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					January 20, 2010 The Honorable Lisa Murkowski 709 Hart Senate Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Senator Murkowski: On behalf of the undersigned groups, we thank you for your efforts to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “command-and-control” approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There are better options to meet our nation’s environmental goals and we urge the U. S. Congress to seek them out. America’s farmers and ranchers produce the food and fiber that sustains families around the globe. Their hard work, so essential to rural America, is however being threatened by EPA’s public health endangerment ruling. Construing much of the work of farmers and ranchers as a public health liability, this ruling would subject them to expensive regulation and years of litigation that would seriously damage a vital part of the nation’s economic engine. EPA’s proposal leaves no room for common sense agreements that protect this important, life sustaining process of feeding and clothing the world. Instead, it manipulates a decades old law into regulating a massive swath of the American economy, without concern for the consequences. The recent process appears to be an attempt to hide behind the agency’s “tailoring rule,” as a solution to the problems caused by treating naturally occurring livestock and other greenhouse gas emissions as dangerous pollutants. But EPA’s tailoring approach fails to address state laws that require permits at the much lower emission levels. And even if state agencies do adjust their rules in a clear and timely manner, agriculture producers will still be subject to cost increases for fertilizer and fuel as large producers of those staple products remain subject to increased regulation. Shifting blame and burden for this regulation is not a positive solution as it does nothing to change the reality regarding the negative impact that the EPA’s proposal holds for America’s farmers and ranchers. Our environment is a complex entity; few people have more daily exposure to that reality than America’s farmers and ranchers. We recognize that the difficulty of negotiating the demands of the environment, our nation’s economy, and populations around the world requires and deserves more than EPA regulation alone can provide. On an issue this important, Congress should carefully consider all views, and most importantly, invest the time necessary to reach a comprehensive, legislatively mandated solution. Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support on this topic. Sincerely, American Agri-Women Intertribal Agriculture Council Livestock Marketing Association U.S. Cattlemen’s Association Women Involved in Farm Economics

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