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Forsta Filters New Green-Clean Water Filter Technology


									New Green-Clean Technology Optimizes Self-Cleaning Industrial Water Filters

Forsta Filters Inc. has revolutionized the industrial water filter industry with the release of its Green-Clean technology, reducing backwash waste water by as much as 75%. Without interrupting system flow during backwash, Green-Clean technology utilizes smaller flush valves to minimize the volume of water required to remove buildup on a filter element. Using internal vacuum nozzles, the new Green-Clean system scans and removes debris from the filter in 15 seconds or less. This combination of short duration and small flush valve make the Green-Clean backwash cycle one of the most efficient in the industry. Forsta Filters offers a full line of self-cleaning water filters (1-36” flange size), with screen elements ranging from 5 to 4000 micron. Integrating the Green-Clean technology in all products maximizes efficiency and reduces waste water and energy costs. The filters are constructed from all stainless steel and are designed to provide a long term solution to a wide range of industrial and municipal applications. For more information contact: FORSTA FILTERS, INC. Phone (888) 9-FORSTA (888-936-7782) Fax (310) 837-6477 PO Box 341830 Los Angeles, CA 90034

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