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									Omega Moonphase Omega has been internationally known to put together the best and appropriate features to come up with classy multi-functional timepieces. The Omega Moonphase is one of those unique timepieces that exude both style and functionality. Later models have a manual winding chronograph that indicates the date as well as the actual moon phase. The first Omega Moonphase was created in 1985. The Omega Moonphase watch edition, then, is made from stainless steel and has functions that are controlled by push-pieces that are found on the upper left side of the case. In 1986, the Moonphase line was upgraded and built with titanium casing. Another edition was created in the same year but in titanium and gold casing with white dial. Nowadays, these initial three editions have been considered vintage because of the limited pieces released at that time. Later Omega Moonphase editions have been developed to be more stylish and eye-catching. Like any other Omega timepiece, Moonphase watches are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and have antireflective properties. Aside from its enhanced moon phase indicator, the variety in dial colors, black, white, and silver, gives the user the option the choose which suits him best. For some Omega Moonphase editions, the watch is embedded with gemstones such as diamond and sapphire crystals above the case. Omega Moonphase watches also come in stainless steel or leather straps and fixed with tachymeter bezel. These features make the Omega Moonphase a more distinct and distinguishing look. In 2009, Omega released their 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonphase watch in platinum. An 18K gold engraved caseback, as the seconds sub-dial, symbolize the successful 1969 moon landing mission. Omega Moonphase watches, due to its classic style and functionality has been used by astronauts in their space explorations and voyages. Some of the notable astronauts who have worn Omega watches are Neil Armstrong, Jim Irwin, and Ron Evans. My name is Syed Irfan and if you like the above article, please visit my website

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