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					Key Benefits                                                    Getting started is easy
Just $2,500 and $100 per month will                             Please call 1800 641 593 to make an appointment with an
get you started.                                                ANZ Financial Planner to discuss a tailored plan to help you
                                                                achieve your financial goals.
With a modest outlay and low monthly contributions you can
start building your wealth sooner.
                                                                Visit our website.
Accelerate your returns.                                        Information about the ANZ Regular Geared Savings Plan
                                                                and other Margin Lending products is available at
By adding borrowed money (also called leveraging or
gearing) to your own funds, you increase the total amount
of money working for you. With these additional funds,
you can diversify your portfolio, and potentially enjoy
higher investment returns sooner.

Leverage time, while you have it.
The discipline of regular contributions assists many people
in maintaining a steady investment strategy, which can
enable the achievement of your financial goals. The earlier
you start, the greater your potential returns.                  * You should seek your own professional advice concerning
                                                                the application of the taxation rules relevant to your particular
                                                                circumstances prior to implementing a gearing solution,
Dollar Cost Averaging.                                          particularly as tax laws are subject to change.
Alleviate your concern over market fluctuations by investing    This is published by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
regular amounts consistently over time rather than making       Limited ABN 11 005 357 522.
an initial lump sum investment and riding the roller coaster.
                                                                The information in this brochure is general information current at
                                                                the time of production. This material does not take into account your
Built in diversification.
                                                                                                                                              Kick-start your
                                                                personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider
                                                                whether it is appropriate for you. Taxation laws are complex and their
Investing and gearing regularly into managed funds is an        application may vary according to investors’ specific circumstances.
easy way to diversify your investment portfolio.                ANZ recommends that you consult a financial adviser to determine
                                                                the implication of a regular geared savings plan on your particular
                                                                                                                                         investment strategy

                                                                ANZ Financial Planners are representatives of Australia and
                                                                New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522,
                                                                holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence. ANZ’s colour blue      ANZ Regular Geared Savings Plan
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The power of now                                                There are no maximum contribution restrictions for you,                                                        The ANZ Regular Geared Savings Plan uses Dollar Cost
How many times have you considered starting your own            however, ANZ contributions are restricted by the Loan to Value                                                 Averaging through the regular investment facility.
investment portfolio? You may have heard about the benefits     Ratio (LVR) of the managed funds you choose to invest in.
of investing and probably thought you should do something                                                                                                                                                               Dollar Cost Averaging
                                                                Different managed funds will have different LVRs, generally
about it. Well, you’re right. Getting started is probably the                                                                                                                  $1.20
                                                                ranging between 40% - 70%. If you invest in a managed
hardest and the most important step in investing.
                                                                fund with a 50% LVR for example, for every $500 that you                                                       $1.15

The sooner you start investing, the sooner your money           contribute, ANZ can contribute up to a maximum of $500                                                         $1.10

works smarter for you and the more time your investment         (50% of the total $1,000 investment). For a full list of
                                                                approved managed funds and their LVRs, please go to                                                            $1.05
has to grow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       price paid
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   average price
Value of investing
                                                                How do you know when is the right time to invest?                                                              $0.95
If you want to start investing and are looking for a higher
                                                                Investments rise and fall over time. The key is to take
return than a standard savings plan, ANZ has a strategy that                                                                                                                   $0.90
                                                                advantage of any market movements to get better value                                                                          Jan     Feb      Mar          Apr    May        Jun          Jul      Aug    Sep   Oct    Nov     Dec
may help you reach your investment goals sooner.
                                                                for your money. Dollar Cost Averaging achieves just that
Creating wealth through gearing                                 by using the market movements to help you buy more                                                             Tax Advantages
By adding borrowed money (also called leveraging or gearing)    units when the prices are low, and fewer units when the                                                        Depending on individual circumstances, you may be able to
to your own funds, you increase the total amount of money       prices are high.                                                                                               deduct interest expenses and borrowing fees for tax purposes*.
working for you. A larger portfolio may increase your income
through distribution payments and increase your investment
returns, but may likewise increase your losses.                 Show me how it works                                                                                                                         Relative potential gains over 10 years
                                                                Firstly, we have Jason who has $10,000 in savings
What is a Regular Geared Savings Plan?                          that he wants to invest in managed funds.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jason          Kate          Keith
A powerful investment vehicle that combines regular monthly                                                                                                                   $125,000
contributions from you with a gearing strategy. Each month      Secondly, we have Kate who also has $10,000 to invest
a nominated portion of your savings, together with funds        in managed funds, but wants to make additional monthly                                                        $100,000

loaned to you by ANZ, are combined and funnelled into your      contributions of $500.
choice of managed funds.                                                                                                                                                       $75,000
                                                                Finally, we show Keith who adds the advantages of an                                                                                                                        $58,016

How much can I invest?                                          ANZ Regular Geared Savings Plan to his $10,000 savings                                                         $50,000

Many people believe they have to start an investment            and $500 additional monthly contributions.
portfolio with a large lump sum. With ANZ’s Regular Geared      Assumptions:

Savings Plan you can start with just a $2,500 contribution      Calculations do not take transaction costs into consideration, but allow for payment of Capital
                                                                Gains Tax. Jason, Kate & Keith’s return is based upon an income rate of 4% per annum franked
and watch your wealth grow.                                     at 80% (reinvested). Capital growth of 8% per annum. Loan interest is 10.50% per annum.
                                                                                                                                                                                         0yr         1yr       2yrs          3yrs     4yrs           5yrs         6yrs     7yrs   8yrs    9yrs     10yrs
                                                                Interest is paid monthly in arrears. Marginal tax rate of 46.5% (current top rate of 45% plus
                                                                1.5% Medicare levy).

                                                  Minimums                                  Initial               Initial Loan         Monthly client             ANZ              Total monthly                        LVR                       Investment after repayment of any loan
                                                                                         contributions              amount             contributions          contributions        contributions                  (Gearing Ratio)                       After 5 Yrs    After 10 Yrs
  Your initial contribution                       $2,500
  ANZ initial contribution                        $2,500            Jason                  10,000                      Nil                    Nil                 Nil                     Nil                                 0%                            $15,727                $25,407
  Your monthly contribution                       $100              Kate                   10,000                      Nil                   500                  Nil                    500                                  0%                            $52,926               $122,801
  ANZ monthly contribution                        $100              Keith                  10,000                  10,000                    500                  500                    1,000                               50%                            $58,016               $143,901