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					Springfield Parish Council
Minutes of the Springfield Parish Centre Committee on Tuesday 29 th May 07 held at the Springfield Parish Centre, St Augustine’s Way Springfield at 7.30 p.m.
Present: In attendance: Cllr, Ms S Sullivan (Chairman), Mrs P Lane, Mrs J Hall & Cllr Mr J Thompson John Puczkowski – Community Development Manager Jackie Russell – Parish Centre Administrator Jenny Powell – Stage Right Penny Perry representing Tiddlywinks Pre-School Zoe Perry representing Tiddlywinks Pre-School


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were received from Cllrs Mr D. Everard and Mrs S Lagrue Farrant. DECLARATION OF INTEREST IN ITEMS ON THE AGENDA None declared. SIGNING OF THE MINUTES OF THE PARISH CENTRE MEETING – Tuesday 27th March 07 RESOLVED: that the minutes of the meeting be approved and signed as a correct record.




TIDDLYWINKS STORAGE FACILITY Tiddlywinks are currently using storage space allocated to the Springfield Parish Council Services Supervisor as there is no spare storage space at the Centre. Tiddlywinks had suggested that they purchase a low level green lockable freestanding store with a floor, which would be located in the Parish Centre grounds. Items of low value would be stored. RESOLVED: that Tiddlywinks purchase a low level green lockable store at their own risk. Tiddlywinks agreed to take responsibility for insurance.


STAR TALENTS 2007 Jenny Powell briefed the meeting on her background in working with young people in drama, dance and music. She currently runs the Stage Right youth theatre at the Civic Centre as well as running workshops. She is also involved in youth crime prevention meetings and was involved in Star Talents last year. She suggested that 16 to 18 year olds with technical experience in sound and lighting could assist with production of Star talents. She considered that it would work better to hold rehearsals within the schools rather than restricted time slots at the Parish Centre. Jenny Powell suggested that the events team comprise James Hearn as compere, Tony Myers as vocal coach and Miss Elena, a world class trapeze artiste.


RESOLVED: (a) that a working party for Star Talents is set up to include Cllrs Ms S Sullivan and Mrs P Lane. Cllrs D Everard and Mrs S Lagrue Farrant to be asked if they would like to be involved in the working party. (b) that the CDM will speak to potential sponsors within the next 2 weeks. (c) that the CDM will liaise with Jenny Powell to work out costings within the next 2 weeks. 6. BUDGET MONITORING Cllr. Ms S Sullivan asked the CDM whether a copy of the budget for the new financial year commencing 1 st April 2007 was available. This was circulated at the meeting. Councillors expressed concern at the variation between income and expenditure and requested that ways of closing this gap are reviewed. This would involve looking at the running costs of each room and whether the hire costs are in line with other halls, as well as promoting the Centre and drafting a wedding brochure. RESOLVED: that the CDM would work with the Parish Centre Administrator to review costings and look at ways of promoting the Centre. 7. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT REPORT The CDM reported that there had been no problems at the Centre since the appointment of a security guard. The CDM circulated a copy of this month’s ‘Park Life’ publication, which contained a full page article on ‘Kiss Karaoke’, which was promoted free of charge. 8. REPORT ON FUNDING FOR SOUND AND LIGHTING The funding application forms for sound and lighting have been submitted. We expec t to find out by August/September whether our application has been successful. A proposal for £10,000 was put forward on the basis of match funding. RESOLVED: that the CDM approach the Co-op to request funding towards the lighting. 9, PLANTING NEW FLOWERS AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO THE CENTRE Members noted that the landscaping maintenance budget for the financial year 07 to 08 had been set at £150 and we would be over budget if the proposal to plant flowers and put in a rockery went ahead. RESOLVED: (a) that the proposal to plant a colourful display of flowers at a cost of £100 twice a year was not agreed. (b) that the proposal to put in a rockery with alpine and ferns was not agreed. (c) that the CDM enquire whether the Springfield Parish Council handymen would be in a position to plant a display of flowers. (d) that the CDM enquire whether companies such as B&Q or Sainsbury’s would be prepared to sponsor a rockery if a plaque detailing their donation was placed within the rockery.



FURNITURE FOR MAIN FOYER Members discussed the benefits of aluminium chairs against the wood finish chairs with fabric covers and considered that the aluminium chairs would be more suitable. Although the wood finish chairs are of better quality, the fabric finish would make them less suitable to daily wear and tear and if any of the chairs needed replacing, the same fabric may not be available. The wood finish chairs would also use up over half of the furniture budget of £2,000. RESOLVED: that one set of Aluminium bistro chairs are purchased at a total cost of £267 plus VAT.


NEW FRIDGE FOR BAR AND CASH REGISTER Members agreed that a new fridge was crucial to the running of the bar. It was considered that more detailed information was needed in order to make a decision on the purchase of a new cash register for the bar. RESOLVED: (a) that a new fridge for the bar is purchased at a cost not exceeding £400 plus VAT. (b) that 3 quotations for cash registers are submitted with the next agenda to be considered at the meeting on Tuesday 31st July 2007.


INSTALLATION OF NEW ADT ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Members noted that a new ADT access control system is required as a matter of urgency as not all fobs are working and we are unable to receive further supplies of fobs. However, this would take up a substantial amount of the budget leaving insufficient funds for other eventualities. In addition, it was considered that the security system served not only hirers of the Centre, but also Parish Council staff. RESOLVED: that the matter would be referred to Finance & Policy Committee.


THE RESURFACING/POLISHING OF FLOORING IN THE BOWERS HALL Members considered the three quotations from flooring companies to repair the floor in the Bowers Hall. It was noted that it would be necessary to cancel regular bookings at short notice for a period of approx. 1 week, which would result in a loss of revenue of approx. £275. RESOLVED: (a) that the CDM speak to Gemini Flooring to ascertain whether they would be in a position to carry out the work week commencing 26th July. (b) that the CDM speak to St. Augustine’s Church, who have had work carried out by Gemini Flooring, to give us feedback on their experience with the flooring contractor. (c) that the CDM advise Councillor Ms S Sullivan of the outcome.


ESSEX SAVERS START UP AT THE CENTRE The proposal to start up an Essex Savers collection point at the Parish Centre was considered. Members discussed whether it would be feasible to accommodate the group free of charge and the implications of large financial transactions being handled at the Centre.

RESOLVED: that we advise Essex Savers that we are currently unable to accommodate them, but we would review their request in the future should the library go ahead. 15. NEW PREMISES LICENCE Councillors considered the recommendation for the new Premises Licence to be applied for in the name of the Parish Council. RESOLVED: that a new Premises Licence is applied for at an agreed cost of £190. 16. NEW SECURITY LOCK FOR MAIN ENTRANCE DOORS TO BUILDING Members considered the recommendation for an Adams rite access latch with push paddle. RESOLVED: that this item would be referred to Finance & Policy Committee, together with item 12. 17. NEW FLOOR CLEANING EQUIPMENT FOR CENTRE Members contemplated whether the floor in the Bowers Hall may be taking longer than expected to dry after being washed due to the porous condition of the floor. RESOLVED: (a) that we wait until the new floor is laid down to ascertain whether a Victor SD40 Scubber Dryer is an essential requirement. (b) that a DR86 steam machine is purchased at a cost of £255 plus VAT. 18. SERVICE CONTRACT FROM CHRISTY COOLING COMPANY The renewal of the maintenance contract from Christy Cooling Services was considered. RESOLVED: (a) that invoice number CCS/5112 in the sum of £937 plus VAT is paid. (b) that the quote of £896 plus VAT for carrying out changing bag filters to the fresh air unit on 4 visits per year is accepted. 19. ENTERTAINMENT FOR SPC SHOW ON SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST 2007 Councillors considered that the ‘Three to Swing’ band would be suitable entertainment for a Springfield Parish Centre function. RESOLVED: (a) that the CDM book ‘Three to Swing’ subject to at least two of the afternoon clubs putting in £100 each. (b) that tickets are sold at a price of £8.00 each, but members of afternoon clubs where £100 had been paid towards the cost of entertainment would be entitled to tickets at a concessionary price of £5.00. 20. INCREASE IN BAR FLOAT It was noted that an increase of £50 for the bar float had been made due to insufficient change in the float when a large function is taking place.



INCREASE IN THE AFTERNOON CLUB FEE FROM £5 TO £10 PER SESSION Given the number of people attending the afternoon clubs, members considered that an increase of £5 per session would be a feasible proposition. RESOLVED: that the CDM arrange a meeting with the SPC afternoons clubs to put forward a proposal to increase their fees from £5 to £10 per session.


CONFIRMATION OF TICKET PRICES FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY The CDM reported that a DJ has been booked for the New Year’s Eve party at a cost of £350. Posters to promote the New Year’s Eve party are being drafted and tickets will go on sale from September. RESOLVED: that individual tickets are priced at £6 and family ticket for 4 people is priced at £20.


PRINTING OF 1,000 FLYERS TO PROMOTE SPC KARAOKE EVENT The CDM considered that flyers given out at venues participating in the karaoke event would greatly promote the finals taking place at the Centre on 7 th July. RESOLVED: that 1,000 flyers are printed by ‘Design & Print’ at a cost of £125 plus VAT.


NO SMOKING POLICY FOR CENTRE Councillors noted the ‘No Smoking’ policy effective 1 st July 2007. MOBILE SKATEBOARD PARK Members agreed that a mobile skateboard park would be a worthwhile activity to hold in the Parish Centre car park. RESOLVED: (a) the Parish Centre Administrator check with Cllr D Lumley that suitable dates do not clash with any play scheme events which may take place during the summer holidays in Chelmer Village. (b) that once suitable dates have been ascertained, the Parish Centre Administrator liaise with Chelmsford Borough Council to book one session per week during the period from 30 th July to 31st August.


The meeting closed at 9.15 pm Chairman………………………………Date……………………………… Cllr Ms S Sullivan


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