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Finding Powerful Internet Marketing Statistics By Ben Brown

There are numerous variations of internet marketing statistics that one can find using tools and internet marketing sites. The trick is to find information that relates directly to a product or service that you wish to promote. If you select the wrong course of action, it could cost you financially and also be a big waste of your time. I have found that if you know which statistics are important, then you are ahead of the game. The next logical step to find out which sites are successful in promoting these particular long tail keywords. I will explain a simple method for doing so. First of all, do a search on google for your keyword phrase. Then write down the top five sites that are placing on page one in google for this phrase. Now, use free tools online for finding out the PR rating for each site. There are add-ons for firefox that will perform these internet marketing statistics tasks for you automatically. If a site has a very high PR, then it will be hard to place higher than that site within this search. If the site has no more than a PR rating of 2, your chances of competing at the same level are higher. Now, with the sites that have relatively low PR ratings, check to see which tactic that they had used for that particular page that placed well in the search. For instance, did they use the keyword as anchor text within the first paragraph of the text, or did they use the keyword phrase within the title of the page. Also, check to see how many backlinks they have to their site. One way of doing so is to use yahoo that has a function to complete this task. Now, check the backlinks to verify the PR rating for them. Keep track of how many of backlinking sites have a PR of 1,2,3,4. This can be accomplished by setting up a simple spreadsheet. The above project of finding the powerful internet marketing statistics is very important, so do not take it lightly. Your next undertaking is to try to add one way backlinks that you will out do your competitors. One way backlinks can come in many forms. For example, you could submit articles to article directories that link back to your site using the keyword phrase as the anchor text. Or you could leave comments on blogs that are within the same niche. The above routine may seem very time-consuming, but as time goes on, your abilities to write articles
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and so forth will become second nature. Also, there are sites that offer memberships that will help you to find these important internet marketing statistics in other ways. Some of these sites actually have exclusive tools that will greatly speed up the process for you. In fact, any tool that is able to save you time and provide the correct results is a great for any internet marketer. I have been an internet marketer for some time now. You too will realize the importance of internet marketing statistics. Click below if you would like to view other methods to gather such statistics :

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Article Marketing is One of the Most Effective of Internet Marketing Agencies Strategies By Sherrie Chastain

To show how quickly one of the most effective internet marketing agencies strategies, article marketing can work we took a domain name we owned that was parked and did a quick case study. We installed wordpress which is free and used a free theme with very little modification, this whole process took about 2 hours. Then wrote 6 articles and submitted them, with a piece of software called article submitter pro, to about 100 article sites. By watching Google analytics, which is another free tool that reports statistics on your site, you can see the day, which was Nov 17, 2008, that traffic started to come to the site because the articles began to be approved at the different article sites we submitted to. These 6 articles drove 179 visits and over 92% were new visits with an average time on the site of over 3 minutes and an average page visit of 2 pages. These are very good statistics for writing free articles that will stay on the web forever and drive traffic. These articles will also build backlinks to your site which will help in your page rank and getting placed on page one of the Google search results for specific keywords. So you see article marketing serves a dual purpose and is really the best free internet advertising. You are directly driving the traffic from readers that click the link in your resource box and you are also moving towards a Google page one ranking on the keywords you are targeting in your articles which will give you traffic. This site had no traffic up to this point and nothing else was done but submitting 6 articles that took about 30 minutes each to write and an additional 20 minutes to submit per article. Imagine if you continued to write 6 articles every month and submitted them to get additional traffic. The traffic would just keep building, because if the content on your site is good, the people would revisit your site and every month you should have more and more people viewing your website from free articles you wrote in the past. Just imagine if you wrote 2 articles a week or 8 per month or doubled that and wrote 4 per week, with the statistics from the screen shot you would be driving approximately 500 new visitors per month for free. That sure beats the high cost of PPC. This is reason enough to write articles and keep writing articles. The backlinks you gain from these articles are another story. Article marketing is one of the most powerful free internet marketing strategies that internet marketing agencies use.

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