North Metropolitan Health Service                                                          Area Policy 014


This Policy shall apply to all Corporate Credit Card transactions processed under the auspices of
the North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS). Only those officers authorised to commit funds
for goods and services on behalf of the NMHS will be issued a Corporate Credit Card. These
goods and services must be purchased for NMHS business only, within the limits specified and
where stated, only for “allowable items of expenditure”. All expenditures must be in compliance
with the NMHS Area Policy No. 004 - Financial Authorisations.



1.1         While the card will be issued in your name, the card is a “Corporate” Credit Card and all
            transactions made with it are the liability of the NMHS. The use of the card will in no way
            affect your personal credit rating.

1.2         The card is issued to you on trust that it will be used only for official purposes and that
            you will take due care of it. Any misuse of the Card will result in strict punitive action.

1.3         You will be required to sign an Agreement Form acknowledging the limitations imposed
            on the use of the card and your responsibilities for its care and proper use.

1.4         As well as the restrictions included in the Agreement to be signed by you the following
            specific conditions will apply:

            •     the cardholder must have a delegation under NMHS Financial Authorisation Policy.
                  Goods or services can only be purchased to the value of that financial delegation;

           •     the card is not to be used to draw cash;

           •     the card is not to be used to obtain fuel where the vehicle’s fuel card can be used;

           •     the card must only be used for expenditure directly associated with the operations of
                 the NMHS.

1.5         It will be necessary for you, as the cardholder, to ensure that a full and proper description
            of the goods/services is recorded on the sales docket when issued.

1.6         In the event of the card being lost or stolen, you will immediately advise - American
            Express on 1300 362 639 (follow the prompts) as well as the Financial Accountant,
            Financial Services, NMHS.

1.7         For general and statement enquires please contact the corporate credit card provider.

Version Date: May 2004                                                                               1 of 5
North Metropolitan Health Service                                                 Area Policy 014

1.8       The card is to be returned to the Financial Accountant, Financial Services if you resign or
          are transferred to a new position unless, in the latter circumstances, it is agreed that the
          card is to be retained while in that new position (within the NMHS). In this event, some
          variations to the limits imposed on the use of the card may be necessary.


2.1       The cardholder is to present the card at the time of purchase and ensure that the
          following information is placed on the receiving docket:

          •     A brief description of the goods - eg - Stationery not ‘various’ or ‘goods’;

          •     Name of Supplier/Merchant is legibly quoted on the docket;

          •     The exact value of the transaction is clearly shown;

          •    Any cash register docket received is to be attached to the Credit Card Receiving
               Docket; and

          •     The cardholder signs the docket at the time of purchase.

2.2       Cardholder’s are to forward their Credit Card Receipts (together with the Corporate
          Credit Card transaction statement) with verification of purchases made and identification
          of cost centre and expenditure account numbers and forward to the NMHS Accounts
          Payable Section, within five (5) working days of receipt of their statement.

          Where credit card receipts are unavailable due to goods being purchased via
          telephone/mail the cardholder must provide details of purchased goods on the Corporate
          Credit Card transactions statement with estimation of cost, if actual unknown.


          The cardholder, is responsible for authorising the monthly statement relevant to their
          card. Any disputed charges are the responsibility of the cardholder to resolve.


4.1       As part of procedures associated with an officer leaving the NMHS, all Corporate Credit
          Card holders are required to return their credit cards to the Financial Accountant,
          Financial Services for cancellation purposes.

4.2       Formal advice to cancel an issued NMHS Corporate Credit Card should be submitted to
          the Financial Accountant, Financial Services. The advice should be accompanied, by the
          card itself.

4.3       The Financial Accountant, Financial Services will arrange to notify the corporate credit
          card provider of the cancellation and will amend the Corporate Credit Card Register.

Version date: May 2004                                                                              2 of 5
North Metropolitan Health Service                                           Area Policy 014

4         Corporate Credit Card Forms

          Refer attached:           Application for Corporate Credit Card

          Refer attached:           Corporate Credit Card Agreement

          Authorised by:            Area Chief Executive
          Sponsor:                  Area Director, Finance & Information Services
          Original Issued:          May 2004
          Last reviewed:

Version date: May 2004                                                                        3 of 5
North Metropolitan Health Service                                                     Area Policy 014

                                    NORTH METROPOLITAN HEALTH SERVICE


Employee Details - please print all information and complete all sections

Cardholder (full name)____________________________________Signature: _______________________________

Position: _______________________________________________Contact phone number: ____________________

Department/Division:_____________________________________Years of Service:__________________________

Have you ever held an American Express Card before: YES/NO

Card number (if applicable): ________________________________________________________________________

Home Address: __________________________________________________________________________________


A Credit Card is required because: (state briefly _______________________________________________________



Monthly limit (please tick)

    $5,000                   Standard

                             Directors or authorised personnel only

Cost Centre to be charged:___________________________ Cost Centre Title:          ____________________________

APPROVALS REQUIRED (please print all information and complete all sections)

I the undersigned agree and approve this application for a Corporate Credit Card.

Name/Title of Division Head: _____________________________________________________________

Signature of Division Head_________________________________________ Date________________________________

AREA CHIEF EXECUTIVE:                    YES/NO               DATE: _________________________________

PLEASE RETURN COMPLETED FORM TO:                                 Financial Accountant
                                                                 Financial Services
                                                                 1st Floor A Block
                                                                 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
                                                                 North Metropolitan Health Service


Application Processed by: _______________________________________________________________

Date ______________________________                     Signed: _______________________________________

Version date: May 2004                                                                                   4 of 5
North Metropolitan Health Service                                                              Area Policy 014

                                    NORTH METROPOLITAN HEALTH SERVICE

                          CORPORATE CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT

 I ___________________________________________________________________________________________
                                           (Full Name)

of _____________________________________________________________________________________________

A Corporate Credit Card will be issued to you on the express conditions that you will, at all times take due care of the
card and abide by the following terms and conditions for the use of the Corporate Credit Card which has been issued
in your name.


1.   Strict care over custody and use of the Credit Card will be taken at all times.

2.   The Credit Card will be used for official purposes ONLY.

3.   Any wilful misuse of the card will result in charges under Division 10 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act
     1985 and under either the Public Sector Management Act 1994 or the Criminal Code Act Compilation 1913 or by
     action under all Acts.

4.   Loss or theft of the Credit Card will be reported immediately to the Credit Organisation and the Financial
     Accountant – Financial Services, North Metropolitan Health Service.

5.   The Credit Card can only be used to the authorised limit of the card per billing period     $

6.   Each transaction negotiated with the Credit Card will not exceed $1000 except for travel and accommodation.

7.   The range of goods and services which can be purchased are for North Metropolitan Health Services purposes

8.   The Credit Card cannot be used to:

          •    withdraw cash;
          •    purchase fuel, where a vehicle fuel card can be used; to purchase assets (unless specifically authorised
               to do so); or
          •    purchase capital expenditure items;

9.   All other Policies, Instructions and Procedures applicable to the North Metropolitan Health Service officers will be
     adhered to at all times.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the conditions set out above which govern the issue of a Corporate
Card in my name and I am in receipt of a copy of the “Guidelines for Holders of a North Metropolitan Health Service
Corporate Credit Card”.

Signature of Cardholder                                                                 Date


 Card Number: __________________________________ Actioned By : ________________________________________
 Card Issued Date: ______________________________
                                                              Actioned By: _______________________________________________
 Card Valid to: __________________________________                                      Signature

                                                              Date: ______________________________________________________

Version date: May 2004                                                                                                5 of 5

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