reaction Journal urbn.lgn by desirei


									ENGL032 Desirei Edwards Reaction Journal: “Urban Legends”

Urban Legends” is an essay by author James M. Henslin in which he describes different stories that are thought to be true but are in actuality urban legends. The reading then goes on to describe how urban legends are created and what their created to do. He goes on to illustrate the different emotions that the stories cause the reader or listener to feel. The author opens the reading by telling different urban legend stories so that we can get the general idea of what an urban legend really is. Then he gives us Jan Brundvand , a folklorist analysis on urban legends to apply to the stories. He then goes on to describe different points that the stories transpire. Jan Brundvand views urban legends as “morality stories”, saying that each story teaches one moral lessons about life. The author then applies Brunvand’s analysis to the different stories to substantiate the point. Going on to show the moral lessons that the urban legends are made to cause.The reading caused me to think about the different lessons that each story depicted. And also left me to think about what emotions the stories caused me to feel. I just tried to apply Brunvand’s analysis to the stories to get a general idea and conclusion. I came to realize and agree with his view on urban legends. I have the same opinion on the point of an urban legend story. I believe that urban legends are created to teach a life lesson. People create them to cause fear in whoever is listening or reading so that they can think about the lessons being taught in the story. When I read the story about “The Country Fried Rat”, I did think about eating fast food or food that I didn’t prepare myself. It causes me to think twice about eating in fast food restaurants, because you really never know what you are eating if you didn’t prepare it yourself.

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