Step By Step Introduction For Trainee

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Step By Step Introduction For Trainee
1. Step Introduction of the trainer The trainee / staff should know his / her trainer and what position he / she has in the hotel. 2. Step Trainer asks the trainee of his / her name or nick name The trainer should as well know who the trainee is and built a bridge like this already ( “how should I call you” ) 3. Step Shaking Hands Give the trainee the feeling of friendship, tolerance and relationship, through a proper handshake the trainee will lose his / her nervousness. 4. Step Trainer explains the training task The trainee should know and understand exactly how the task should be executed, in order To prevent any misunderstandings or doubts. 5. Step Trainer points out the importance of the task The staff should realize, that the task is of utmost importance for the daily execution of his / her work and responsibility. 6. Step The trainer assures the trainee of his / her ability as a qualified teacher for the task section. The trainer explains that he / she has sufficient knowledge and many years of experience For the said task section. ( without to much bragging ) 7. Step Trainer guarantees the trainee the successful execution of the task after finishing the Training lecture. The trainer assures with simple explanations of the success and motivates the trainee for the upcoming training tasks.

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8. Step Ask the staff whether he / she is right or left handed. A “right hander” observes best from the right hand side and therefore should be standing On the right side of the trainer.

9. Step Check for the best possible conditions and requirements Provide proper lightning, temperature, tools, flip chard, etc.

10.Step And now train !!!

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