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                                                                                                      Scott’s away

                              A new £250,000 order to supply six engine platforms to Hong Kong

                              Aero Engine Services Ltd (HAESL) puts Bristol based Scott Aerospace
                              on the world map

                              With a long history of being      Scott may seem relatively small       HAESL, a company with expertise
                              at the forefront of aviation      with only 60 employees, but           in aero engine repair and overhaul.
                              technology, UK companies          it has some big name clients,
                                                                                                      “When we first met at the
                              are top competitors in every      including Airbus Industries,
                                                                                                      UK Trade & Investment event,
                              niche of the aircraft industry.   Rolls Royce and Wessex Water.
                                                                                                      HAESL expressed some interest
                              They offer expertise in a range   In 2006, the company was
                                                                                                      in our work,” says Ellis. “So, in
                              of areas from avionics to         exploring opportunities to take
                                                                                                      November 2007, we decided to
                              airframes, and all types of       its business overseas. So they
                                                                                                      take the next step and went on
                              components.                       attended an event sponsored
                                                                                                      a UK Trade & Investment market
                                                                by UK Trade & Investment,
                              One such company, Scott                                                 visit to Hong Kong and China to
                                                                designed to introduce overseas
                              Aerospace, has been designing                                           explore further areas where we
                                                                buyers to UK capability.
                              and manufacturing equipment                                             could work together.”
                              for the aerospace sector since    “We knew the importance of
                                                                                                      The visit was a great success.
                              1984. The company specialises     being able to understand the
                                                                                                      Ellis met many companies that
                              in ground support equipment,      growing South East Asia
                                                                                                      offered potential for business
                              namely systems that handle        aerospace sector,” says Paul
                                                                                                      and, working closely with the
                              and replenish aircraft while on   Ellis, Operations Development
                                                                                                      UK Trade & Investment team,
                              the ground.                       Manager at Scott Aerospace.
                                                                                                      follow-up meetings were set up
                                                                “It seemed obvious to us to utilise
                                                                                                      with HAESL in particular. A project
                                                                UK Trade & Investment as a way
                                                                                                      emerged that they could work
                                                                in, giving us a strong platform to
                                                                                                      together on, and Scott submitted
                                                                work from in the absence of any
                                                                                                      a bid in competition with
                                                                existing Hong Kong customers.”
                                                                                                      international, local and Chinese
                                                                                                      companies. Scott often provides
                                                                Making connections                    tooling solutions to original
                              Fast facts                        At the event, they met                equipment manufacturers in the
                                                                UK Trade & Investment’s               UK, but significantly, this was the
                              Company: Scott Aerospace          commercial officer from Hong          first opportunity they had to raise
                              Country:   UK                     Kong, who introduced them to          the company’s profile overseas.
                              Industry: Aerospace
                              Website:    “It seemed obvious to us to utilise
                                                                 UK Trade & Investment as a way in”
 Slow progress                           to reassure us that things were on
                                         track, was invaluable. Without it, we
                                                                                       Helping you to do
 Time passed with no news. Scott’s       would have had a hard time tying              business abroad
 contacted UK Trade & Investment’s       things up.”                                   Doing business in another
 commercial officer in Hong Kong and
                                                                                       country can be a challenge,
 she got as much information as she
 could from HAESL, given the fact
                                         Good news                                     so it's good to know that
                                         Finally, in January 2007, HAESL               UK Trade & Investment is
 that the competition was still going
                                         made its decision and Scott was               there to help you succeed.
 on. Whenever she had dealings with
 HAESL, she reminded them of Scott’s     awarded the contract, with actual             Through a range of unique
 proposal and sought updates on          delivery to Hong Kong taking place            services, including
 progress. She also communicated         in August that year. From Scott’s             participation at selected
 back to the UK company the reasons      side, the contract has given the              trade fairs, overseas
 why there was a delay and news of       company a newfound ability to                 missions and providing
 the progress being made.                understand airlines’ real tooling             bespoke market intelligence,
                                         requirements.                                 UK Trade & Investment can
 “The support and information that
                                         “The only way to truly understand a           help you crack foreign
 we got from UK Trade & Investment
                                         market is to be part of it,” says Ellis.      markets and quickly get to
 in Hong Kong was crucial to us,”
                                         “Now that we have a foot in the               grips with regulations and
 says Ellis. “Hong Kong is a long way
                                         door, we hope that this contract will         business practices overseas.
 from home, so to have someone on
 the ground there who was able to        lead to others like it in the region.”        Through our Passport to
 speak to HAESL on our behalf and                                                      Export programme we offer
                                                                                       new and inexperienced
“The support and information that we got
                                                                                       • free capability assessments
 from UK Trade & Investment in Hong Kong
                                                                                       • support in visiting
 was crucial to us”                                                                      potential markets
                                                                                       • mentoring from a local
                                                                                         export professional
                                                                                       • free action plans
                                                                                       • customised and subsidised
                                                                                       • ongoing support once
                                                                                         you're up and running

                                                                                       Get in touch
                                                                                       UK Trade & Investment is
                                                                                       the Government organisation
  The UK and Hong Kong                   As well as being a major market in
                                         its own right, Hong Kong serves as a          that helps UK based
  Hong Kong and the UK are close         trading gateway to mainland China.            companies succeed in
  trading partners. In 2006, the UK      It has a dynamic and accessible               international markets.
  exported £4.1 billion worth of goods   market, with no barriers to market            We assist overseas companies
  and services to Hong Kong, primarily   entry. It also offers a long                  to bring high quality
  made up of power-generating            established and diverse network of            investment to the UK’s
  machinery equipment, electrical        British businesses able to provide            vibrant economy.
  machinery, telecommunications and      support and services to new                   For further information,
  office equipment. As a result, the     businesses entering the region.               please visit:
  UK is ranked as Hong Kong’s                                                
  sixteenth largest trading partner.     For further information about
                                         business opportunities in Hong
                                         Kong, please go to

                                                                                    Please quote reference: 1234 when you call or email.

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