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How to Market Your Book Successfully By Ruth Barringham

So you've written a book. Congratulations. Now comes the hard part – selling it. Whether you are a self published author or you have had your book published by a book publishing company, it's still up to you to market your book effectively to produce maximum sales. So where do you start? Well first of all you need to publicize your book at least 4 months before the date of publication. Book reviewers and book store managers like to know about its existence well in advance so that they can prepare for its launch date. And remember that readers are swamped by books all the time. Hundreds of thousands of titles are published every year, which means there is a new book available every few minutes. And not only does your book have to fight for attention with all the other new books, but it also faces stiff competition from movies, TV, magazines, the internet and computer games, just to name a few. So your marketing efforts have to single out your book as the most beneficial thing for your readers in amongst the sea of other competing interests. So you need to create name recognition for yourself and your book so that you both stand out from all the rest. Great publicity has been known to create huge sales for even weak books. And lack of publicity has caused great books to be overlooked. Marketing as widely and as often as possible helps you to reach the widest audience. You can market your book through several different mediums, the most obvious of which are the newspapers. Local newspapers are usually always short of news, so a local author bringing out a new book will always cause a buzz. But you can always approach state and national newspapers too.
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You can also use both local and national radio for publicity. There are also plenty of internet radio stations always looking for celebrity guests (such as authors) to interview. You can also help drive sales by helping with promotions at book stores and doing author appearances. And don't forget to alert the local media when you do. And don't think that publicity through television is out of your reach either. There are plenty of local and national news programs looking for items to fill their time slots. You can also use all these mediums, and more, for placing advertisements about your book. And sell your book by stressing the benefits for the reader. If it's a novel state why it's better than all the rest and how it will scare/touch/marvel the reader. Of course it's easier to sell the benefits of your book if its non-fiction. Just make sure you list all the benefits and the value a reader will receive from owning a copy of your book. Remember your readers are buying the benefits of owning your book, not the physical book itself. So sing it's praises as far and wide as you can and let your book be known well in advance of it's publishing date so that people will be queuing up to buy it. Learn more about book publishing and marketing at You can also learn 10 essential tips for self publishing your book at

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Rich Jerk � Scammed his way to Riches? � Lessons to us By Ryan Parker

Almost anybody that has interests in internet marketing would have heard of Rich Jerk. He is one of the most famous and controversial internet marketing gurus of this generation. His tactics are varied and more often than not work to make those around him money but in the process also making himself very rich. Looking at his most prominent project, the Rich Jerk ebook, it successfully created waves of controversy and hype which has added to his great success through second tier marketing (e.g. viral marketing on forums) which he doesn't have to pay a cent for. The internet marketer must take away as many lessons from Rich Jerk that he possibly can. One tactic that he uses that isn't described in his ebook is recommending affiliate items and linking them using his ebook back to the advertiser so he can gain affiliate commission just from someone reading his book and buying any item it recommends. Another lesson that we can take away from his ebook that isn't mentioned in his book is the importance of price and affiliate backing. Rich Jerk is very generous with his commissions and his book is priced at a very suitable bracket where the potential buyer would be happy to pay and the affiliate promoter would happy to promote. The most important trick that Rich Jerk has used to promote his book is to actually use the book as the perfect tutorial guide to in-turn market the ebook to other buyers. The ebook teaches you how to market best to the �Make Millions Online� crowd. Having said that, to discount the lessons in his ebook as a pure scam to make him even richer would be silly. He imparts so much knowledge in the book that he practically lays it all out on the table for the reader. It is quite easy once the internet marketer understands the basics to use the methods taught in his book to take the cookie cutter approach and apply it to any other genre or segment on the internet to make a serious killing. A posting on a forum apparently by him spills the beans on why he imparts so much knowledge, he believed that only 10% of the people that buy his book will put it to use, thus it doesn't present much of a threat to him rather a opportunity as it would be highly probably that this 10% would use the methods described in his book to actually sell his ebook thus making him even more money. The internet marketer thinking of buying this book should go to where Rich Jerk's ebook is critiqued even further and put through the test against other similar books from Holly Mann and Chris Carpenter. Each of these books are published for different audiences at different levels of their internet marketing journey. Ryan Parker ()critiques the Rich Jerk ebook and looks at other potential alternatives that might better suit different readers.

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