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									                         Strategic Plan 2004 - 2007

                                  20 Challis Street Dickson ACT 2602
                                      PO Box 873 Dickson ACT 2602
                                       Telephone: +61 2 6257 7960
                                       Facsimile: +61 2 6257 7955
                                                   ARBN 061 504 407
                                                                                                       Strategic Plan 2004 – 2007
                                                                              Strategic Priorities for Key Result Areas
1. The Council’s role -                                                                         The ANMC’s Key Result Areas -
 Mission      The AMNC safeguards the interests of` the
 community by promoting high standards of nursing and                                           To achieve its mission the ANMC
 midwifery practice through -                                                                   aims for results in these business
 • Development and maintenance of competency standards
 • Policy development and advice
 • International collaboration, influence and support
 • The collective voice of nursing and midwifery regulatory
                                                                                                           Standards &
2. What the Council aims to achieve -                                                                      Assessment
  Vision       Consistent high quality nursing and midwifery
  practice, which meets and responds to the needs of the
  Australian community and is recognised internationally
  for its high standards and professionalism

3. The Council’s work is guided by -                                                                      Leadership &
                      • Quality          • Standards
  Values              • Unity            • Diversity
                      • Accountability   • Transparency
                      • Integrity        • Respect

                  • Commitment to quality health care and safe nursing and midwifery practice
  Business        • Accountability to the community through nursing and midwifery regulatory
  Principles         authorities
                  • Leadership in health and professional regulatory environments                        Performance &
                  • Constructive collaboration with stakeholders in areas of mutual interest
                  • Integrity in all business practices                                                    Capability
                  • Social and environmental responsibility
                  • Evidence-based decision making
                  • Outcome-focused business performance
                  • Continuous enhancement of business capability
                                                                   Strategic Plan 2004 – 2007
                                       Strategic Priorities for Key Result Areas
ANMC Key Result                    Strategic Goals 2004 - 2007

                        • Consistent policies for the recognition of overseas-qualified nurses and midwives
    Standards &         • Development of standards for the scope of nursing and midwifery practice
    Assessment            defined for Australia
                        • Competency standards and codes of practice developed for nursing and
                        • Development of national standards for the accreditation of courses at the
                          Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authority level leading to registration,
                          enrolment, or authorisation to practice.

    Leadership &        • Progress of nursing and midwifery regulatory issues with local, state and federal
                          governments, and national and international bodies
      Influence         • Authoritative analysis and position statements on issues of national significance
                        • Enhanced relationships with existing stakeholders and establishment of new
                          relationships of strategic importance to the ANMC
                        • Further acknowledgement of the ANMC as the national peak body representing the
                          collective interests of nursing and midwifery regulatory authorities

   Performance &        •   Sustainable achievement of the ANMC’s business goals
                        •   Value added to the work of the nursing regulatory authorities
     Capability         •   Satisfaction with the quality and value of the ANMC’s products and services
                        •   Increased recognition of the ANMC’s contribution throughout its sphere of activity
                        •   Adoption of leading contemporary practices for governance and management
                        •   A profile of skills and resources consistent with the ANMC’s strategic goals

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