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Term 1 Newsletter ‘Lip’s Christmas Crackers Live Up To Their Name
On the 10th December Lip returned to their old home of Mono to perform their first term performance. This consisted of five short plays. The first thing to notice was that they had a set! Never before have Lip had a backdrop for their first term show. Granted it was only a piece of painted board but it was reversible! One side showed inside and the other signified outside. Ingenious! The first play performed was „Duck Feeders‟. This began with two cast members trying really hard to hit an audience member with their bit of bread, before flying a slice of bread to the other side of the room. After that we went inside (cue rotation of set!) where we were all thankful that Alexis kept his boxers on. Hamish then had the audience in stitches with a foul cocktail of dregs. The next play was The Bingo Affair. This showed the effort that was put into it and had props, again a new addition to first term. Hairy Dave managed to cover his momentary loss of lines effectively and complements to the costume team as the costumes were excellent in their awfulness. As a break we had ?Superheroes? Anyway this was a sketch that was also full of comic moments and some excellent costumes. We had a Sean Connery Batman, a Greek Spiderman, and an underdressed Wonderwoman. All strangely enough played by women. After the interval we had Fellatio, with excellent performances by all cast members. Hamish this time added a dose of visual comedy to the play appearing as a camp barman with a „long shaft‟. Comedy Dave lived up to his name as he delivered the funniest line in the play. The audience then squirmed as the conversation turned to detailed necrophilia.

To round the night off we had 'The Way We Live Now'. This involved Texan Chris progressing through various accents, and the audience suspecting that Adam was having his lines fed to him via his

headphones. Eleanor must also get praise for having the most complicated lines of the night. How she remembered such difficult prose, well nobody knows. (Ooh a little poem there,

how sweet!). In general it was an excellent performance by all and some would say the most professional show that Lip have done in first term for a long time.

G G’s ability to extend any five word question into an essay has lengthened the time of committee meetings considerably. However he has managed to grasp presidential role (ahem!) with vigour. Tot Tot managed to create some excellent stickers and flyers for the Freshers Fayre. She also managed to create a number of ink stamps that resulted in every Fresher with in five feet of the stall having at least three stamps on their forehead. We also had posters, flyers and programmes for the show which is an achievement in itself. Steve Steve started the year badly by admitting that he had some of Lip’s cash under his bed at home. After translating the accounts of the previous year, only time will tell whether he can mess up them up again to make them unreadable by his successor as is traditional. Daniel Daniel wisely escaped from the last four committee meetings of term just as things were getting serious. However, still adds his usual brand of pessimism to all meetings. Lynn Lynn is still putting an enormous amount of effort into Lip and seems have a bottomless source of energy and ideas. She also has a bottomless ability to be the subject of many embarrassing stories. Err … though she is not bottomless herself, it’s quite lovely in fact.

Laura Laura has taken a minimalist approach to committee this term. As is her entry here. Sarah Sarah gets the ‘Employee of the Month Award’ this term. She has been everywhere, all the time and has done everything. She must be the first Fringe Convenor who has done any work in first term. She must also get a mention for being instrumental in the running of the 1st Term performance. Eleanor Eleanor has returned to Lip after we can only assume being brainwashed by Debates. Hopefully she will continue to walk the straight and narrow path that is being a Lip member. James At last we have a found a Junior Ordinary Member who actually speaks at committee meetings. He has also played the role of Gamesmaster this term sending everyone ‘Mole Racing’ and ‘Shedding their Snakeskins’.

Crystal Maze Crawl Once again Lynn organised another mad cap social event. At the start of the night the taskmasters were sent to their respective pubs. However the pubs that the taskmasters were sent to were not warned that these tasks would be taking place. This caused a little tension in the Nether Inn when every half an hour a balloon would burst scaring the s**t out of everyone around, much to the annoyance of the bar staff. The competitors started well but as the night progressed became more drunk and manic. At the end of the night all the teams assembled achievements in tow, in Pivo This was taken over by Lip all dressed in strange headgear and carrying strange objects like a fluorescent lightbulb apparently as a „light sabre‟. After some dodgy adding up of scores via a conversion chart the winners were announced. Not that many people were sober enough to care or in some cases even notice. End of an Era Around Week 4 word came through that all societies were to be kicked out of Mono after the theft of some equipment. So began „The Quest for the Rehearsal Space (that was on Uni property, which could fit a company of actors in, and was free on a Tuesday)‟ However none succeeded in this quest and Sarah found that Bonar Hall was free on Monday nights. So after an emergency meeting it was decided that this was the best option. This lead to the hilarity that was the “usable every year” ink stamps that were created for the Freshers Fayre being obsolete as they said “LIP THEATRE – TUE 7PM – MONO”! So we say a fond farewell to Mono for all the years that it has served us, though I doubt that it will be the last time Lip graces your floors… First Term Performance See Front Page

Lip This Term
Freshers Fayre The Freshers Fayre went well again this year. We only had a poky corner table this time on the dancefloor, but soon managed to expand our space by making the Travel Dundee people next to us pack up early. Excellent. We also managed to recruit plenty of keen (some might say naïve) people who paid membership without even attending one meeting. First Night At the start of the night as many chairs as possible were set in a circle on the dancefloor. These then all got filled in the space of five minutes and the circle slowly expanded into a rectangle which ran all the way round the outside of the floor and then we had standing room. This was a huge number of people for one Lip night. The night then began with a giant Eurotrash like “Sit on me”, before being followed by various games, one of which involved the construction of a sketch with the insertion of THE most random line known to man. To cap the night off (and

The View from a First Year Member

Christmas Dinner My own thoughts I believe are sharedby all in Raffles as tales Another high standard meal was had by everyone when I say that the firstbefore were swapped.really rather well. From the of the night term for Lip came off Tales of massive, if not first week when a vast army of eager participantsDave (it‟s to record, snogathons being carried out by Strange turned up, the finalanight‟s (the snogger, not Strange went very smoothly always man! performances everything Dave)). Tales of and professionally. say, serious snogging between Lip more, how shall we

From the first the atmosphere in Lip has been friendly and welcoming making it possible for everyone to relax and feel a like part of something. The early weeks were instrumental in this, helping everyone to join in, to learn and to have fun through the workshops given by Sarah, Lynn and Tot. Choosing which plays to do was a lot of fun and no-one could complain about the democratic procedure followed in selecting the ones we did. The auditions night itself was also great fun (especially for the directors), and really well-organised. Having different spaces to work in was a godsend, and thanks go to the committee members for arranging this. What can we say about rehearsals? At first it was thought that three weeks till performance couldn‟t possibly be enough. The prospect filled myself and others with profound alarm. However, the consequence of everyone pulling together and working hard saw this turn into the perfect rehearsal period. I think that thanks here go to G and to Sarah for negotiating both the Art College refectory and Pete‟s Bar making it possible for each ensemble to rehearse three nights per week. Everyone put the time in and that showed on the night. The one thing worrying me during the rehearsal period was that the actors would not be loud enough to be heard from the back of the audience. So again, thanks to the committee in their infinite wisdom in holding a voice projection workshop to tackle this problem. Thanks also to Ian Petrie for leading it. On the night of the performances everything went better than anyone could have wished. The costumes and props were excellent thanks to the inventiveness and ingenuity of Sarah, Claire, Jasmine, et al. The backstage scenery, in terms of its placement and visual effect was spot on. And the prop changes between plays went perfectly – thanks to Dan, and once more, the mighty Sarah – great job guys. Performances on the night were immense. Because of the abundant rehearsals no-one missed a line, and Jenny – attentively perched in the sidelines, ready to feed any actor their forgotten cue - was never called upon. Each play was performed with a real vitality, an energy that carried to the large audience, who clearly had a very good time, judging by how much laughter there was.

Though it‟s not fair to single out individual performances for praise, I believe that every play contained at least one actor who excelled on the night, surpassing everyone‟s expectations and turning it into a personal success for themselves. On a similar note it was quite amazing to see so many first years performing with such skill and confidence. And so to the party. Your humble writer cannot remember a great deal due to childishly drinking far too much and becoming absolutely blootered. Thanks must go to Dave and Chris for their imaginative selection of drinks and their marvellously lethal punch. Everyone had a good time and I think would agree that there was a delightful atmosphere and a very pleasant ambience to the whole gathering. A few new alliances were made on the night and everyone at Lip wishes them good luck! (And a good lick!!) Strange Dave won the Snogathon with an unsurpassed thirty three people kissed (is this a record?). The Christmas meal was a good way to finish off the term. Thank you to the luscious Lynn for organising this so successfully. The meal itself was very good and it gave everyone a chance to relax and recover from the hangovers (or embarrassments) of the previous night‟s party. And to next term. Let‟s do a great job with A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. Let‟s kick-ass. Steve Hogg
Disclaimer Once again the views represented in this newsletter are the views of all of Lip members and are not the views of the one member of committee (plus helper) that wrote it. All the information that is contained herein is 100% factual, and nothing is made up. However if anyone has any disputes with the way in which they are portrayed in this newsletter then they should take it up with Hamish who will only be too happy to hear what you think of him. If you dislike this style of newsletter and feel that it degrades the professionalism of Lip then you do it (but not until you’re asked!)

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