Credit Card Processing by crunchy


									                                                         Credit Card Processing
                                                            Reduce Manual Processing Costs
                                                            Automates the verification and authorization of payments made by credit or debit card.

              Integrity   .   Innovation   .   Impact

      The last decade has seen ever-increasing use of    J&B Software’s                                        Why J&B Software?
      credit/debit cards as the bill paying method of    Credit Card Solution                                  J&B Software revolutionized the image-based
      choice for consumers. Many bills now include
                                                         The Credit Card system from J&B Software              payment processing industry. Today we provide
      an area where customers can fill in a credit card
                                                         automates the processing of payments made by          market-leading automated payments and trans-
      number and other information that is relevant
                                                         credit and/or debit cards. It is used for transac-    action processing and management systems
      to payment processing. In addition, many billers
                                                         tions in which the customer has either supplied       to over 165 industry-leading companies and
      enable customers to phone in payments or pay
                                                         credit card information prior to billing or returns   government agencies. Our industry expertise
      over the Internet.
                                                         the voucher complete with credit card informa-        and experience working with the leading finan-
      These alternate methods of payment typically       tion instead of a check. In either instance, the      cial, commercial, and public sector companies
      require extensive manual processing. Customer      voucher is then run through an industry-stan-         provides the flexibility to accommodate ARC,
      service representatives must validate the credit   dard document processor the same way as in a          Check 21, BOC, WEB/TEL, image exchange and
      card numbers, post payments and handle             normal remittance transaction.                        paper processing or a mixture of all clearing
      exceptions. In addition, customers must be                                                               channels with a single solution.
                                                         Verification and processing of payments using
      informed about payments that could not be
                                                         credit and/or debit cards is fully integrated into    With more than 25 years of experience, J&B
      processed due to incorrect information, expired
                                                         the J&B’s Transaction Management System               Software and its 400 employees are commit-
      cards, verification failures or other reasons.
                                                         (TMS) workflow. After images are captured and          ted to improving our customers’ operational
                                                         the scan- line data is read, information requiring    effectiveness and profitability. We welcome
                                                         verification can be entered manually from the          the opportunity to talk with you to begin
                                                         image by data entry operators or optionally           planning an electronic check strategy that
                                                         using ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)         meets your specific requirements. For more
                                                         technology, which automatically reads hand or         information, visit the company Web site at
                                                         machine printed information. This data is used
                                                         to electronically verify and validate the charge.
                                                         Payments rejected by the verification process
                                                         are corrected with image assistance, reviewed
                                                         and re-sent for verification. Items that fail the
                                                         second verification pass are marked as declined
                                                         in the database. Notices can be automatically
                                                         printed, e-mailed or faxed for such payments.

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