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Enterprise Systems
     Enterprise systems are MIS which
      focused on business processes of the
      firm. These systems are known as
      Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
      systems, are based on a suit of
      integrated software modules and a
      common central database which
      support nearly all of an organization’s
      internal business activities.
    Customer Relationship Management
     systems focus on coordinating all of the
     business processes surrounding the firm’s
     interactions with its customers in sales,
     marketing, and service to optimize revenue,
     customer satisfaction, and customer
    CRM systems provides customer care from
     receipt of an order through product delivery.
CRMs examine customers from a multifaceted perspective.
These systems use a set of integrated applications to address all
Aspects of the customer relationship, including customer service,
Sales, and marketing.
What is SAP and mySAP CRM?
     SAP is the leading enterprise software
      vendor which based on business process
      knowledge and best practices.
     mySAP CRM is a software combination
      between ERP and CRM to make SAP
      handle not just enterprise resource but also
      customer relationship either.
Case Study
     Who is Barilla Wasa?
   Barilla Wasa is the world’s largest
    pasta manufacturer. Those brands
    include pasta sauces and baked
    goods including cookies, pastries,
    and cakes.
    Barilla Wasa products are exported
    to over 100 countries around the
Defend market leadership position.
When it became clear that the existing sales
solution no longer met functional or technological
       Barilla Wasa conducted an intensive
        selection process for a replacement.
       Implement with mySAP CRM.

        for increase transparency and a more
        efficient account management, supported
        by central information management and
Strategic Goals:
 Defend market leadership position.
 Improve already excellent customer
  service by supporting the mobile sales
  force with central information
 Differentiate through individualized
  customer service fast, and flexible
  promotion management.

   Close integration with SAP
   Synchronizing CRM with data
   Promotion management
Processes and Scenarios Examined

   Account Management
   Promotion Management
   Sales Planning and Demand
Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits

   Sales Reps/Regional Account
   Key Account Management/Trade
     Controlling/Production and
      Demand Planning
Structured Data Entry for Better
Decision Making


  80% is unstructured
Structured Data Entry for Better
Decision Making
       The data recorded by each sales rep per
sales call is available in the form of analytical
customer reports. These reports provide a solid
basis for making decisions on issues such as
future customer development, territory and sales
area definition, and so forth.
   Reduced IT costs compared to legacy systems.
   Increased process efficiency in customer
    service, sales and demand planning, key
    account management, and sales force/regional
    sales manager processes.
   Better planning and the sale of promotional
    quantities of goods at strategically low prices
    can promote revenue growth.
The Four Steps to Success

1. A strategic approach

2. A process-oriented procedure

3. Sequentially run projects

4. Medium-term realization of potential benefits
   Reporting functionality and integrate mySAP™
    CRM and SAP Business Information Warehouse
    more closely with mySAP™ ERP.

   SAP Strategic Enterprise Management and its
    business planning and simulation capability.

   Additional functional enhancements may include
    the campaign management functionality within
    mySAP™ CRM, a solution that is already
    implemented at the Swedish organization.
  1.From this case study, Do you think there are any
    other processe or method to defend market
    leadership position, improve customer service for
    this company?
2.    If this company uses Geographic information
     systems or GIS, do you think what purposes this
     company use it for?

•     To define demand and supply in sales area.
•     To define sales area.
•     To fine the shortest and reliable route to mobile sales
     force and materials supply etc,.
3.    What businesse do you think that should implement
     their enterprise system same as Barilla Wasa?

•     Every businesses that have to make a deal to customer
     and don’t have any Customer relationship management
     system yet.

•    Every businesses that have to handle a lot of unstructured
     data and document ,and can not use them effective
     enough to run any business’s process in the firm.
Customer Details   Sales Representative
                   (Mobile Sales Force)

                                             Account Mgt   Promotion Mgt Sales and Demand Planning

 Central Information

                                          SAP™ BI          mySAP™ CRM      mySAP™ ERP

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