; Dealing with difficult guests
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Dealing with difficult guests


Hospitality Industry Manuals for Hotels and Resorts

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									Dealing with difficult guests
• • • • If the customer’s problem is a result of an error on our side, it is best to admit it and apologize. Please make a concerted effort to solve the problem and let the guest have as much feedback as possible. Remember to deal with the guest’s feelings. Avoid saying things like, “I understand how you feel”. It is better to say, “This must be frustrating”. When dealing with the problem, put yourself in the guest’s shoes. If you promised the guest that you will do something about his problem, DO WHAT YOU PROMISE. Rather under promise and over deliver. The converse does loads of damage. Everybody wants to make a contribution, so involve the guest in the solution wherever possible. Ask questions like” what would you suggest?”. Show our guests some genuine care. People can feel when you are being hypocritical. We need to show our guest’s that they are important to us and that we will take them seriously.

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There is only one boss. The customer! He can fire everybody in the hotel, from the GM on down, Simply by spending his money elsewhere.

“There is very little difference in people. But that difference makes a BIG difference. The little difference is ATTITUDE. The BIG difference is whether it is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE!”

Last but not the least….

TEAMWORK is the essence and the core of services. Help each other and work together. Consult the senior on how he/she wishes to do the services. The CUSTOMER and HIS NEEDS are our prime concern. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, therefore we MUST STRIVE TO MAKE THE GUEST’S STAY PLEASURABLE, COMFORTABLE AND TO EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS. In this way we can ensure that our customers will advertise our service excellent by word of mouth and return to this hotel the next time they have a choice. Treat a guest as would treat a guest in your own home. Take pride in your manner and style of service. Pay attention to details- it creates a lasting impression. When dealing with people, let us remember that we are dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures’ brisling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity. Professionalism is a combination of competence and presentation. You’ve got to have the distinctive capabilities that your industry requires, but beyond that, you have to package and present that competence in a way that your guest will appreciate. That is why you are chosen to be this hotel’s MAN FRIDAY!

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