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Developing A Positioning Strategy
1. Company What are the strengths and weaknesses, resources, management capabilities, present market position, values, objectives and policies? Where are we now and where do we want to go? 2. Product and Service What are the facilities, location, attributes, physical condition and level of service? Why do people come? Why should they? 3. Brand Position What is awareness, loyalty and image? How does it compare to competition? What are the perceived attributes and how are they distributed among the segments? 4. Customers What are their needs, wants and expectations? What benefit do they seek? What is the optional position of attributes for each customer? Competition Who is the customer and why does that person go there? What do they do better? How are we different from them? What positions do they occupy? The Marketplace Where is it? What are the customer segments? What is our market share? How are our customers reached? Opportunities What needs are unmet? Can we meet them? Can we improve on them? What innovations are needed? Are they worth making? Decision: What is the best overall position?





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