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					Customs (import/export) policy and procedure

Scope and responsibilities

The Office is charged with the responsibility of obtaining customs services for the
university community. The goal is to process the customs clearing following the
specific governmental regulations and requirements in the most effective way
appropriate to each individual case while securing the fastest clearing and delivering
to the final recipient.

General policies

    A. Official and business shipments to AUBG.
Information and documentation required by the Customs Regulations.
Each shipment should be accompanied by:
1. Invoice – detailed information: description of item/s, number of items, price per
item, total price, currency of the price, and terms of delivery (several options: DDU,
CIF, CPT – according to the international regulations). The invoice has to be signed
with fresh signature (in blue).
2. Packing slip – itemized (content per each box)
3. Address of the receiver as follows:
    American University in Bulgaria
    Office of Purchasing, Customs and Travel
    1 Georgi Izmirliev Square
    Blagoevgrad 2700
Contact: Valentin Kovachev (tel. 073/888347)

4. Certificate of origin (if appropriate)

5. EURO certificate (in case shipment is of European origin)
Note: #4 and #5 are necessary only if special approval for import is required.

B. Personal shipments
In order to avoid customs duties and taxes you need to be very careful in the
documentation when you expect a personal shipment.

The sender needs to:
1. Write down your name as a recipient not AUBG.
2. Enter the value – if the value including the shipment/transportation charges is
below EUR there would be no need to deal with customs and no duties and VAT are
being paid.
3. Write down that the shipment consists of strictly personal effects.
Faculty members whose names are already entered in the USAID certificate can
import personal effects free of charge only during the first six months after their
arrival in the country. They need to have the Bulgarian ID for foreigners in order to
clear from customs. All shipments after this initial time are due customs duties and
taxes depending on the value and the specific import regime for the items (they are
calculated on the base of the Customs Tariff).
1. Correct address: name of receiver with a mark “personal”. You can use AUBG
address or your private address in Blagoevgrad.
2. Packing slip: general description of the content per each box. Keep copies of the
packing slips with you.
3. Indicate that all the belongings are used, not for sale, and strictly for personal
4. Commercial number of goods are subject of customs duties and VAT.
You can contact Purchasing & Travel Office for information and customs formalities
when you expect to receive or send a shipment.

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