Policy of District Credit Card Use by crunchy


                             PORT EDWARDS PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                     Board of Education Policy

                                        DISTRICT CREDIT CARD

The School Board authorizes the use of the District's credit card by members of the Board of Education,
District Administrator, Principal or designee. Requests for such use shall be made in accordance with
established procedures.

Purchases with this card may include, but are not limited to:

         1.   Lodging
         2.   Meals
         3.   Transportation expenses
         4.   Registration and materials
         5.   Computer services
         6.   Classroom supplies in the event a vendor does not accept institutional purchase orders

Credit card receipts shall be submitted to the Business Director. The Business Director shall make
payments in a timely fashion so as not to incur interest charges.

LEGAL REF.:                111.321 & 111.322 of Wisconsin Statutes
                           PI 9.03(1) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code

Adopted:          05/11/92
Revised:          04/08/96, 05/15/03, 10/11/05

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