Copy of a Direct Deposit Advice by ggw17295


									Copy of a Direct Deposit Advice

                  DIRECT DEPOSIT EARNINGS RECORD                   ADVICE NO. 0000012
  EMPLOYEE NAME        EMP. NO.                                                     PERIOD          PERIOD      PAY DATE
                                                                                     BEGIN            END
  ALBERT EINSTEIN          44225                                                   07/29/2007      08/11/2007   08/17/2007
                                      TAX FILING STATUS
FEDERAL: Single               EXEMPT:                         STATE: Single                         EXEMPT:
                              ADDL $: 0.00                                                          ADDL $:
           HOURS AND EARNINGS                         EMPLOYEE DEDUCTIONS                          UMC PAID BENEFITS
DESC        HOURS RATE        CURRENT YTD            DESC         CURRENT           YTD              DESC       CURRENT
Shift 3       47.25 24.5640    1,160.64 12,082.98                 Tax Deductions                     Health         356.00
Wknd SH3      23.25 26.7000      620.78  9,207.27    FED WH              557.41         6,121.72     Med ER          44.80
Shift 2       24.00 23.4960      563.88  5,897.24    Med EE               44.80           545.93     MS Unemp         0.00
Overtime      22.25 24.5402      273.01  2,130.94    MS WH               121.00         1,381.00     PERS ER        369.37
Wknd h2        8.25 25.6320      211.47  4,401.51    Soc Sec             191.58         2,334.34     SS ER          191.58
Shift 1        7.00 21.3600      149.52  1,199.28                  PRETAX
Overtime       8.75 24.7794      108.41    108.41    Dental               27.16           217.28
Wknd Sh1       1.25 23.4960       29.37    549.30    PERS                225.99         2,745.43
Holiday        0.00  0.0000        0.00  1,515.34                 AFTER TAX
Personal       0.00  0.0000        0.00    746.65
Medical        0.00  0.0000        0.00     95.40
Bonus          0.00  0.0000        0.00     60.00

TOTALS 142.00           3,117.08 37,994.32 TOTALS       1,167.94                      13,345.70   TOTALS      961.75
    CURRENT/YTD RECAP                       LEAVE INFORMATION                                  ACH DISTRIBUTION
         TOTAL TAXES AND NET                                                           AC CO UNT
PERIOD   WAGES DEDUCTIONS PAY             DESC AVAILABLE BALANCE                       NUMBER               AMOUNT
CURRENT 3,117.08    1,167.94 1,949.14     Medical       283.7488                                   CHECKING 1,924.14
                                          Personal      381.5939                                   CR-UNION    25.00
YTD      37,994.32 13,345.70 24,648.62

 COMMENTS: United, Team Medical Center, 7,300 Strong

         A.     Go to the UMC Intranet Site
         B.     Scroll to “Hot Spots”
         C.     Select the “MyUMC” option
         D.     Enter your Novell user name and password (This is the same information you enter when you first
                turn your UMC computer on)
         E.     Select Employee Self Service from left side of screen
         F.     Under the “PAY” heading, select the Paystub eSignup option. The electronic direct deposit
                statement will appear. Once enrolled in the electronic process, faculty and staff will no longer
                receive paper copies distributed by their department. (If you wish to discontinue this service, you
                may do so by selecting this same option.)
         A.     Once enrolled, you will receive an e-mail on pay day. The e-mail will have a direct link to the
                location of your information. Click on the link.
         B.     Enter your Novell log in and password information.
         C.     Select Employee Self Service from left side of screen
         D.     Under the “PAY” heading, select “View most recent Direct Deposit Advice”. You do have the option
                to print this information.
                (Please review other options in this section for more information about your previous pay, W2’s and
                leave information.)

                            HOW TO READ YOUR DIRECT DEPOSIT ADVICE
This section lists the number of hours reported with current and year-to-date calculations per Pay Category.
The following are just a few examples of possible earnings categories for hourly employees:
Shift 1 =           hours paid at regular rate . In certain hospital areas, Shift 1 will be the 7A.M. to 3 P.M. shift
Shift 2 =           hours paid at 110% of regular rate. In certain hospital areas, Shift 2 will be the 3 P.M. to 11 P.M. shift
Shift 3 =           hours paid at 115% of regular rate. In certain hospital areas, Shift 3 will be the 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. shift
Wknd SH1 =          hours paid at 110% of regular rate. In certain hospital areas, WKnd SH1 is 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. for Sat and
Wknd SH2 =           hours paid at 120% of regular rate. In certain hospital areas, WKnd SH2 is 3 P.M. to 11 P.M. for Fri, Sat
                    & Sun
Wknd SH3 =          hours paid at 125% of regular rate. In certain hospital areas, WKnd SH3 is 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. for Fri., Sat.,
                    & Sun
Personal =          hours paid at regular rate for normally worked shift.
Medical =           hours paid at regular rate for normally worked shift.
GTL =               A taxable benefit resulting from the portion of your State life insurance that UMC pays. This amount is
                    calculated using the total amount of insurance and an IRS age table. You may be required to pay taxes on
                    this benefit. Therefore, although UMC pays this portion of the premium for you, it must be included in
                    your taxable wages so taxes will be calculated on the premium. This amount is included in your earnings
                    column, but since it is not a cash earning (only a taxable earning), it should not be included in your net pay.
The following is an example of possible earnings categories for salaried employees:
SAL =               Full time Salaried employees are paid 173.34 hours per month. If there is a Holiday, or the employee uses
                    Personal, Medical, Administrative, etc. time during this month, those hours are offset against the standard
                    monthly hours.
Personal            Hours paid at hourly rate. The purpose of the breakdown is to have the ability to track and monitor
                    exception time paid to salaried employees.
Medical             Same as Personal
Holiday             Same as Personal and Medical, etc.
                    If a salaried employee is paid for 8 hours of holiday pay during the month, the direct deposit statement, will
                    show 165.34 hours for Salary, and 8 hours for holiday. The total gross of those two items will equal the
                    regular monthly salary for that employee.
This section is divided into three categories, Tax Deductions, Pre-Tax Deductions and After Tax Deductions, listing the
current and year-to-date amounts per deduction.
Tax Deductions will include the Federal, State, Earned Income Tax Credit, Social Security and Medicare Taxes paid by the
Pre-Tax Deductions will include those deductions that are taken prior to the calculation of taxes. PERS (state retirement),
Dental, Health, Dependent Flex are just some examples of pre-tax deductions.
This section will list those amounts that UMC pays, which will include Health, Life, Social Security and Medicare Taxes,
Unemployment taxes, PERS (Employer portion of state retirement) and workers compensation. This is information only, and
has no effect on your net pay.
This section gives accumulated current and year-to-date totals of wages, deductions and net pay.
This sections lists the current balances for Medical and Personal Benefit Plans.
This information is available once an employee reaches 90 days of employment.
Bi-Weekly employees balances are actual through the current payroll being processed.
Monthly employees leave time taken is not posted until the following month. Example: Monthly employees time taken in
June is not posted until July payroll is processed.
UMC does not list account number information. If net pay is automatically deposited into multiple accounts, the amounts per
account are listed separately, but there will be no account number information.


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