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									                         Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 31 / Friday, February 14, 1997 / Notices                             6971

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:                    PLACE:  Board Room, Second Floor,           use the Port’s South Container Terminal
   OMB Number: 3060–0589.                     Federal Housing Finance Board, 1777 F       at discounted dockage and wharfage
   Title: Remittance Advice Form.             Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.       rates for a period of five years.
   Type of Review: Revision of currently      STATUS: The entire meeting will be open       Dated: February 11, 1997.
approved collection.                          to the public.                                By Order of the Federal Maritime
   Form Number: FCC Form 159/159–C.                                                       Commission.
   Respondents: Businesses or other for-      MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED DURING
                                                                                          Joseph C. Polking,
profit; individuals or households; small      PORTIONS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:
business or organizations.                      • Advances to Non-members—Final
   Number of Respondents: 213,500.                                                        [FR Doc. 97–3711 Filed 2–13–97; 8:45 am]
   Estimated time per response: 15                                                        BILLING CODE 6730–01–M
minutes                                       CONTACT PERSON FOR MORE INFORMATION:
   Total annual burden: 53,375 hours.         Elaine L. Baker, Secretary to the Board,
   Needs and Uses: Fees, Fines & Debts.       (202) 408–2837.                             Ocean Freight Forwarder License;
This form is the Commission’s                 Rita I. Fair,                               Revocations
remittance advice and is to accompany         Managing Director.
                                                                                             The Federal Maritime Commission
any payment submitted with it. The            [FR Doc. 97–3889 Filed 2–12–97; 11:30 am]   hereby gives notice that the following
purpose of the form is to provide the         BILLING CODE 6725–01–P                      freight forwarder licenses have been
identity of the payor, the amount being
                                                                                          revoked pursuant to section 19 of the
paid, and the reason the payment is
                                                                                          Shipping Act of 1984 (46 U.S.C. app.
being made.                                   FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION
   Specific identification of the payor,                                                  1718) and the regulations of the
such as call sign, or the bill that was                                                   Commission pertaining to the licensing
                                              Notice of Agreement(s) Filed                of ocean freight forwarders, effective on
rendered, such as invoice number, is
also required. This information                 The Commission hereby gives notice        the corresponding revocation dates
facilitates the efficient and accurate        of the filing of the following              shown below:
processing of the Commission’s                agreement(s) under the Shipping Act of         License Number: 3679.
collections by its designated entities,       1984.                                          Name: Alpha Cargo Services, Inc.
such as a lockbox bank. In Public Law           Interested parties can review or obtain      Address: c/o Sonya Salkin, Malnik &
104–134, Chapter 10, Section 31001,           copies of agreements at the Washington,     Salkin, 1776 North Pine Island Road,
signed April, 1966, the head of each          DC offices of the Commission, 800           Suite 216, Plantation, FL 33322.
Federal agency must require each              North Capitol Street, N.W., Room 962.          Date Revoked: December 19, 1996.
person doing business with that agency        Interested parties may submit comments         Reason: Failed to maintain a valid
to furnish to it such person’s taxpayer       on an agreement to the Secretary,           surety bond.
identifying number. Effective July, 1996      Federal Maritime Commission,                   License Number: 170.
the U.S. Treasury will ‘‘flag’’ (and notify   Washington, DC 20573, within 10 days           Name: Cavalier Shipping Co., Inc.
the Commission) and all payment               of the date this notice appears in the         Address: 5445 Henneman Drive, 100
requests to anyone doing business with        Federal Register.                           Trade Winds Center, Norfolk, VA 23513.
the U.S. Government, if their taxpayer          Agreement No.: 202–010982–021.               Date Revoked: January 15, 1997.
identifying number has not been                 Title: Florida-Bahamas Shipowners            Reason: Surrendered license
furnished. The information will be used       and Operators Association Agreement.        voluntarily.
by the FCC and the U.S. Treasury for            Parties:                                     License Number: 3893.
purposes of collecting and reporting on         Tropical Shipping & Construction Co.,        Name: Global Shipping and Trade
any delinquent amounts arising out of              Ltd.                                   Services, Inc.
such person’s relationship with the             Pioneer Shipping Ltd.                        Address: 2000 South Yale Street,
Government. For businesses, the                 SeaXpress, Inc.                           Santa Ana, CA 92704.
taxpayer identifying number is its              CS Med Shipping (Bahamas) Ltd.               Date Revoked: January 17, 1997.
Internal Revenue Service-issued                 Savoy Shipping Company                       Reason: Failed to maintain a valid
employer identification number. This            Crowley American Transport, Inc.          surety bond.
number is currently used by the FCC as          Arawak Bahamas Line, Ltd.                    License Number: 3800.
the business’ account number for                Kirk Line, A Division of Seaboard            Name: Hidalgo, Inc.
identification purposes only. Obtaining            Marine, Ltd.                              Address: 1427 Hudson Street, Kenner,
a social security number from an                                                          Louisiana 70062.
                                                Synopsis: The proposed Agreement             Date Revoked: December 18, 1996.
individual is a new requirement
                                              expands the geographic scope of the            Reason: Surrendered license
imposed on all Federal agencies.
                                              Agreement to include ports and points       voluntarily.
Federal Communications Commission.            in the Cayman Islands, and to substitute
William F. Caton,                             Seaboard Marine, Ltd., for Kirk Line, a        License Number: 2661.
Acting Secretary.                             Division of Seaboard Marine, Ltd., as a        Name: Interfreight Shipping Corp.
                                                                                             Address: c/o H and M Company, 700
[FR Doc. 97–3686 Filed 2–13–97; 8:45 am]      member of the Agreement.
                                                                                          Belville Turnpike, Carney, NJ 07032.
BILLING CODE 6712–01–P                          Agreement No.: 224–201017.                   Date Revoked: December 14, 1996.
                                                Title: Port of San Francisco/Maruba          Reason: Failed to maintain a valid
                                              S.C.A. Terminal Agreement.                  surety bond.
FEDERAL HOUSING FINANCE BOARD                   Parties:
                                                                                             License Number: 3450.
                                                San Francisco Port Commission                Name: Ki Suck Chae d/b/a Pioneer
Sunshine Act Meeting; Announcing an                (‘‘Port’’)
Open Meeting of the Board                                                                 Express Line.
                                                Maruba S.C.A. (‘‘Maruba’’)                   Address: 15111 South Figueroa Street,
TIME AND DATE: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday,           Synopsis: The proposed Agreement          Gardena, CA 90248.
February 19, 1997.                            gives Maruba the non-exclusive right to        Date Revoked: January 12, 1997.

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