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									University of Lincoln PATERNITY LEAVE AND PAY POLICY
(Maternity Support) 1. Eligibility This benefit applies to employees with new parenting responsibility for bringing up a child, who may be the biological father, or married to, or the partner of the primary carer ( normally the mother but may be an adoptive parent).(A partner is someone who lives with the mother or adoptive parent in an enduring family relationship but is not an immediate relative and may include a partner in a same sex couple). 2. Criteria A new father or partner or a new adoptive parent who is not taking adoptive leave will be entitled to two weeks paternity leave subject to the following: The leave must be taken for the specific purpose of caring for a newborn child or supporting the mother, or for the purpose of caring for a child newly placed for adoption and supporting the adoptive parent. 3. 3.1 Paternity Leave Provisions and Payment You may take paternity leave for a maximum of two weeks, regardless of number of days or hours worked each week. Any request for additional leave will be dealt with under the university’s Parental Leave Policy. The first week will be paid at full pay regardless of length of service and the second week will be paid at the statutory level. To receive statutory paternity pay you must have 26 weeks continuous service by the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth, or by the week in which an approved match with the child is made. A match occurs when an approved adoption agency matched an adopter with a child. You may take a single block of one or two weeks. However, leave must be taken by the 56 day after the birth / adoption or 56 days after the date the baby is due, whichever is later. Leave must be taken in blocks of one week, and not single days. Procedure for leave In the case of leave for the birth of a child. You must notify your Dean/Service Director of the day the baby is due, the day you intend to start your leave and how long you intend to take. This should be done 15 weeks before the baby is due, wherever practicable. In the case of adoption you must notify your Dean/Service Director of the name and address of the adoption agency, the date the child is to be placed for adoption, the date you intend to start your leave and the length of the leave. This must be done as soon as you receive official notification of a match.



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In both cases of birth and adoption, if you change the intended start date of the leave you must give your Dean/Service Director 28 days notice, wherever practicable. You should complete the Application for Paternity Leave form and the appropriate Statutory Paternity Pay/Paternity Leave form (form SC3 should be used in cases where the leave is to support the birth mother and form SC4 when it is to support a partner who is adopting a child). Your Dean/Service Director will then need to approve your application and forward both forms to the HR Department. You will then receive a confirmation letter from the HR Department detailing your paternity pay entitlement. Related policies Please also refer to: Parental Leave Policy Maternity Leave and Pay Policy




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