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									Hiring an employee to work from beyond the local metropolitan DC area.

If you wish to engage an individual telecommute from a location beyond the local
metropolitan DC area, your request will have to undergo a review by Human Resources,
the Tax Department, University Counsel and Risk Management prior to the individual’s
start date. You must complete a form, which you can get from your HR Generalist to
begin the review. As a necessary preliminary, the VP for your area must have approved
telecommuting as an acceptable business practice for your department for the
arrangement to be considered.

When the University engages a non-local employee the University becomes subject to the
laws of the jurisdiction in which the employee works. Therefore, all such engagements
must be scrutinized to determine the risks associated with such hiring. If, in the opinion
of University Counsel, engagement of local counsel in the hiring jurisdiction is required,
the department will be responsible for bearing this expense.

You are encouraged to think about possible alternatives to the telework arrangement such
as engaging the employee through a third party, etc. Your Generalist can help you with

The approval process balances the reason for the engagement of the individual, the need
to supervise, support and manage them in the remote location and the consequences of
becoming an employer in the remote location. In order to assess the situation, you will be
asked to produce a position description. You will also need the proposed teleworking
schedule and proof that the space in the employee’s home is adequate to complete his or
her responsibilities. Finally, the department must identify the data access needed for the
assignment and be ready to discuss how university information will be kept secure.

After the University has taken into consideration all these factors, it will either authorize
or refuse the request.

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