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									Oriental Hospitality Consultants – Dear Colleagues And Friends All the manuals and information for sale and free on this web site have come from various sources, and companies, some have ben handed down, from one hotel group to another , there is nothing secret these days. Our aim is to provide information for all those who do not have the time and experience to put something together from scratch. The manuals and spread sheets are to be re – engineered to fit your property. Please ensure you understand your property first, and then re writes the manuals to fit correctly, what we offer are only guide lines.

5 Basic safety and fire Regulations manual An extensive Manual for building and regulation guidelines based on US Standards, a must for Engineers, young managers and architects to improve the functionality of their Hotels or Resorts. Total 127 pages – 150.00 Dollars Beverage cost work sheets An Excel spread sheet, for those managers who require to control their bar profits Combined with a unit cost spread sheet, for evaluation and updated information. 2 pages spread sheets. 10.00 Dollars Basic 5 star in room Compendium An Extensive document, with over 66 pages of information, to compile an in room compendium, compatible for 5 star poetries, this compendium could be printed in house once the printers set the template for you. Total 66 pages – 50.00 Dollars Cookery Class Book. An extensive book for those wishing to take their property and guests expectations one more level; 34 pages of color food plates for basic ingredients, and an extensive 29 pages of recipes with methods of cooking step by step. Total 34 pages – 26.00 Dollars Food & Beverage service Manual. A comprehensive 73 page service manual, comprising of polices & procedures for a 4 or 5 star resort, an opportunity for those wanting to enhance their properties. Set out in three stages. Total 73 pages – 55.00 Dollars


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Basic Kitchen Manual of operation 62 pages divided into three sections, from the initial basic training, through health and hygiene, food preparation, ice and water, food handling, pest control, food delivery, cold storage, staff health and hygiene training, personal hygiene and food premises. Total 62 pages – 47.00 Dollars Accounting Initial Training plans A selection of accounting training plans, to ensure a smooth transition for all new staff, for pre openings or existing properties that require a guide line. Total 20 pages – 20 Dollars Bar set up polices A basic guide line for those wishing to ensure their bar set ups are in order. Bar and lounge service, bar check lists, Job description bar tender, position profile bar tender. Total 10 pages - 10.00 Dollars Induction Manual for Food & Beverage An opening induction Manual for the service associates, and managers, 30 pages, Departmental goals, the Base of our F & B culture, what is the resort, qualifications of the hosts, the senior F & B team, Departmental guide lines, Resorts NO No’s, operating languages, and Best practices. Total 30 Pages. – 24.00 Dollars Bar & Drink, costing A work book with over 25 folders, containing 275 recipes and costing for a full resort or hotel, cost controller or Bar Manager. 275 excel sheets – 75.00 Dollars Food & Beverage service standards An extensive collection of standards, from tea service, Gueridon, food restrictions and allergies, food commodities, pest control, Temperatrure control, tips for adverting entertaining emergencies, and much more. Total 100 pages – 75.00 Dollars Service Etiquette A selection of four topics, Body movement, Communications, Dealing with difficult guests, Dress sense. 2

Oriental Hospitality Consultants – Total 32 pages – 24.00 Dollars Allotment control sheets Excel spread sheets, for those Reservations managers or Fo Managers, wanting to manually control their allotments during the peak and heavy periods. Total 10 Excel spread sheets - 10.00 Dollars Basic Budget A 9 page excel spread sheet budget for a small resort, looking for a basic set up, ideal for those wanting to work with a basic budget Total 9 pages in Excel. – 50.00 Dollars Beverage reports A selection of reports for the Bar Manager, Beverage revenue report sheet, Breakage reports sheets, Daily wine sales report, Daily beverage sales, summary and a daily cigar report, Basic schedule set up. Total 8 Excel pages – 10.00 Dollars Emergency Manual A basic manual for all hoteliers, who require to enforce and upgrade their hotels or resorts, preface, Surroundings, fire prevention, general information, hotel key plan, Training, Emergency plan, Fire drills, Evacuation procedures, Bomb threats, General guideline on security, Building safety features, Equipment, Fire safety awareness. Total 68 pages – 51.00 Dollars FF &E folders A collection of date and information pertaining to procurement of FF & E items for all sections of a resort under development. Engineering tools 2 spread sheets, crockery and cutlery spread sheets, staff housing spread sheets, Total office and outlet spread sheets office by office, outlet by outlet 69 pages. Linen orders. Total pages, priced as one file 50.00 Dollars Stewarding Manual of operation A comprehensive manual set in three sections; section 1; Guidelines for the chief, scraping & racking, dishwashing machines, cleaning utensils. Section 2; equipment cleaning, procedures, crockery & cutlery cleaning, do’s and don’ts, Section 3; Sop’s for the stewarding department. Total 88 pages – 66.00 Dollars


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Agents list for Australia Two spread sheets of over 100 agents Down under, an ideal tool for those who require fast info and details, to enhance their ability and contacts, 150.00 Dollars Extensive budget set up Excel spread sheet budget, set up for a resort or hotel, formatted, fill in the black columns only, and a good tool for those wanting a budget they can produce over night. 200.00 Dollars Cocktail recipes and presentations Cocktail presentations, 15 pages, specials of the day 1 page, cocktail presentation 22 pages, Non alcoholic cocktails, 17 pages, Recipe costs, basic set ups 11 pages, shots, recipe and preparation 1 sheet, special coffee presentations 10 sheets, Gourmet coffee 5 sheets, welcome drink plan 1 page. 50.00 Dollars Emergency Procedures Manual Contents; objectives, Implementation, Introduction, Fire procedures, Bomb procedures, Flood procedures, Earthquake procedures, Typhoon procedures, Power failure, water shortage, Political crisis, Reviewing the plan. A comprehensive document well worth obtaining. Total 64 pages – 48.00 Dollars Fire protection, Preventive Maintenance program manual Extensive Manual set on 52 pages, covers all procedures and polices that are required to maintain and enhance the safety of the resort or hotel, use as a guide line for your property to bring value and security to the property in the face of the Travel agent. Total 52 pages – 40.00 Dollars Typhoon Policy A basic 5 page document giving the basic set ups and procedures that should be taken, each property is different and therefore a review and update of this policy is required to fit each individual property. Total 5 pages – 10.00 Dollars


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