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									 How to Make a Million Dollars While
          Getting Sober

Anyone can do it, if you rank high with the
 Taylor Index for Products and Services

You are very familiar with “Rags to Riches?” You’ve heard it
thousands of times. How about “Riches to Rags to Riches?”
I made a lot of money, lost it all, got it all back and Toby,
my wife of 22 years, stayed with me throughout the entire
ordeal.                                                           Jeffrey Taylor is the founder of Jeffrey
                                                                  Taylor Group, a holding company for
In 2003, I stopped drinking forever. Let me share with            Jeffrey’s various operating businesses
your audience common sense ideas that they can put to             which include, Showbiz Management
work immediately in order to get their life back on track:        Advisors, a film and TV production advisory
                                                                  and Prevent Failure – Ensure Success, home
   Make money in this tough economy                               of the Taylor Index for Products and
   Benefit from the changing environment                          Services (TIPS).
   Evaluate their business opportunity using the Taylor
   Index for Products and Services (TIPS)                         Jeffrey Taylor is no stranger to the self-
   Develop a mini-business plan in less than a day                help book market. He has previously
   Start their own business with little or no capital             published two textbooks for the equipment
                                                                  leasing industry (Selling Leasing In A Tough
                                                                  Economy and The Future of Equipment

                                                                  His two latest books, Going from W2 to
                                                                  1099, a step-by-step process for
                                                                  reinventing entrepreneurship, and an
                                                                  autobiography on his life as a recovering
                                                                  alcoholic (A Gentleman Drunk) have helped
                                                                  thousands solve their business and personal

                   MEDIA EXPERIENCE:                                              Availability:
 Over the last five years, I have hosted an internet radio show
on, hosted a talk show on KFNX in Phoenix and           Nationwide by arrangement; available as
    have been interviewed by dozens of local, regional and                    last-minute guest
 national radio shows, including Joey Reynolds on WOR New
  York, Rhett Palmer on WZTA Vero Beach, Phyllis Hall on                           Contact :
  KXLO Lewistown, Larry Steele on WPUL Daytona Beach,
   John Cohn on WSBC Chicago, Frankie Boyer on WXBR
Boston, Reverend Hudson on WJSS Baltimore, Harry Douglas                       Jeffrey Taylor
  on the Horne Radio Network and Jason Spiess on KFGO            
                              Fargo.                                       1-602-708-4981 (mobile)

I have also been interviewed on regional TV by Lorri Allen on
Family Net Atlanta and Pat McMahon on his morning TV show                         Website:
                   on AZTV-13 in Phoenix.                  

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