Strategic Plan Summary 2009-2013 by lzn15439


									                                                      Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Cross
                                                       Strategic Plan Summary 2009-2013
                                                           What services shall we offer to which people, in which places,
                                                                          and in what order of priority?
                     Mission                                                                 Goals                                 Measures
At Evangelical Lutheran Church of the                                 A culture of trust, respect and          Regular service attendance by membership is increased to
Cross, we are:                                                        affirmation is rebuilt                    185 people per Sunday, average
                                                                                                               Levels of satisfaction with church are increased
          gathered by God to worship and                                                                       Number of volunteers for activities within the ELCOC is
          grow                                                                                                  increased
          empowered by Spirit to love and                                                                      Financial support is restored
          care for each other, and                                                                             The Youth Group is thriving
          living Christ's love by witnessing                                                                   Members are comfortable in inviting others to ELCOC
          to all.
                                                                      The physical infrastructure is           Building expansion is complete or underway
                                                                      refurbished and expanded                 “Crisis” maintenance eliminated
                                                                                                               Major maintenance items are identified and funded
                                                                      All people and families are welcomed,      The numbers of new members and visitors are increased
To be a vibrant and growing                                           and our connection with each other         Sunday School attendance increased
congregation unified in sharing the love                              strengthened                               Youth Group is flourishing in quality and quantity
of Christ through words and actions.                                                                             Follow-up occurs with visitors and those who stop
                                                                                                                  attending or participating in the life of the church

                                                                                                               Lay ministers are active (Stephen Ministers, communion
                      Values                                          Specially educated and trained
                                                                      members minister to others and foster     distribution for shut-ins, or others)
                                                                      the gift of faith                        Multiple prayer groups are active
Members of ELCOC are people for                                                                                Facilitators host new and innovative studies or events
others. We value a Christ-centered,
biblically based doctrine that includes
active worship of a triune God, outreach                              A holistic understanding of personal     New and creative ways to worship are provided
to the community and beyond,                                          and corporate stewardship exists, and    Service participation is increased
stewardship through commitment,                                       members encourage each other to use      Benevolence payments are continued
Christian education for its members,                                  their spiritual and other gifts          Volunteers/resources are provided to community
caring for others, and providing a warm                                                                         organizations
welcome to all.                                                                                                Financial stewardship is increased
                                                                                                               Community groups or services (e.g. child care) are hosted
For more information contact the church office at 403.255.4792, or visit

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