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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Five Effective Link Building Strategies By Corte Swearingen

If you’re a small business owner with a website, the best way to increase your organic traffic is to write interesting and compelling content that is focused towards your target market. If your content is first-rate, then other websites will naturally start linking to your website. The search engines quickly pick up on this and slowly give your website more “authority.” Higher authority means more targeted free traffic coming your way. But if you simply wait for other people to link to your site, you may be waiting for a long time. It makes sense to be proactive in your link-building program. Here are five strategies for building momentum in actively acquiring links to your site. Strategy #1: Submit to Quality Directories This strategy involves submitting your site to quality web directories that manually review each website. In most cases, you will pay a fee for the review process. Some people will tell you that the search engines do not like paid links and devalue them. According to Google engineer Matt Cutts, you should only submit your site to quality directories that use a manual submission process. In this way, a live person is actually reviewing your site for approval before it is included in the directory. You can research quality directories on Google, but here are my top ten. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
10. Strategy #2: Submit Articles A very good strategy for building links is to rewrite some of your website content and submit it as a standalone article. The key to this is to include links back to your website in either the article body or in the Author Bio area. These links will be discovered by the search engines and will help grow your link popularity. The article sites I've listed below are considered some of the very best. I recommend you visit each one and set up a free author account. 1. ezinearticles 2. articlealley 3. articlebase 4. articlecity 5. articledashboard 6. goarticles To get started, write an original article pertaining to your area of expertise and submit this same article to each of the above article sites. If you want to use an existing article from your site, I recommend rewriting it in order to avoid possible duplicate content issues. Search engines try to filter out duplicate content in their search results in order to provide diverse results for any single search query. By making your article a bit different, you will help ensure the original content on your site doesn't get pushed down in the rankings. Strategy #3: Anchor Text Anchor text simply refers to the actual wording used in the link pointing back to your site. The search engines monitor this text so make sure it includes the main keyword for the content page it is pointing towards. As an example, if you have a webpage that uses "Article Submission" as the main keyword, then a good anchor link text would be: Click here for more information on article submission strategies Strategy #4: Forums and Blogs Another way way to get inbound links is by answering questions on forums and posting helpful thoughts on business related blogs. Be careful here. Your primary motivation must be to help people. If you simply make a short unhelpful comment so that you can leave your name and website URL in the posting, this idea will backfire. As Internet marketing guru Ken Evoy has said - "Keep it real!" Strategy #5: Establish Deep Links
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

As you work to establish a link building program, work to get links to pages other than your home page. Yes, you certainly want links to your homepage, but it is very important to also establish links deeper into your site. One easy way to do this is with the links you develop through submitting articles. One strategy I recommended was to submit a shorter version of an article already contained on your site. If you do this, you can simply add a final sentence that points readers back to the larger version of teh article for more information. So there you have it. Five simple strategies that will do wonders in growing high-quality inbound links that will make the search engines take notice. Start designing your inbound linking program today. It’s one of the most important things you can do to grow your organic traffic. Corte Swearingen is the creator of the Integral Marketing System and founder of He holds a degree in physics and mathematics from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

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Link Building For Church Marketing By Kurt Steinbrueck

If optimizing a website is like giving your car a tune up, link building is like putting in a bigger engine. Simply put, there are going to be keywords that are out of your reach if all you do is on-page optimization, especially if your church is in a large city. Link building is needed to bring those keywords into your grasp. Links are like votes for your website. The more votes your website gets, the more important the search engines think your site is. That causes then to move you up in the search results for the keywords you are targeting and can get you ranking well for keywords for which you can’t currently rank well. So, what is link building and how do you do it? Read on my friend. What is Link Building? Simply put, link building is anything and everything you do to get people to link back to your site. You want someone to put a link on their site that leads to your site. These are known as inbound links. There are many strategies out there for how to link build, but in the end, the goal is the same: get as many links as possible from relevant sites. What is the Best Link Building Strategy: There are a lot of different strategies for link building. The reality is that there really isn’t a single, ultimate link building strategy. For some, one strategy will work better than others depending on your personality and the amount of time you put into the link building. Also, as time goes on, different strategies tend to trend as being more or less effective. Some strategies work well for a while and then general attitude of people starts to change and so your strategy has to change. You should also consider the other aspects of your church marketing plan church marketing plan and choose a link building strategy that works well with that church marketing plan. My advice is to look around for different strategies and brainstorm for your own ideas and give them a shot. It’s best to use several different link building strategies as part of your search engine marketing plan. See which ones work best for you and which you enjoy (or at least don’t dread). After all, if you hate doing something, you’re not going put the time and effort you would need to in order to succeed. Go with what works and try new ideas as well. Remember, the Internet is always changing, so for the best results it good to keep trying new strategies. Social media (blogs, MySpace, YouTube, GodTube, etc.) are very popular right now, so be sure to consider ideas using the social media. It’s Too Hard: One of the biggest reasons that people don’t engage in a link campaign is that they think it will be too hard, or if they hire someone else to do it, it will be too expensive. As you will see in my next article (10 Link Building Strategies for Church Marketing), that’s not necessarily true. Yes, there are some strategies that are more difficult and can be very time consuming, but there are other strategies that are relatively simple or only have a short time commitment. Asking your members to link to the church site or offering something for free on your site are examples of strategies that don’t have to have an enormous time commitment. It may take a little time get the free information/tool on your site, but once it’s up, it takes very little maintenance. Registering with directories is a relatively simple strategy that can get you a lot of one-way links in a short period of time. It can take some time, but there are

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
companies that offer good directory submission services that aren’t expensive. So, yes, it can be hard and time consuming to run an effective link building campaign, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of ways to get links relative easily, inexpensively, and without taking a lot of time. In my next article I’ll give some ideas for link building strategies for church marketing. Kurt Steinbrueck is the author of the Church Marketing Online blog. He has been Director of Marketing Services with for over 5 years providing Christian search engine optimization services including services specific for church marketing solutions and school marketing.

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