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					Protocol 5 (Primary) Managed Move To Avoid Permanent Exclusion (January 2006).

Please note that this protocol is intended to support pupils that are at risk of permanent exclusion. It is not intended as a guide for pupils that are subject to Managed Moves for other reasons for example attendance or child protection issues. 1. Decision: Head Teacher of ‘home school decides in consultation with appropriate staff that a pupil is suitable for a managed move 2. Criteria:

The pupil is:     At clear risk of permanent exclusion. Would benefit from a fresh start. Pupil previously highlighted to Exclusion Officer as being at risk of permanent exclusion School can demonstrate that pupil at School Action Plus and that a range of strategies have been tried which involve outside agencies for example; EWO/EP/Social Services/PSP-LEA attended/Primary Behaviour Support Team etc

Notes: A Head Teacher may consider that a managed move is appropriate where a pupil has been involved in a serious ‘one off’ incident and whose rec ord of behaviour previously would not have met the above criteria. In such cases the Head Teacher is advised to consult with the LEA Exclusion and Reintegration Officer (465731) as in such instances the pupil involved may not need the level of support from the Primary Behaviour Support Team (PBST) that others who have persistent behavioural challenges will need in achieving a successful move. The level of support will be agreed through consultation with the Exclusion and Reintegration Officer and Teacher in Charge of the Primary Behaviour Support Team. There are instances that have come to light where a pupil has moved in to Swindon and upon arrival in a school it has been discovered that there are significant concerns regarding behaviour. Should this be the case and it is established that the pupil has been the subject to a permanent exclusion within the last calendar year or that the pupil has been educated in alternative provision prior to coming to Swindon (written evidence should be obtained) then urgent consultation should take place with the Exclusion and

Reintegration Officer who will be able to initiate support as if a managed move was taking place. 3. Vulnerable groups: If a pupil has a Statement of Special Educational Needs then the initial discussions must involve the SEN case holder and the statutory process taken into account. It is important to note that should a managed move be considered for a pupil with a statement then the home school should have full discussion with the family/carers and written consent should be obtained from parent/carer that a managed move can take place in order to clarify the process and provide a clear record for any future reference. If a pupil is a Looked After Child (LAC) the initial discussion should include the LAC Coordinator/Social Services prior to any decision being made. 4. Process: a) Head teacher agrees that pupil needs a managed move in consultation with the Exclusion and Reintegration Officer who in turn will liaise with the Teacher in Charge of the Primary Behaviour Support Team to confirm timeline/availability. b) Head Teacher or Senior Staff Member on Head Teachers behalf of home school has discussion with: Family/Pupil: To gain agreement for the managed move, explain the process including the support that will be offered and also to clarify practical issues such as support for transport (please see below). A key outcome of the discussion would be to agree with parent/carer a possible receiving school. Appropriate Senior School staff: To advise that the process is underway. Chair of Governors Discipline Committee: For information purposes and records as necessary. Other agencies involved with pupil: To update the position as necessary. This is particularly important for any agency that has a current role in supporting the pupil/family. c) Head Teacher of home school makes direct contact with the Head Teacher of the nominated receiving school in order to gain agreement in principle for the proposed move. Other issues that may need to be highlighted are:   Individual support for the pupil and transfer of any existing additional resource. Involvement of the pupil in any additional educational provision for example, PRU class/PBST.


If the proposed receiving school considers that a bid to SENRAP for time limited additional funding to support the transition is needed then it is they who must prepare the bid in accordance with established criteria and in consultation with the home school for background information including Individual Education Plan/Individual Behaviour Plan.

d) Head Teacher of home school at this point should inform the LEA Exclusion and Reintegration Officer that the managed move is agreed in principle. The Exclusion and Reintegration Officer will:   Inform the Teacher in Charge of the Primary Behaviour Support Team of the managed move. Liaise with the Teacher in Charge of the Primary Behaviour Support Team and provide for the home school availability dates for both the Exclusion and Reintegration Officer and the Teacher in Charge of the Primary Behaviour Support Team to attend the meeting below. Advise the home school of any perceived delay in the managed move process that may be due to capacity issues within the Primary Behaviour Support Team, (see above at 4a)


e) The home school should convene a meeting inviting representatives from both of the schools, LEA Exclusion Officer, Primary Behaviour Support Team parents, pupil and any other agencies involved. Please see attached at Appendix 1 a model agenda for the meeting and a copy of a Managed Move Support Plan that can be used to structure discussion. This will provide key information for the receiving school that will enable appropriate targeted support during the period of the managed move. Headings include:           Timeline of process. Reason/s for the managed move. Strategies/actions used to date. Current curriculum (outline strengths and any major concerns in particular subjects) Academic record Stage on code of practice Unidentified special educational needs Attendance and exclusion Primary Outreach Team Other agency involvement

         

Parental views/concerns Pupil views/concerns Pupil targets School Commitment Parental Commitment Pupil Commitment Rewards/sanctions – school Rewards/sanctions – home Transport Reviews/ongoing liaison

f) Managed Move proceeds and is monitored by receiving school who continue with internal support programme as appropriate. g) The Exclusion and Reintegration Officer and Teacher in Charge of the Primary Behaviour Support Team will attend the six weekly review meeting held by the receiving school. h) The receiving school is responsible for informing the LEA Admissions Manager and the Exclusion Officer when the pupil is taken on the schools roll. i) Pupil entered on LEA Register as Managed Move on behavioural grounds. 5. Transport: It is not envisaged that a Managed move in the Primary sector would necessitate any provision transport due to the proximity of schools.

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