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					The Divisions of 3G Individuals will need to try a 3G mobile phone to know how the tools and applications work. There are several high-speed networks available today, depending on your job and personal needs. The assortment of mobile units can make it quite difficult for individuals to choose. You should understand the main types or flavors of 3G technology. The inclusions are UMTS and CDMA2000, these offer a variety of effects. Here are some details on the technology. The Main Types The two main kinds of 3G include UMTS or Universal Mobile Telephone Service and CDMA2000. UMTS is being brought out over several available GSM networks. CDMA2000 takes 3G rates and speeds to the available CDMA networks. The two flavors have a couple of high-speed offshoots, voiceplus-data 1xEV-DV and data-only 1xEV-DO. These are available in most cities, especially nations who first launched 3G technology. Speeds of the two flavors are almost the same as the regular DSL. More and more developments on faster technologies, namely 3.5G and 4G are also underway. Individuals will need a 3G phone to determine how fast each high-speed network works. The beginning may be slow, but there are also so many available 3G handsets today from the present carriers. All mobile phones provide support for the recent 3G networks, appearing in different styles. Knowing More About the Term The name 3G is usually associated with mobile phone specifications and details. 3G is one, if not the most popular cellular technology available today, with several millions of people all over the globe converting. The support of the feature allows users to acquire broadband services, without having to get wired connections. You can receive the information transfer speed, beginning from 144 Kbps up to 2.4 Mbps. The 3G mobile technology is also more popularly called 3G, which is embedded in most high end models only. Knowing More About the Kinds UMTS is a type of 3G technology that uses Wideband Code Division Access. The term is also known as W-CDMA which stands for a certain standard. CDMA 1x EV-DO is needed to take the speed of the current 3G network to CDMA. Individuals from all over the world can easily get the 2 kinds of 3G technology, by acquiring new handsets and starting to work on functions like sending and receiving email messages, browsing the internet and doing video conferences. You can acquire the transmission speed similarly to ADSL in the entry level. The new models are available in a wide array of designs and colors. Some of the most popular in its class include the BlackBerry 7130e, Motorola Razor V3x and Samsung Z510.

What to Expect With the new 3G technology, you can expect full motion videos, 3D gaming, faster online surfing and streaming music and music videos. There is also on-demand video and video conferencing with the upcoming 3.5G. If you expect 4G to come very soon, you can experience high quality streaming video and video conferencing. Compared to older technologies like 1G, 2G and 2.5G, you can only expect to get simple features and tools like voice only or analogue capabilities, MMS, normal web browsing, ring tone downloads, basic games, short video and audio clips, push to talk features, conference calls, SMS and caller ID. The price of each technology will differ. 3G generally is pricier than previous models and platforms.

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