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					                                                                                            S AINT B ARNABAS H EALTH C ARE S YSTEM

   the cardio vascular news
                                                                                            A Strategic Vision in
                                                                                            Cardiovascular Medicine

GOING LIVE                                         COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER ECHO LAB
The Saint Barnabas Health
Care System (SBHCS) has                            FIRST TO LAUNCH
begun the transition to a new
state-of-the-art cardiovascular                    ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL ECHO LAB
imaging and information                            ❖   Greater image quality
system that will improve                           ❖   Allows clinicians simultaneous access to the same study
quality and efficiency as well                     ❖   Easy comparison to prior studies
as enhance physician and                           ❖   Standard report templates and drop down simplicity
patient satisfaction. The Echo                     ❖   Secure data storage with permanent retention
Lab at Community Medical
Center (CMC) was the first
to go live last month with
the new echocardiography
system that will be part of the
Saint Barnabas Heart Centers’
fully integrated spectrum
of diagnostic testing that is
scheduled to be complete
in February 2010.
As the digital technology is
introduced across our six Heart
Centers, physicians are invited
to test the new software and
experience the single platform
imaging system. Work stations
will soon be installed at every
facility and cardiologists are
encouraged to preview the
technology. Please email to                           Physicians at Community
schedule a personal or small                       Medical Center began reading
group demonstration.                               digital echocardiography studies
                                                   on March 31. The standard
                                                   report templates, designed with
                                                   input from our cardiologists,
                                                   offer convenient and familiar
                                                   drop-downs that are pre-
                                                   populated with a variety
                                                   of findings. Electronic
                                                   signature capability also
                                                   improves efficiency.
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A p r i l 2 0 0 9 ❖ 1 . 8 8 8 . 8 . H E A R T. 1                                                    N e w J e r s e y ’s H e a l t h C a r e L e a d e r
              VAD PROGRAM                                        CMMC AND CMC APPROVED FOR
              CERTIFIED BY THE                                   ELECTIVE ANGIOPLASTY
                                                                 Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC) and Community Medical Center (CMC)
              JOINT COMMISSION                                   are among 12 hospitals approved by New Jersey’s Commissioner of Health and
              The premier mechanical circulatory                 Senior Services Heather Howard to participate in the Atlantic C-PORT-E Study
              assist device program at the Saint                 of elective angioplasty. The study, undertaken by Johns Hopkins and Duke
              Barnabas Heart Center at Newark                    University Clinical Research Center was designed to determine the success
              Beth Israel Medical Center is the                  rate of angioplasty performed at hospitals without a cardiac surgery unit.
              only center in New Jersey to receive
              Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) for                CMC treats more adults with heart disease diagnoses than any other hospital
              Destination Therapy Certification                  in southern New Jersey. “In 2008, the hospital performed nearly 1,100 cardiac
              from The Joint Commission.                         catheterizations and 125 emergent angioplasties – more than any other hospital
                                                                 in the state without cardiac surgery,” said Steve Fedec, DO, Medical Director of
              Disease Specific Care Certification                the Invasive Cardiovascular Lab at CMC. “Additional volume that will result
              from The Joint Commission further                  from participation in the study necessitates an additional cath lab that is
              distinguishes the Heart Center’s                   scheduled for completion by late this summer,” noted Allen Boxbaum, Vice
              mechanical circulatory assist device               President of Cardiovascular Services for the Saint Barnabas Health Care System.
              program. The Heart Center at Newark
              Beth Israel was the first to introduce             At CMMC,
              the use of implantable VADs in                     construction is
              New Jersey in 1993 and remains one                 complete on the
              of the nation’s principal centers for              new Multi-
              implantation of the latest generation              Interventional
              of mechanical assist devices. Having               Room that will
              performed more than 50 VAD                         accommodate the
              implants in 2008, it is one of the                 increased patient
              busiest and most respected mechanical              volume at that
              cardiac support programs in the                    hospital. Last year
              nation. Virtually all approved and                 CMMC performed
              investigational implantable VADs                   624 cardiac
              have been available at the Saint                   catheterizations
              Barnabas Heart Center at Newark                    and 37 emergent
              Beth Israel for more than 16 years.                angioplasties. The
                                                                 team’s 82.45 minute
              “Joint Commission certification                    average door-to-
              reaffirms the Heart Center’s status as             balloon time is
              a leader in advanced cardiac care,”                within the
              said John A. Brennan, MD, Executive                benchmark 90
              Director of Newark Beth Israel                     minutes. “Our
              Medical Center and Children’s                      team’s outstanding
              Hospital of New Jersey. “The team’s                outcomes with
              expertise in managing the full-                    emergency
              spectrum of devices allows them to                 angioplasty are the
              tailor treatment to each patient’s                 foundation for a seamless transition to                     INSIDE THE STATE-OF-THE-ART
              individual needs.”                                 elective angioplasty,” said Bruce Haik,                                       CATH LAB
              The Joint Commission certification                 MD, Director of Interventional                                      The flexible and upgradeable
              process aims to ensure safe, high                  Cardiology at CMMC.                                          interventional suite at Clara Maass
              quality care and services by identifying           “The approval is a testament to                              Medical Center offers superb image
              opportunities for improvement and                  Clara Maass’ dedication to excellence                    quality for diagnosis and interventional
              implementing those improvements.                   and our commitment to serving the                        procedures. It also supplies direct digital
              The Heart Center’s certification was               needs of the surrounding community,”                     imaging and a Saint Barnabas System-
              granted after a rigorous two-day survey            added Fadi Chaaban, MD, Director                                  wide cardiac archive that offers
              of its mechanical circulatory assist               of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab                            physicians online access to images
              device for destination therapy                     at CMMC.                                                                      anytime, anywhere.
              program including a review of policies,
              procedures, staff credentials, quality             Both Clara Maass and Community
              and outcome data, as well as                       Medical Centers are targeted to begin
              conversations with patients and staff.             offering elective angioplasty in May.

              A p r i l 2 0 0 9 ❖ 1 . 8 8 8 . 8 . H E A R T. 1        S a i n t B a r n a b a s H e a r t C e n t e r s , N e w J e r s e y ’s H e a l t h C a r e L e a d e r