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ITEMS RAISED IN OPEN FORUM ON 22 NOVEMBER 2004. Issue 1 A resident again highlighted the poor condition of Victoria footbridge and asked was there any progress.  The resident was informed that ownership of the footbridge was not established but some updating may be provided as part of the School Street – Neighbourhood Road Safety initiative. A resident reported traffic congestion problems outside Anodising and Platings Limited on Holland Street. Staff and visitors are parking their cars on residential streets (Holland Street, Park Street and Hoyles Court) and preventing delivery vehicles from gaining access. This has resulted in lorries unloading in the street and damaging properties and street furniture in the process.  There was a site visit in October and there did not seem to be a problem.  It was agreed at the area board that a second visit would be organised for mid-afternoon.  A site visit was held on Monday 6th Dec 2004 with the resident. Various issues were discuss. The details of the complaint have been passed the Principal Engineer, Traffic Network for further investigation. Update will be provided at future meeting.   4 A resident asked was there any progress on the request for a pedestrian crossing on Ringley Road West near the “Hare and Hounds” pub. Still under investigation.



Litter and rubbish problems on Dumers Lane Estate.  Steve Morris, Head of Waste Management agreed that the Street Care Team would patrol on regular basis. A resident requested a “No Balls Game” sign on the spare land on Seddon Avenue  Community Housing Officer informed of request. The issues relating to illegal driving of motorbikes on Osbourne W alk were highlighted again.  Councillor Campbell informed the area board that Osbourne Walk could not be discuss until the legal process was complete  The area board was informed that if the claim goes through, then barriers would be Page 1




introduced to prevent motorbike use. However if not, the responsibility would be that of the residents. Highway Network Services have no further comments on this until the legal process has been completed.


Vehicles in the Abden Street/Lord Street area continue to drive the wrong way down one way streets and overshoot junctions  This issue will be addressed within the School Street, Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative. Report on the School Street Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative being presented to this meeting. A resident requested that further remedial measures be introduced at the junction of Bradley Fold Road/Bolton Road due to a serious accident occurring in October and some near misses seen.  A Local Safety scheme had not long since been introduced and that the records have shown that the accidents have reduced since the scheme was implemented. The scheme will be monitored for a period of three years. It is not the intention to undertake any further measures at this junction within the near future. Those areas with higher concentrations of personal injury accidents have to take priority. The area board was informed that visibility from a street light in the vicinity of number 6-8 Moorside Avenue was becoming increasing difficult due to an overgrown tree within its immediate vicinity. It was requested that the tree be cut back.  Trees and Woodland officer has been informed of the request. A resident informed the area board that illegal parking was occurring in Ainsworth Village particularly on Church Street and during the evening period.  The area board was informed that NCP were aware of the problem and that Ainsworth was on their high priority list. However, the board was also informed that the comments of the resident would again be passed onto NCP.  NCP are aware of the problem. This site has been added to the “Hotspot” list A resident requested that NCP target Spring Lane as a lot of illegal parking is witnessed.  NCP have been made aware of the problem and this area has been added to the “Hotspot “ list Spring Lane. Resident requested that the litter at the joint access road with the Swan and Railway pub near Pine Street be cleaned up.  Steve Morris, Head of Waste Management informed the area board that he would send an officer to investigate the following day. A resident informed the area board that the grassed area at the end of Homer Street was becoming a tipping ground and asked if the area could be made up.  The resident was informed that the location in question was privately owned. However, Steve Morris, Head of Waste Management informed the Area board that he would get the rubbish removed. A resident made a complaint about the amount of rubbish on ASDS car park and that the recycling centre was a mess.  Steve Morris, Head of Waste Management to investigate








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A resident informed the area board that rats were seen on the embankment in the vicinity of the train station near Church Street.  Public Health have been informed. A request was made for speed restriction signs to be introduced on the Chapeltown Estate  The request is on the waiting list for temporary signing to be installed. A resident reported that a grid on Forth Road in the vicinity of No 7 had sunk. Highway Network Services were requested to investigate.  This has been passed to the area inspector. A resident of Forth Road informed the area board that he was experiencing difficult with drivers blocking his drive during school drop off and pick up times. He requested that H Bar marking be introduced outside his driveway and that NCP take action against illegal parking.  The site was visited one afternoon and yes parents were parking very close to the school however the problem only occurred for that half hour while children were being picked up. H BAR markings will only be considered in circumstances where the obstruction occurs throughout the day such as near shops and businesses rather than outside schools where there is only a problem for a short period of time. A resident requested that the “No Entry” sign to the car park on Blackburn Street be enlarged such that it is visible.  Engineers have been out and investigated the car park in the vicinity of number 115 Blackburn Street. There is no “No Entry” sign at this location and this is intentional due to the proximity of the automatic traffic light and the possibility of problems with vehicles waiting to turn right into the car park. Drivers are discouraged from entering the car park on this side. There is a height restriction sign with a “No Exit” sign on the reverse such that drivers do not exit onto Blackburn Street at this location. The geometry of the entrance has also been designed to discourage vehicle entry.





ITEMS RAISED DURING BOROUGH ENGINEER’S PROGRESS REPORT ISSUE 1 School Street, Radcliffe – Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative. The area board was informed that formal advertisement of the scheme was taking placed at the moment and that an advert was placed in The Radcliffe Times on 18 th November 2004 for a period of three weeks. They were also informed that any objections should be returned to the council solicitor within the three week period. Safety Cameras- Improving Road Safety  Report being presented to this area board. Harper Fold Road (Phase 2)- Proposed Environmental Traffic Calming Scheme.  The area board was informed that a meeting had taken place between Councillor Isherwood, the residents of No 91 Harper Fold Road and Mrs Parsons to discuss an alternative position for the proposed buildout. The area board was also informed that once the design was finalised a consultation would take place with those within the immediate vicinity and that the results would be reported back to a future area board.  Consultation to take place early January 2005 with the intention to present the results to the February area board.


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John Slater, Area Coordinator. Chris Shillitto, Area Democratic Services Officer DEC 2004

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