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					Draft to be presented for formal approval at the next meeting on Monday 17 July 2006

Clanfield Parish Council Parish Council Meeting June 2006
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Carter Institute Village Hall on Monday 19 June 2006 Present – Cllr’s Melvyn Cole, David Slack, David Gaulton & Anne Harris & District Cllr Martin Barrett Apologies – were received Cllr’s Glyn James, Alan Crisp & Brett Gaertner Approve Reason for Absence (if any) – not required Proposed Amendment to Order of Agenda – none Declarations of Interest and Alterations to the Register of Members Interest (if any) – None Election of Chairman – In the absence of both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Cllr Melvyn Cole (RFO) took the chair – proposed by Cllr Gaulton – vote unanimous Signing of Declarations of Acceptance of Office – to be signed by Cllr Cole in the presence of the Clerk at the next meeting. Discussion and Update on Traffic Calming within the Village – Cllr Cole apologised that Cllr James, who was dealing with this matter was not present, as he had been called out unexpectedly in his professional job. The Clerk confirmed that she had not received any further information from Oxfordshire Highways, but understood that the work was still not complete. Cllr Cole opened the debate to the floor, and parishioners and others present expressed their views on the various issues arising from the project. The Council then instructed the Clerk to write to the Oxfordshire Highways on the following points     Confirmation that the work on the planters and the subsequent road markings has been completed, and if not to indicate when it will be completed. Request that another speed survey is conducted, once all the work is complete Request the removal of the cats eyes on the hatching near the junction of Marsh Lane, to alleviate the noise disturbance Obtain an update on the views regarding the installation of the flashing signs within Oxfordshire and to ascertain where Clanfield was on the waiting list

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Minutes of Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 15 May 2006 - were read and signed as being correct after the following amendment  Page 36/06 - delete ‘liase’ insert ‘liaise’ Matters arising 288 Minute 229 - Inconsiderate Parking & Speeding Traffic in Mill Lane – Reply received from Oxfordshire Highways was read by Council and it was agreed to accept the offer of removing the children playing signs painted on the road and replace them with red road panels marked with SLOW at no cost to the parish. Council asked the Clerk to notify and highlight that both markings were needed, to slow the traffic coming from the Little Clanfield direction. Minute 230 - Parking Problems in Queens Crescent – Clerk confirmed she had written to Cottsway Housing highlighting the problems - Nothing heard to date Minute 231 - Request for new Dog Bin in Mill Lane – Work o/s - Clerk to chase up 39/06

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Minute 232 - Allotment Availability – Clerk confirmed that she had issued the termination notice as requested, however developments between meetings had resolved the problem and one allotment had been released. Cllr Harris confirmed that the vacated allotment had been offered to the parishioner on the list. NFA Minute 233 - Speeding Traffic in Bampton Road – See minute 287/06. Minute 234 – Updating of Brian Wallis’s Allotment Agreement – Prices obtained from land agents gave price at £50 per acre. Cllr Cole proposed that the tenancy field allotment charge be increase to £40 per acre with effect from 1st October 2007. Council were in agreement. Clerk to issue notice of intended increase. Minute 235 - Annual Inspection of Footpaths & Property – Cllr James to re-issue the maps and areas to each Councillor. Matter still o/s Minute 237 - Ref No 06/0167/P/FP – Retention of Stables and Horsewalker at Edgerly Farm, Calcroft Lane Clanfield – email received from planning authority confirming no decision to date – still o/s Clerk to chase up Minute 238 - ORCC – Best Kept Village Competition & Oxfordshire Villages of the Year – details and entry forms 2006 – village clean-up took place – Cllr Gaertner not present to give update – matter deferred to the next meeting Minute 240 - ORCC – Witney Area Review of Subsidised Bus Service – 2006 – Offer of Support – Further information received – see Correspondence - NFA Minute 243 - WODC Leisure & Tourism Services – Skate ‘n’ Climb Event – Cllr Gaertner not present – it was agreed that Cllr Cole would liaise with Cllr Gaertner between meetings regarding the advertising Minute 244 - Under 16’s Football Team – It appeared that the ballot asking for interested parties, had not been published in the ‘What’ – Cllr Crisp not present – matter deferred Minute 246 -Ref No 06/0537/P/FP – Erection of single storey rear extension at 1 Busby’s Close, Clanfield – granted by the planning authority - NFA Minute 247 - Ref No 06/0565/P/FP – Conversion and erection of extension to existing barns to form four dwellings and cart shed parking at Barns at Chestlion Farm, Black Bourton Road, Clanfield – Clerk confirmed that this had been withdrawn - NFA Minute 248 - Ref No 06/0566/P/LB – Conversion and erection of extension to existing barns to form four dwellings and cart shed parking at Barns at Chestlion Farm, Black Bourton Road, Clanfield – see minute 301 - NFA Minute 249 - Ref No 06/0627/P/FP – Change of use of stable block to gym/training studio at Old Stable Block, Friars Court Farm, Main Street, Clanfield – granted by the planning authority - NFA Minute 250 - Ref No 06/0657/P/FP – Erection of two storey extension, conservatory, new garage and porch at 5 Manor Lane, Clanfield – granted by the planning authority - NFA Minute 251 - Ref No 06/0683/P/FP – Alterations to include removal of existing flat roof and replace with pitch and extend existing conservatory at 14 Mill Lane, Clanfield – granted by the planning authority - NFA Minute 253 - Letter Regarding Youth Club Provision – The Clerk updated the Council on the letters sent and the replies and information collated. The ballot of the parishioners and youngsters of the village via the ‘What’ parish magazine to see if there was enough interest to reform the Youth Club had not yet taken place – Cllr Crisp not present. Colin Gault of the Oxfordshire Assoc for Young People had offered to come and give a small presentation to the Parish Council. The matter was discussed and Council agreed to invite Colin Gault to the July meeting – Clerk to action. 40/06










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Minute 255 - ORCC – Rural Housing Enabler – update on proposed Mill Lane development opposite the bungalows – Little Clanfield end of Mill Lane – Cllr James not present – Clerk confirmed that no plans had been received to date – matter deferred until July meeting Minute 258 - South East Regional Assembly – Planning Consultation – It was reported that the meeting arranged for the 5 June 2006 did not take place – Cllr Crisp not present – matter deferred to the July meeting Minute 262 - Ref No: 06/0712/P/FP – Erection of Rear Conservatory at 3 High House Close, Clanfield – granted by the planning authority - NFA Minute 263 - Ref No: 06/0758/P/FP – Change of Use of Land from Agricultural to Domestic and Erection of Garden Shed (Retrospective) at Brookes Cottage, Pound Lane, Clanfield the plans were viewed and discussed by the Parish Council and it was agreed that no representations would be made – no decision to date – matter o/s Minute 265 - OCC - National Trails Office/Draft Thames Path Management Strategy 2006 – 2011 – Reps by 28 July 2006 – It was agreed that Cllr James should read through and report to the next meeting – Cllr James not present – matter deferred until July meeting Minute 266 - RAF Brize Norton Invitation – Community Briefing Day & Flight - 14th June 2006 – Cancelled – rearranged for the 7th September 2006 – Cllr Cole to attend - NFA Minute 267 - Local Council Review – May 2006 – Land Registry Voluntary Registration Scheme - the Clerk updated the Council on all the information received. Council agreed that as the information was quite complex, Cllr Cole would pass the file to Cllr James to read through and report to the next meeting. Minute 273 - OCC News – May 2006 + Letter from Chairman of the Council regarding the Decision by Central Government to cancel the Post Office Account Card Scheme after 2010 – the Clerk confirmed that she had sent the representations and the reply received was read to the meeting – NFA at present. Minute 274 - ROSPA – Play Area Inspection Report – 19 April 2006 – Cllr Gaertner not present – Council agreed for Cllr Cole to check with Cllr Gaertner to make sure the necessary work had been scheduled – matter o/s Minute 284 - Elderly Residents Party – Cllr Cole reported to the meeting – 15 parishioners had accepted the invitation and it had been an enjoyable afternoon

Representatives Reports 317 318 Oxfordshire County Council – none received West Oxfordshire District Council – District Cllr Martin Barrett gave a short report to the meeting regarding the withdrawal of the Post Office Account Card Scheme in 2010 and the concerns expressed, by Postwatch, that this would result in the closures of many rural post offices. The letter received from the DTI (Dept of Trade and Industry) was a standard response and he urged everyone to remain vigilant. Also discussed were the traffic calming measures and the problem of speeding traffic through villages. Others – none received


Planning Applications: 320 Ref No 06/0983/P/FP – Erection of Rear Conservatory at 1 James Court, Main Street, Clanfield – the plans were viewed and discussed and it was agreed that no representations would be made Ref No 06/1011/P/FP – Change of Use of Land to Domestic Garden at Land adjacent to Hunter Court, Bampton Road, Clanfield - the plans were viewed and discussed and it was agreed that no representations would be made 41/06


Correspondence Received 322 323 WODC – Notification of the newly elected Chairman of WODC – Cllr Keith Stone - noted WODC – Planning Service – West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011 – Notice of Intention to Adopt - noted OCC - Environment & Economy – Copy of New Bus Strategy 2006 – 2011 - Cllr Gaulton to read through and pass to Cllr James – report to be made at the July meeting OCC – Environment & Economy – Review of subsidised Bus Services – Witney & Eynsham Area Consultation – Info – noted – Cllr Gaulton to pass to Cllr James OALC – Subscription Renewal request + Contact Details Update – passed to Cllr Cole (RFO) to action. WODC – Notice of Meeting of Standards Committee – 6 June 2006 – read and noted OCC Economy & Environment – Temporary Traffic Regulation Order – S14 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 – Temporary Road Closure – Calcroft Lane – 6th – 9th June 2006 – work had been completed OCC Economy & Environment – Countryside Services – Annual Report 2005 – 2006 + Oxfordshire Right of Way Improvement Plan 2006 – 2011 – Cllr Slack to read through and report to the July meeting OALC – Annual Meeting Papers – 27th June 2006 + Various Info – contents read and it was agreed that Cllr Cole would to pass to Cllr James (the OALC representative) WODC – Cultural Services – Summer Activities Info – read and noted - info to be placed on noticeboard OCC News – June 2006 + Emergency Planning Info – May - Drought Update – read and noted. A hosepipe ban had been in place since April 2006 and very little rain had been falling in the area. It was reported by Thames Water that last year was the third driest since records began; water levels are very low and unlikely to recover before the autumn. A drought order had been considered but had not yet been applied for. WODC – Environmental Services – Survey on Waste & Recycling Collections in West Oxfordshire – read and noted – agreed for Cllr Slack to complete and return OCC – No Time to Waste – Waste Strategy Public Engagement – Info – Meeting on 26 July 2006 at Kidlington, Oxfordshire – information was read and noted Oxford Inspires – Special Events Forum Meeting Details – It was agreed that Cllr Cole & Slack would try and attend Others Various – read and noted – no action required



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Financial Report 337 Cllr Cole presented the following report to the meeting:a) Receipts & Payments Balances in the Bank Accounts as at 19 June 2006 were Bank of Ireland a/c HSBC - Treasurers a/c HSBS - No Notice a/c Receipts:VAT Reclaim £19812.31 £ 885.57 £ 0 .93

£ 421.72

Payments:- the following payments were approved by Council and the cheques written and signed:Parish Clerk – Salary – May 2006 Parish Clerk – Expenses – May 2006 HSBC – Safe Deposit Fee WODC – Playing Field Inspection Carter Institute Village Hall – Room Hire Cllr Gaertner – Reimbursement of Expenses Mower Fuel & Strimmer Spares £ £ £ £ £ £ 200.00 12.56 30.00 50.82 37.50 61.52

b) Audit 2005/06 – update – Cllr Cole reported that everything was on schedule Other Proper Business 338 Safety Reports – June 2006 – the following areas were reported in need of attention and the Clerk instructed to notify the relevant authorities  Drain Cover Collapsing – outside Westcourt, Bampton Road, Clanfield  Pound Lane – road sign needs cleaning or replacing Playing Field – Maintenance etc - nothing further to report Review of Standing Orders – deferred until July meeting Review of Insurances (if required) – Cllr Cole confirmed that all insurances were up to date and suggested that this item be added to the agenda items list for the month of March – Council agreed – Clerk to action. Confirm Date of the next Parish Council Meeting as 17th July 2006 - agreed

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Any Other Business 343 Furlong Row Street Lights – Cllr Harris reported that a parishioner, who has lived in Furlong Row for many years was finding if difficult to sleep because to a new street light erected opposite his property. Council agreed for the Clerk to write and see if this could be moved or dimmed down. Cllr Harris to check on exact position or number on pole. Encroachment into Playing Field – report received that a parishioner’s garden was encroaching into the playing field boundary – Cllr Harris to check


Having no further business the meeting was closed at 9.08pm 43/06