Conflict of Interest Case Study

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					Conflict of Interest Case Study

You are the LFA in Ficticia. The MoH is the PR for GF grants. You have been
approached by a donor to submit a proposal to a) develop a MoH Procurement
Assessment Tool and b) to conduct PSM assessments in several provinces in the country,
including the preparation of an action plan to highlight specific areas where capacity
building support is required. The contract is potentially worth US$ 150,000. Health
product procurement and delivery comprises a large part of ongoing GF grant
implementation across the entire country and much of the LFA verification/assessment
work in the country focuses on PSM. The CCM’s Round 9 proposal which focuses on
increasing access to treatment and access to essential drugs in all key provinces of the
country has just been approved by the GF Board.

Does the LFA in Ficticia think there is a conflict?

LFA Response: No. There is no conflict of interest due to the following reasons:

      The project is being funded by another donor and not by GF funds.
      The assessments are to be performed at province level and not at the level of the
       Ministry of Health, i.e. the PR of GF grants in the country. There is no threat of
       self review by LFA.
      The assignment does not involve providing any technical assistance or
       implementation support to any of the GF grants. The assessment of the
       procurement competencies and capabilities of procurement at province level is
       complimentary to our work as LFA on the GF grants.
      The assessment work will inform our work as LFA, i.e. it will ultimately benefit
       the GF.
      Additionally, the team that would perform the consultancy is different from the
       LFA team.


Review the situation, including the LFA’s response to the GF and answer the following

   1. Do you agree with the response of the LFA, i.e. is there a conflict (including a
      potential conflict of interest)?

   2. Evaluate the LFA’s reasoning and state whether it sufficiently addresses the
      issues in the CoI situation.

   3. If any, what additional information would you ask from the LFA?

UNOPS SWA LFA Training                                                       13 October 2009