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					                                                            PROJECT EXPERIENCE
                                                             Located less than twenty miles from
                     City of Lockport                        Niagara Falls, the City of Lockport
       Strategic Development & Marketing Plan                literally grew from the banks of that
                                                             engineering marvel, the Erie Canal,
                                                             becoming a center for commerce and
industry in the region. Over the last several decades, the City has changed dramatically with the
decline in manufacturing. Canal-related attractions, however, are beginning to draw visitors to
downtown Lockport, reinforcing the continuing role of the canal as a source of economic development
opportunity, particularly for the central business district.

In order to better define and package this opportunity into a comprehensive plan for downtown
redevelopment, the City of Lockport utilized the services of Camoin Associates and Wendel
Duchscherer Architects and Engineers. The basis of the team’s development and marketing plan was a
downtown market analysis, which included:

              Retail Market Analysis
              Creation of a Visitor Market Profile & Marketing Plan
              Visitor Surveying to Identify Market Characteristics
              Community Benchmarking & Best Practices Case Studying
              Facilitation of Public Information Meetings
              Facilitation of a Community Stakeholder Brainstorming Session
              Surveying of Local Businesses

The market findings and subsequent recommendations were included in a larger development strategy
that addressed downtown market positioning, as well as several action items designed to support the
recruitment of new, and the expansion of existing, businesses to the area. In addition, the final
strategy identified specific community branding and target marketing initiatives designed to increase
awareness of the City’s offerings.

                                                     Downtown strategy based upon market analysis. Pro-
                                                     vided a list of businesses likely to succeed. Offered
                                                     branding recommendations and advertising strategies
                                                     to attract targeted visitor segment.

                                                     City used the strategy to support a funding request to
                                                     the Governor’s Office for Small Cities for comprehen-
                                                     sive downtown revitalization initiatives, for which the
                                                     City was awarded $500,000.

                                                     Mr. Bill Evert
                                                     Community Development Director
                                                     (716) 439-6687