How to Read Your AIS Credit Report Page one Scoring and Risk Model by crunchy


									                      How to Read Your AIS Credit Report

                                      Page one
                          Scoring and Risk Model Assessment

                                                              Report Type

  Your Company
information will be                                                     Bureau types.
      here.                                                            In this case all three
                                                                            were pulled.

Applicant Name
 and Address

 Scoring & risk for

                                                                            Codes correspond
                                                                             to the text lines
 Scoring & risk for                                                               below

 Scoring & risk for
                                                              Page two
                                                           Trade Line Details

                                                                           Date account was
                                                       Date Creditor
                               Type of Credit       reported info to the
                                REV = Revolving           bureau                   Date of Last    High Credit is the
                                INS = Installment                                    Activity       highest amount
                                MTG = Mortgage
                                CRE = Credit Line
                                                                                                  charged or opening
       Creditor Name
                                  OPN = Open                                                            balance

    Reporting Credit
          Bureau                                                                                          Balance owed as of
                                                                                                           the date reported

ECOA Codes
1= individual Account                                                                                          Monthly payment
2=Joint Account
3=Authorized user account
4=Maker/Participant on Account                                                                                Term in months
5=Comaker/Co-signer on account
6=On behalf of another                                                                                         for installment
T=Account relationship terminated                                                                                 loans/notes
X=Consumer Deceased

                                                                                                             Past due amount
      Account Number                                                                                         will appear in this

                                                                                                          The number of months
               Comments                                                                                      the account was
                                                                                                              reviewed by the

                                                                                                            Methond Of Payment
                                                                                                            1= As Agreed
                                                                                                            2= 30 days late
                                                                                                            3= 30 days late
                                                                                                            4= 90 days late
                                                                                                            5= Collectios / Charge off

                                                                                                            The number 90
                                                                                                           day late payments

                                                                                                             The number 60
                                                                                                            day late payments

                                                                                                            The number 30
                                                                                                           day late payments
The Subsequent pages will have the Public record information, Inquiry information, Resident
 information and creditor information. The creditor information includes phone numbers.

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