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					David Stopford - Visual Effects Technical Director
Address: 10 Dreadnought Close, Merton, London, SW19 2TA, U.K. Telephone: +447813 944836 Email:

The field of visual effects is both a hobby of mine and a career, resulting in exceptional levels of motivation and attention to detail. I have demonstrated an ability to readily learn new tools and employ them in a production environment under a tight schedule. My abilities combine technical skill with an aesthetic understanding and an ability to follow artistic direction. I am teamoriented and understand the responsibilities of my position within a pipeline. SKILLS • An understanding of all aspects of visual effects, specialising in particle, rigid body, fluid and fur effects. • Five years Maya experience, two of which in production. • Fluent MEL scripting, and a familiarity with LUA and Python. • GIMP and Photoshop • Renderman • Flowline and Realflow fluid simulation software. • Shake • Comfortable in Linux and Windows environments. EDUCATION National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University (2003-2006) • BA(Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation – 1st. Colchester Royal Grammar School (1996-2003) A-Levels (2001-2003): • General Studies (A) • Art (B) • Physics (B) • Computing (B) • Mathematics (C) GCSEs (1999-2001): • 1 x A* • 9xA

Moving Picture Company (2006 – Present)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (August 2006 - March 2007 ): • Worked in a small team using Flowline fluid simulation software on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 10,000 BC (April 2007 - August 2007 ): • Worked in the fur department creating fur simulations for woolly mammoths. Fred Claus (August 2007 - September 2007): • Worked on particle simulations for large-scale snow globes, expanding on an existing particle rig. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (September 2007 - April 2008): • Created rigid body simulations for trebuchet payloads. • Wrote a tool to dynamically create rigid body arrows from archers, which dynamically affected crowd members upon impact. • Wrote a tool to automate fur collision setups on character's costumes, which was distributed throughout the fur team. • Worked on fur simulations. • Created a particle rig for interaction between tree roots and the ground. • Simulated and rendered sprite mist and dust effects. The Watchmen (May 2008 - Present): • Worked on heat haze simulations for aircraft thrusters. • Simulated and rendered sprite smoke effects. • Rendered volumetric searchlights on aircraft

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