Tune List by dougchayka


									Gamble Plantation
Old Time Music Jam
Tune List

G TUNES Blackberry Blossom Colored Aristocracy Cumberland Gap Ebenezer Flop Eared Mule Golden Slippers * Girl I left behind me * John Henry Magpie Redwing * Salt Creek Sandy River Belle Sail Away Ladies * Turkey in the Straw *

A TUNES Bill Cheatum Georgia Railroad June Apple * Little Rabbit Old Joe Clark * Red Haired Boy * Sandy Boys Waterbound *

D TUNES Angeline the Baker * Arkansas Traveler * Ashoken Farewell * Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine 8th of January (B’s retreat) Forked Deer Julie Ann Johnson Johnny, don’t get drunk Liberty * Martha Campbell Mississippi Sawyer * Old Molly Hare Over the Waterfall * Petronella Ragtime Annie Soldier’s Joy * St Anne’s Reel * Susanna Gal * Whiskey Before Breakfast * Spotted Pony West Fork Gals Year of Jubilo

A MODAL Cluck Old Hen * Frosty Morning Groundhog Kitchen Girl Shady Grove * Top 20 tunes – Learn first.
July 2008

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