Corporate Credit Card Approval by crunchy


									                                 Credit Card Approval

1. Complete the form and forward to Lee Gierczak in the Controller’s Office at 1101 E. 33rd St.,
    Suite E001 Baltimore, MD 21218. Lee will coordinate the review by the President of the
2. If approved, a credit card application form will be sent to the requesting employee.
3. Complete the credit card application and submit it to Lee.

Please note that all corporate credit cards are personal liability cards. The employee is
personally responsible for all charges on the card and must submit the expenses for
reimbursement following the standard process as documented in FIN022.

Reason for credit card:
         Corporate Officer/Senior Manager
         Frequent travel
         HR Career Specialist

Explanation of need and expected monthly charges (required):

Requesting Employee (print name)             Signature                                      Date

If applicable, affiliate CEO (print name)    Signature                                      Date

President JHHS                                      Date

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