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					               New Undergraduate Marketing Curriculum

The Marketing Department at Kent State University has developed a new undergraduate
curriculum. A major benefit of being in this program is being able to work closely with
faculty and other marketing majors in all classes because only marketing students will be
able to enroll in the new courses. Small class enrollment will allow faculty to get to
know you and work with you on projects and assignments. The new curriculum is
integrated in that those things learned in early courses will again be addressed and
enhanced in later classes; that is, each course will build on its predecessor to produce a
comprehensive set of knowledge and skills. The courses are all new, designed
specifically for this new curriculum.

The new curriculum represents a marked change from the current program. The new
curriculum is oriented toward marketing in small businesses. Small business is an
important area in the U.S. economy as government sources point to small business as the
catalyst for economic growth and employment currently and in the future. Small
businesses are not merely mom and pop operations, but include companies having up to
500 employees and/or $100 Million in sales. Though the curriculum emphasizes the
marketing activities in small firms, the skills and knowledge gained in the program are
appropriate for marketing professionals employed in all businesses.

This program requires that students come ready to learn and work. Students will receive
extensive training in all aspects of marketing so that they can go out and function
successfully as marketing managers. In order to become such a person, the courses
emphasize the range of computer, analytical, presentation, and writing skills you will
need to function successfully as a marketer in a small firm.

Enrollment in the new major will be limited to 35 students for Fall 2005. All other
students will stay in the current marketing curriculum. Those who are selected will need
to demonstrate high levels of aptitude and desire to work hard in this course of study –
but the payoff should be great because you will be very marketable upon graduation. The
job market will want people with your specific skills and abilities.

                      The New Marketing Curriculum:

                           A Program for Your Future
                          Brief Description of the
                       Courses in the New Curriculum

Marketing Tools – develop student’s analytical, writing, presentation, and decision
making skills through extensive hands-on learning (Taken Junior year, Fall Semester)

Research for Marketing Decisions – use of research and analytical skills to
collect, analyze, interpret, use and present marketing information (Taken Junior Year,
Spring Semester)

Customer Analysis – understanding the relationships between buyers and sellers in
the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets; segmentation, target and
niche marketing, and customer relationship management systems (Taken Junior Year,
Spring Semester)

Promotion Management – developing promotional campaigns and strategies
suitable for small businesses, with an emphasis on budgeting, personal selling, sales
promotions, sponsorships, trade shows, and direct and Internet marketing activities
(Taken Senior Year, Fall Semester)

Competitive Market Analysis – identifying marketing niches for the small firm and
developing appropriate product, service, and pricing strategies (Taken Senior Year, Fall

Channel Management – management of suppliers and customers related to the
buying and selling of goods and services (Taken Senior Year, Spring Semester)

Integrated Marketing Strategy – case analysis course with hands-on involvement
with small businesses operating in Northeast Ohio (Taken Senior Year, Spring Semester)

PLUS: Three One-Semester Hour Lab Courses dealing with personal selling,
computer skills (spreadsheets, presentation packages), and decision-making/analytical

                      The New Marketing Curriculum:

                           A Program for Your Future

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