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									ILS 12-22 Chemical Bonding PowerPoint

You are to create an informative PowerPoint about chemical bonding and how it relates to oxygen consumption in sports. In this PowerPoint you will explore how oxygen is transported within our bodies and how athletes, trainers, and managers have found ways to increase the efficiency how oxygen is used by our bodies during competition. Requirements: Your PowerPoint MUST address the following topics as completely as you can:
Title slide Topic 1: What is hemoglobin? Topic 2: How is hemoglobin important in the transport of oxygen in our bodies? Topic 3: Why is the transport of oxygen by hemoglobin a real-life example of chemical bonding? Topic 4: How is hemoglobin related to a successful climb to the top of Mt. Everest? Topic 5: We learned about pH in our last unit on acids and bases. What does pH have to do with the transport of oxygen by hemoglobin? Topic 6: What is blood doping? Topic 7: What is the difference between autologous and homologous blood doping? Topic 8: What is EPO and why is it used? Topic 9: What are the medical uses of blood doping? Topic 10: Why is blood doping used in sport? Topic 11: Provide 1 documented example of blood doping used in sport nd Topic 12: Provide a 2 documented example of blood doping in sport Topic 13: What are the side effects of blood doping?

Each PowerPoint slide MUST contain the following:
1. 2. 3. 4. Title Relevant information At least 1 relevant picture Resources cited for both information AND picture (web address you used)

It is expected that the information in your PowerPoint is not simply cut and paste. Locate the information and complete each slide in your own words. In other words, YOU write about what YOU believe the information you found TELLS YOU ABOUT the topic. After completing this assignment, upload your PowerPoint to one of the following Internet PowerPoint storage resources: Once you have uploaded your PowerPoint to one of the resources listed above, post the URL to you presentation to the Chemical Bonding Discussion Forum in the Integrated Lab Science Moodle.

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