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                      Provided by Georgia A. Weaver – Real Estate Specialists, Inc   Direct 712-574-5426

                           4 Keys to Selling Your Home for Top Dollar
                      1. Curb Appeal
                                 Your home must look inviting from the street to get the attention of prospects who
                                  drive by and it must look appealing to prospects that are being shown your property
                                 It needs that just cared for look
                                 Just like inside your home, clutter is detracting, remove excess yard ornaments

2. Every Realtor knows 2 areas sell homes – number 1 is the kitchen
        Remove items from your kitchen counters – it will make the kitchen appear larger and more open.
        Clean, Clean, Clean - especially your kitchen sink and appliances – they need to sparkle.
        Scrub your kitchen cabinets, if you don’t clean your cabinets at least every other week they probably have a
         build-up. You don’t see the build-up because you see them every day.
        Clean your refrigerator, yes prospective buyers even look there.
        Remove clutter from your cabinets and drawers – this is the time to clean the junk drawer, or if you are like
         me the junk drawerS.
        Fresh flowers are a very nice touch and the scent of freshly baked bread or cookies gives prospective
         buyers a sense of comfort.

3. The Number 2 area that sells homes – the bathroom/s.
        Remove excess items, pack them or put them in tubs that can be stored on shelves or in closets.
        Clean until everything sparkles – sink, faucets, mirrors (you can remove hairspray from mirrors with
         rubbing alcohol), walls, floors, toilet, tub, shower area and shower curtain.
        Remove worn rugs, personal items from counters, organize and arrange just a few color coordinated towels
         and wash cloths.

4.   How to say, “Welcome, come in and make yourself at home?” when you are not there.
        Clean walls and neutral colors are the best bet if you need to repaint
        Remove excess items and distractions
        Open all curtains and blinds, clean light fixtures – turn on all lights and look at your home, this is how a
         prospective buyer will see it.
        Go room to room and remove excess items – make your home clean and sparsely furnished – a rule of
         thumb: if it’s not required for daily living, it gets put away
        Strategically place a vase of fresh flowers in the entry area
        Pets should be removed or kenneled when your home is being shown
        Have your realtor walk through your home with you to see if they would make any additional changes prior
         to marketing your home

Preparing and Planning are 2 of the most important factors that determine how much your home will sell for. I can
help you put your home together so it will bring top dollar; give me a call to set-up an appointment today.

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