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					CASE STUDY Volkswagen AG

GOAL                                                     SOLUTION                                                     RESULTS
Volkswagen (VW) AG is a leading producer of              VW leveraged AdMob’s significant reach                       VW and their agency Beyond Interactive
vehicles in Europe with production sites                 and geo-targeting capabilities in order to                   achieved their goal of reaching tech savvy
worldwide. Recognizing the potential of                  focus this campaign specifically to                          consumers in Germany to drive interest in the
advertising on mobile, VW partnered with                 consumers in Germany across a range of                       Volkswagen Golf. They found AdMob to be
their agency Beyond Interactive and AdMob                premium mobile sites and applications.                       both a cost effective and high performance
to drive increased brand awareness of the                With the objective of accessing a high net                   channel in which to engage with their key
new Volkswagen Golf.                                     worth demographic and tech savvy                             audience of consumers. AdMob delivered:
                                                         audience, VW ran ads across AdMob’s
The objectives of VW’s campaign were to                  network focused on Blackberry and iPhone                     •     Click-through-rates of 1.7% on average
engage with a high value, tech savvy German              users.
audience in order to drive traffic to their                                                                           •     More than 25,000 visits to their mobile
mobile site where users can download a                   AdMob’s rich media and highly engaging                             site.
video, screensaver or other information about            ads enabled VW to connect users directly
the new Golf.                                            to their mobile site. Once on the site, they                 Overall VW was very pleased with the brand
                                                         could learn more about the new                               visibility and performance achieved through
                                                         Volkswagen Golf or even download related                     advertising on mobile with AdMob.
                                                         content such as screensavers.

                                                         AdMob’s team of mobile experts helped
                                                         VW every step of the way, from setting up
                                                         the campaign, optimising to ensure
                                                         objectives were met, and reporting

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