorded 66% achievement in opening of No Frill
accounts, should gear up their efforts to achieve 100% Financial Inclusion by Dec. 2009.
?                  Regular LDM be posted at Nandurbar so as to gear up the work of Financial
Inclusion. Concerned Lead bank should take note of this aspect and post the regular Lead
District Manager urgently.
?                  Lead Banks of these districts to take note of this and to pass on necessary
instructions to their branches for completing the task of opening of No Frill accounts

It was point out Dr. Sahoo, Chief General Manager, RBI, RPCD,MRO, Mumbai that majority
of No Frill accounts are dormant and needs to be revived urgently. He further asserted that the
programme would not be succeeded unless appropriate business model is provided. Banks
could explore overdraft facility to No Frill account holders. This would ensure sustaining
connectivity among the banks and No Frills account holders. Application of IT enabled
services in the form of smart cards; financial products like insurance will make a dent. Sharing
of 50% cost by the state Govt. for providing smart card is to be looked into by the Govt.
(Action: All Banks)

While deliberating on the issue of FI, Chairman of SLBC advised to call Lead District
Managers of those districts in ensuing SLBC meeting, where the achievement is less than 60%
(Action: SLBC)

The representative of SBI informed that in Beed, Nanded and Osmanabad district, due to
migration of labour in search of livelihood, they are facing the difficulties in completion of
formalities for opening of No Frill accounts.

In Parbhani, interbank cooperation is necessary, as some banks are not giving any response for
financial Inclusion programme. SLBC should take up the matter of such banks with their Head
(Action: SLBC)

11.10.    Setting up of R-SETIS:

The matter of setting up of R- SETIS was discussed during the forum. Lead banks to finalise
land / rented premise and send their proposal to the state Govt. / NIRD, Hyderabad for further
(Action: Lead Banks)

Since Vijaya Bank is interested in setting up of R-SETI in Sangli district, it was decided that
Bank of India should give their views regarding setting up of RSETI at Sangli at the earliest.
Sub Committee of R-SETI should also discuss this issue and take decision on reallocation of
(Action: Lead Banks / SLBC)

It was advised by Dr. Sahoo, CGM RBI that Sub committee of R-SETI to hold the meeting at
the earliest and explore the possibility of reallocation of centers to other interested banks, if
no action is taken by concerned bank to whom the district is allotted for setting up of R-SETI.

(Action: SLBC)

11.11.    On line reporting information to SLBC

With a view to improve the level of submission of information it was suggested unanimously
to have on line reporting system to SLBC.

During the discussions, it was decided that small committee of the following members will fix
the meeting as early as possible to decide on cost sharing of the project

                          Sr. No.    Institute
                          1          State Bank of India
                          2          Bank of India
                          3          Central bank of India
                          4          Bank of Maharashtra
                          5          NABARD
                          6          Bank of Baroda
                          7          Union Bank of India
                          8          LDMs (4)
                          9          MSCB

11.12.    Other issues

11.12.1.     Sub-Committee of state Level Banking Committee for Export Promotion:
Minutes of the meeting held on 29.08.2009 at Mumbai were placed before the forum.
11.12.2.      Additional centres (Pen, Panvel & Mahad) to be declared as Notified Places in
Raigad district for creation of Equitable Mortgage: Mr. Soni, P.S. GoM suggested to take up
the matter after assembly elections.

(Action: State Govt)
11.12.3.    Creation of Equitable Mortgage in Pimpri – Chinchwad Area.

The State Govt. to issue necessary notification in this regard.
 (Action: State Govt.)

11.12.4.     Loans to De-notified Tribes (DNTs):

Implementations of the recommendations of the National Commission for De-notified
Nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes: Guidelines received from IBA were informed to forum.

List of De-notified Tribes be obtained from the State Govt.

(Action: SLBC)
11.12.5.    Micro Finance: Extending coverage of CGTMSE scheme to Self Help Groups
(SHGs) The Credit Guarantee Trust for Micro & small Enterprises (CGTMSE) has
declined the request of SLBC.
11.12.7.    High Level Committee to review Lead bank Scheme:

Guidelines received from Govt. of India regarding expansion of Banking network in
the country and formation of a special sub-committee of District Consultative
Committee (DCC) for monitoring the progress in providing banking services in
unbanked / under banked areas of the district informed to members.

Lead banks to ensure regular meetings of the Sub-committee and thereby monitoring
of the progress in providing banking services in unbanked / under banked areas of
the district.

(Action: Lead Banks)
11.12.8.                                s
               Pending claims under PM’ Relief package ( Vidarbha package ) for farmers
in six distressed districts of Vidarbha

The issue of pending interest subsidy claims under PM’ relief package (Vidarbha
Package )for farmers in six distressed districts of Vidarbha was being frequently
referred by the Member banks. A claim of Rs. 2,42,92,072/- was reportedly pending
with Divisional commissioner, Amravati.

Cooperative Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra assured to release the claim amount with in
30 days..

(Action: Govt. of Maharashtra)
11.12.9.     Implementation of Centrally sponsored Micro Irrigation Scheme during 2009-
10: Guidelines received from the State Govt. were placed before the forum.
Member Banks to take full benefit of the scheme

(Action: Member Banks)

11.12.10.   Government of Maharashtra interest waiver scheme for Green House Flower
Growers farmers in Maharashtra.

Guidelines received from the State Govt. were
placed before the forum.

Member banks to take benefit of the scheme.
(Action: Member Banks)

11.12.11.    Flow of credit to SME Sector: Payments by Large Enterprises to small

As per the directives, banks may while sanctioning / renewing credit limit to their large
corporate borrowers (working capital limit above Rs.10 Crore), fix separate sub-limits, within
the overall limits, specifically for meeting payment obligations in respect of purchase from
SSIs either on cash or on bill basis.

11.12.12.    Drought like situation in Maharashtra: Meeting of select Banks:

A special meeting was convened by National Bank for Agriculture & Rural development
(NABARD), Maharashtra Regional Office, Pune on 31.08.2009 at Pune for reviewing draught
like situation in Maharashtra. As decided in the meeting, a meeting of select banks was held at
Pune on / 09/2009 under Chairmanship of Commissioner of Agriculture, Maharashtra State.

Member banks to act upon the same
(Action: Member Banks)

11.12.13.  Delay in release of subsidy claims by SIDBI, Pune, Mhada, Mumbai, RBI,
RPCD,C.O, Mumbai & KVIC, Mumbai

The concerned institutions to release the pending claims of all the banks immediately.
(Action: SIDBI)

11.12.14.    List of pending projects under the scheme “Development of Commercial
Horticulture through Production and post harvest management” of National Horticulture

Member banks to take note of bank wise pending cases and give instructions to their branches
for quick disposal of pending cases.
(Action: Member Banks)

11.12.15.        s
            PM’ new 15 point Programme for the welfare of minorities
Member banks to step up their lending to minority communities to 15% of the Priority sector
by march 2010.
 (Action: Member Banks)
11.12.16.   Loan waiver Scheme of Govt. of Maharashtra: Waiver of overdue loans as of
31.03.2008 of the various backward class Development Corporations.

Member Banks to act upon it

(Action: Member Banks)

The meeting was concluded by vote of thanks by Shri. M.G. Sanghvi who summed up as

?     Lending to Priority sector needs to be geared up
?     On line reporting will be helpful for banks
?     Formation of SHGs is one part, However linkages is necessary
?     Finance to MSME is good for banks as default rate is low
?     Discussions on ARDR scheme is vital
?     Since rural & Semi urban Markets are coming up, banks can play a significant role in
rural economy
?     SLBC will play its role to resolve the issues
?     Meetings of Sub Committees should be regular
?     Results of second quarter are very important as they are distinctly visible.
List of the Participants to the 105th SLBC Meeting held on 18.09.2009 at Pune

    Sr. No.   Name of the Participants
                                         Designation / Institution
    1         Shri. Allen C.A. Pereira   Chair Chairman & Managing Director, Bank of
                                         Maharashtra and Chairman, SLBC - Maharashtra
    2         Shri. M. G. Sanghvi                                         Executive
                                         Director, Bank of Maharashtra

    Govt. of India


    Reserve Bank of India
    1        Dr.Amrendra Sahoo                  Chief General Manager, RBI, Mumbai
    2        Shri Sarbananda Kar                AGM, Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur

1        Shri P. Satish               Chief General Manager, NABARD, Pune
2        Shri. K.S. Padmanabhan             General Manager, NABARD, Pune

State/Central Government & Corporations
1        Shri. Sunil Sohni
                                     Principal Secretary, Planning &       Institutional
                                     finance (Lead Bank)
2        Dr. Krishna Lavekar
                                     Commissioner of Cooperation & Registrar of
                                     Cooperative Societies, Maharashtra State
3        Shri. Tanaji Satre
                                     Chief Executive Officer, KVIB, Mumbai
4        Shri. Avinash Subhedar
                                     Deputy Secretary, RDD, GoM, Mumbai

         Dr. Nipun Vinayak            Dy. Secretary, Planning,
         Shri. Dhapate S.S.           Under Secretary, Housing Department, GoM
         Shri. S. J. Korabu           Deputy Director, Directorate of Industries
         Dr. S. G. Kolte              MD, Maharashtra State OBC Corporation, Mumbai
8                                     Director of Agriculture, GoM
         Shri. Raut
9                                     S.D., Directorate of Industries
         Shri. S. P. Birdawale
10       Shri. M.B. Kamble            Dy. Directorate, KVIC, Divisional Office, Nagpur
11       Shri. P. L. Mundhe
                                      ADO, KVIC, Mumbai
12       Shri H V Dalvi
                                      RM, Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Corporation
13       Shri. V. T. Vitkar           DM, MPBCDC Ltd.
         Shri. S. Y. Kale             Legal Advisor, IGR & CS Office, Pune
15       Shri. P. C. Multaikar        GM, MPBCDC Ltd.

         Shri. B.D.Deshmukh           ARM, Other         Backward       Class   Development
         Shri. A. C. Bhimte           Economic Officer, KVIC Nagpur

         Shri. Shaikh Gaffor          M.D.MAAVM
         Shri. A. D. Khandare         Deputy Director, KVIC, Mumbai
          Shri. D.D.Dange            Regional Manager, Agri. Insurance Co. of india
          Shri. A.P.Daptardar        Asstt. Director, MSME
          Shri. C.V. Deshpande       Manager, LIDCOM
          Shri. S. K. Faruqui        CAO, Annasaheb Patil Development Corporation
          Shri. Milind Akre          Dy. Registrar, RCS, Pune
          Shri. A. S. Mane           Agril. Officer, Agril. Department, GoM

Apex Institutes
          Shri. R. J. Patole         AGM, SIDBI
          Shri. J. K. Khant          RM, National Housing Bank
Scheduled Commercial / Apex Banks

          Shri. S. Venkatesh         General Manager, Canara Bank
2                                    General Manager, Corporation Bank
          Shri. K.Giridhar Shenoy
3                                    Circle Head, Punjab National Bank
          Shri. Anil Bhan
          Shri. K. R. Khabtau        DGM, IDBI Bank Ltd.
5                                    DGM, Indian Overseas Bank
          Shri. S. K. Dash
          Shri. Gaushal              AGM, SBI, LHO, Mumbai
          Shri. A.K.Khadke           DGM, Central Bank of India
7                                    CM, Bank of Baroda, Pune
          Shri. Ajay P. Athalye
8         Shri. S.k.singh            AGM, Syndicate Bank
9                                    Dy. General Manager, Dena Bank
          Shri. R. P. Acharekar
          Shri. Utpal Osser          DGM, ICICI Bank

          Shri. Rajesh Ardhapurkar   Regional Head, ICICI Bank Ltd.
12                                   AGM, Bank of India
          Shri. R. S. Malvade
13                                   DGM, State Bank of Hyderabad
          Shri. K. Lakshimisha
14                                   AGM Canara Bank
          Shri. S. Vaidyanathan
          Shri. N. B. Saraf          AGM, Andhra Bank
          Smt. Sheetal Vibhute       Assistant Manager, Vijaya Bank
17                                   AGM, Oriental Bank of Commerce
          Shri. K. A. Salaria
          Shri. Ashok Sehgal         AGM, Allahabad Bank

          Shri. Sukhlal Khainar      AGM, IDBI Bank
Sr. No.   Name of the Participants
                                     Designation / Institution
19        Shri. S. K. Goyal
                                     AGM, UCO Bank
20                                   CM, Vijaya Bank
          Shri. Goerge Rodrigus
          Shri S. T. Khupse          CM, SBI, Zonal Office, Pune
22                                   CM, UCO Bank
          Shri. R. K. Walvi
          Shri. J. P. Satyanarayan   CM, Andhra Bank
          Shri. Sashindran Menon     CM, ICICI Bank
          Shri. Ranjan Karode        CM, ICICI Bank

          Renu B. Seth               Head, IDBI Bank
          Shri. N. N. Abhang         Sr. Manager, Union Bank of India
          Shri. S. N. Guldagad       Sr. Manager, Bank of India
29                                   Sr. Manager, Central Bank of India
          Shri. M.M.Kamble
30                                   Sr. Manager, Allahabad Bank
          Shri. M. K. Waikar
31                                   Sr. Manager, Bank of Baroda, Z.O., Pune
          Shri A B Patil
32                                   Sr Manager, Punjab & Sind Bank
          Shri. Jasmit Singh
33                                   Manager. Agril. Indian Bank,
          Shri R S Pradhan
34                                    Mananger, State Bank of Hyderabad
          Shri. Sudhakar Gujar
35                                    Manager, Corporation Bank
          Shri. T. Prakash
36                                    Manager RD, Syndicate Bank
          Shri R R Nakhole
          Shri. Sameer Yavdav         Manager, ICICI Bank
          Shri. Jayvant Dhane         Deputy Manager, AXIS Bank
          Shri. Gyanshekhar Jha       Deputy Manager, AXIS Bank
Cooperative Banks

          Shri. N. D. Patil           General Manager, The Maharashtra State Co-
                                      operative Bank Ltd.
         Shri. V. R. Bhalerao         Manager (Tech) , MASCARD, Mumbai
Regional Rural Banks
1        Shri. Ashok A. Magdum
                                        Chairman, Marathwada Gramin Bank, Nanded
2         Shri. G. L. N. Sastry
                                        Chairman, Wainganga Krishna Gramin Bank,
3         Shri. C. S. Hanagodimath
                                        Chairman, Vidharbha Kshetriya Gramin Bank,

Sr. No.   Name of the Participants
                                        Designation / Institution
Convener Bank – Bank of Maharashtra
1       Shri Ajay Banerjee
                                      GM, Planning and Convener SLBC-Maharashtra
2         Shri. Dalip Mehra
                                      DGM, Planning and Member Secretary, SLBC-
3         Shri. R. Hari Kumar
                                      AGM,SLBC/RRBs & Initiatives for F>I>
4         Dr. H. G. Kapgate
                                      AGM, Priority Sector
5         Shri. H. A. Mazire
                                      Sr. Manager, SLBC/RRB Cell
6         Shri. S. R. Junankar
                                      Sr. Manager, SLBC/RRB Cell
7         Shri D. B. Deshmukh
                                      Sr. Manager, SLBC/RRB Cell
8   Shri. G. B. Joshi
                        Manager, Rural Credit Department

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