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Pg. 2     March 2009                      Visit us at: www.evergreen
   Membership Awareness Month
The Federation of Calgary Communities would like to
announce that March is Membership Awareness Month. As
                                                               Your NEW Official Newsletter
proclaimed by Mayor Bronconnier March is the time of year
that Calgary celebrates the value of belonging to your         CECA Business
Community Association. Membership in your community            - CECA Board of Directors: Page 4
comes with many benefits like discounts on your home and       - Important Phone Numbers: Page 5
automobile insurance not too mention opportunities to          - CECA Membership Form: Page 6
meet your neighbours, participate in social programs and       - Editor’s Message: Page 8
make sure that your interests are represented on local and     Civic Chat
City-wide matters. Being part of your community is an          - Dave Rodney, MLA: Page 10
important step to improving neighbourhood life.                - Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart: Pages 12 & 13
                                                               - Bylaw Bulletin: Page 14
Also as part of March membership awareness month the
                                                               Community Corner
Federation of Calgary Communities has partnered with
                                                               - Saint Patrick’s Day Fun Page: Page 18
different organizations to offer discounts to Community
                                                               - Shawnessy Library: Page 20
Association members, including discounted Calgary
                                                               - The Friends of Fish Creek Park Society: Page 22
Roughneck tickets! For more information contact the
                                                               - A Pond For All Seasons: Pages 24 & 25
Federation of Calgary Communities at 403 244-4111 or go
                                                               - Burns and Scalds - Calgary EMS: Page 25
on-line .
                                                               - School Fund Raisers: Page 26
Remember, building a                                           Event Listings:
friendlier, safer Calgary                                      - Free Youth Programs: Page 27
begins in your own                                             - The Curtain Goes up on the 2009 Festival: Page 29
backyard. Turn to page                                                    Ads:
                                                               Classified Ads Page 30
6 to fill out the form,
                                                               Plus much, much more!!!
and mail it today!

  Pg. 3     March 2009                        The NEW Official Newsletter for Evergreen
Calgary Evergreen Community Association CECA
Executive & Board of Directors
     Have you bookmarked our community website:
     In case you have any questions, the following is a list of our current directors. If you prefer, please send a note to:
                                    Calgary Evergreen Community Association
                                                      P.O . Box 24007
                                                     Avenue           Calgary,
                                #100, 2250 162 A venue SW Calgary, AB T2Y 0J9

                                            Isn’t it time to get involved?
                  Join the board. Volunteer for an event. Purchase a membership. Sign up for a program.
                                         Support your newsletter and its advertisers.
                               Your community association meeting dates are as follows:
                   March 11, 2009 - April 8, 2009 - May 13, 2009. All times are 7pm - 9pm.
                         Meetings are held at Pizza Delight in Evergreen: 215, 2250 - 162 Avenue SW
                              Thank-you to Susan Hunt for letting us use this venue!
                  Please join us and make our community even stronger! (Come a bit early)
If you’d like to contact any of us or inquire about joining the board, the following are our directors and positions available.

President                                                   Chuck Arcand      
Past President                                              Attila Szabo
Vice President                                              Ike Uhuegbulem
Treasurer                                                   Jennifer Sarac    
Secretary                                                   Rachelle Jarman   

Catholic School Liaison                                     VA C A N T
Development Director (Home Occ’s, Permits, Easements)       Ike Uhuegbulem     
Development Director (Large Scale Development)              Matthew Horch 
Development Director (LUMAC Rep)                            Attila Szabo         
Director at Large                                           Riaz Siddiqui
Director at Large                                           Robert Fuller
Director at Large                                           Wajid Ali
FCC (Federation of Calgary Communities) Liaison             Chuck Arcand
Grant Application Director                                  VA C A N T
Membership Director                                         Joe Samson     
Newsletter Editor                                           Laurianne Schell
Newsletter Sales/Ad Inquiry                                 Jan Fedun                   
Parks & Recreation Director                                 Tony Cabral      
Policies & Procedures Director                              Yvette Gourdinne   
Public Relations Director                                   VA C A N T
Public School Liaison                                       VA C A N T
Senior Citizen’s Liaison                                    VA C A N T
Social Director(s)                                          VA C A N T
Sports Director                                             Chris McQuarrie      
Traffic Safety Director                                     Judy Hoeght          
Volunteer Coordinator                                       VA C A N T
Webmaster (Pictures, Links and Content)                     Laurianne Schell
Webmaster (Technical only)                                  Rick Schell

Did you know that Mind’s Design Studio gives each community it serves, 50% of the profit it receives from its advertisers
 each month?! Please show your support and utilize our advertisers services and let them know where you saw their ad.

    Pg. 4          March 2009                     Visit us at:
Evergreen Community Services                                                                            .
                                                                                                 Dr E.P Scarlett High ................................................403-777-7999
                                                                                                 Eugene Coste Elementary .......................................403-777-8510
Community Coordinators & Area Contacts                                                           École St. Gérard .......................................................403-252-5192
   Scouts - Edward Ostrowsk................................403-201-2492                          Escuela Canyon Meadows School ............................403-777-8600
   Liaison/Police Officer for Evergreen -                                                        Glenmore Christian Academy .................................403-254-9050
   Mike Petroschuk (450 Midpark Way)...................403-296-2580                              Harold Panabaker Junior High ................................403-777-7890
   Recreation Coordinator - Cathi Groves, BFA ..... 403-537-7592                                 Our Lady of Peace EL/JH .........................................403-254-5446
   Calgary Football Association - Art Marche............403-238-2443                             Ste-Catherine Elementary.......................................403-281-1202
   Girl Guides Calgary Area ......................................403-283-8348                   St. Jude Elementary...................................................403-281-0002
   South Fish Creek Rec. Complex - Les Turner.........403-201-8652                               St. Mary’s University College...................................403-531-9130
   South Fish Creek Basketball                                        St. Stephen EL/JH.................................................403-2521121
   South Diamond Softball - Lisa Martin ......................403-253-7440                       Sundance Elementary ..............................................403-777-8690
   Shaw-nee Soccer Club - Kevin Matieshin.................403-256-0939                           Trinity Christian School .............................................403-254-6682
   Shawnessy Public Library..........................................403-221-2072                Woodman Junior High...............................................403-777-7490
   Shawnessy YMCA......................................................403-256-5533           Political Representatives:
City of Calgary & Other Services:                                                                Alderman - Diane Colley-Urquart ..........................403-268-1624
   Alberta One Call (buried utility lines) .............1-800-424-3447                           MLA - Dave Rodney ..................................................403-238-1212
   Alberta Health Care ...................................................403-297-6411           MP - Stephen Harper ...............................................403-253-8203
   Animal - Injured & Stray pets....................................403-250-7722              IMPORTANT
                                                                                              IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS:
   Animal Contro................403-268-1160 after hours 403-268-1158                         Crime in Progress                                                                  911
   Bicycles (lost or stolen) ......................................................3-1-1      Injury Accident                                                                    911
   BusTeleride ............................................403-974-4000                       Life Threatening Incident                                                          911
   Bylaw Issues (noise, snow/ice etc.) ....................................3-1-1              Federal Government (All Departments) 1-800-0-Canada
   Calgary Parking Authority (handicapped parking stalls,                                     Health & Hospital:
   abandoned vehicles,etc.)............................................403-537-7001              Rockyview Hospital                                                     403-943-3000
   Calgary Teleride .........................................................403-974-4000        Children’s Hospital                                                    403-229-7211
   Enmax Electrical - T   rouble calls only .......................403-514-6100                  Calgary Health Link (24 hours)                                         403-943-5465
   Garbage Residentials (schedules, etc.) ..............................3-1-1                    South Calgary Health Centre                                            403-943-9500
   Garbage - Lanfill Site Information (24 hr) ..........................3-1-1                    24 Hour Poison Control                                                 403-944-1414
   Library - Shawnessy ..................................................403-221-2072         24 Hour Emergency Services                                                         911
   License - Dogs and Cats ......................................................3-1-1        Natural Gas Emergency                                                  403-245-7222
   Streets/Roads (requests for plowing/sanding ......................3-1-1                    Enmax (electrical)                                                     403-514-6100
   Seniors Transit Passes ...............................................403-262-1000         Non-emergency Services:
   Traffic Signal Lights Trouble (24-hr) ....................................3-1-1               City of Calgary Info.                                                            311
   Taxes - Business/Property (TIPPS) ....................................3-1-1                   Police (Non-Emergency)                                                 403-266-1234
   Road Conditions ...................................................................3-1-1      Fire                                                                   403-287-4299
   Weather Information .................................................403-299-7878             Ambulance                                                              403-261-4000
Local Churches:                                                                                  C.O.P  .S.                                                             403-216-1114
    Peace Lutheran Church ............................................403-256-1439            24 Hour Crisis/Suicide Line                                            403-266-1605
    Covenant Christian Reformed Church ...................403-254-2505                        Child Abuse Hotline                                                1-800-387-5437
    Fish Creek Christian Fellowship .............................403-938-0063                 Kid’s Help Phone                                                   1-800-668-6868
    Full Gospel Church ...................................................403-256-3274                   Senior’s
                                                                                              Alberta Senior ’s Info. Line                                       1-800-642-3853
    New Hope Community Church .............................403-256-2772                       City Hall                                                                 403-268-2111
    Midpark Christian Assembly ....................................403-256-4722               Mayor's Office                                                            403-268-5622
    Red Deer Lake United Church ...............................403-265-3181                   Environmental Canada Weather     Weather                                  403-299-7878
    St. Paul’s Anglican Church ........................................403-256-1428           Shawnessy Library                                                         403-260-2600
    SouthGate Baptist Church........................................403-561-6648              Fish Creek Library                                                        403-221-2090
    Southview Alliance Church ......................................403-256-4922                              Transit
                                                                                              Community Transit                                403-262-1000/403-974-4000
    St. Patrick’s Catholic Church ...................................403-254-6878             Swim/Fitness Centres:
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ..403-571-3718                               Acadia Pool & Fitness                                                   403-253-5999
    Trinity Mennonite Church ........................................403-256-7157                Family Leisure Centre                                                  403-278-7542
    SunWest Christian Fellowship.................................403-254-2823                 Calgary Parks & Rec  Rec.                                                 403-268-3888
                                                                                              Friends of Fish Creek                 Email:
Local Schools/Institutions:
                                                                                              Web:                            Phone: 403-238-3841
                                                                                              Nature Calgary                      
    Bishop Paul O’Byrne High .......................................403-252-4320
    Chinook Park Elememtary.......................................403-777-8480                                                              Web:

         Pg. 5                March 2009                                   The NEW Official Newsletter for Evergreen
                      Please fill out the form below and attach a cheque for $20.00, payable to the
                     Calgary Evergreen Community Association and mail it to the following address:

                              Calgary Evergreen Community Association
                                      Attention: Joe Samson, Membership Director
                                                180 Everwillow Green SW
                                                  Calgary, AB T2Y 4V8
                        Please Note:      Current memberships expire April 30th, 2009.

                     Your Community.                  Today!
      Please Support Your Community. Buy a Membership Today!
                            Your annual contribution helps us to do the following:
  ! Development Advocacy: CECA actively reviews and takes appropriate action (including open houses) regarding
    current and future area developments (i.e. land use, building development, screening fences, playgrounds, etc.)
  ! Social Events: Organizing and sponsoring community events accessible to ALL Evergreen residents
    (i.e. Annual Evergreen Community BBQ, Annual Community Garage Sale, etc.)
  ! Sports & Recreation: CECA membership is required when registering you or your child for some sports.
    DISCOUNTED RATES RATES on programs with the Mid-Sun Community Association and South Fish Creek
    Recreation Association. Don’t forget to mention you are a CECA member when registering!
  ! Community Facilities: Planning for future community facilities that are sustainable and meet the needs of ALL
    EVERGREEN residents (i.e. Soccer fields, tennis courts, etc.)

CECA Membership Registration Form
Annual Membership Rate: $20.00
Household Information: Strictly confidential as per the CECA privacy policy

Surname: ______________________________________ Given Name: _________________________________________

Spouse/Partner Surname : ________________________ Given Name: _________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Code: __________________________ Contact Number: _______________________________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

* Volunteer Preference: ______________________________________________________________ ______

* Please see the Board of Directors’ listing at the front of this newsletter for any Executive and /or Director positions
  available. As well, our committees can almost always use an extra person or two.
* Please consider how valuable your assistance would be when it comes to our membership drive every spring, and at
  our special events like the Annual Evergreen Community BBQ!
* You may submit community related articles for the newsletter you are reading right now, (submit to The articles can be of any topic relating to our community including accolades,
  awards and achievements received by members of our community.

   Pg. 6         March 2009                   Visit us at:
Pg. 7   March 2009   The NEW Official Newsletter for Evergreen
                  Editor ’s Message
            Many of you read about my son Ryan in February’s
            Evergreen Edge. Some of you contacted me
personally to ask how he is doing, so I thought it best to let
you know he is doing very well indeed! The effects of the
Mycoplasma pneumonia were quite severe, but he continues
to grow stronger each day. We return to Alberta Children’s
Hospital this month for another ECG to make sure there was
no lasting damage to his heart. He will also have a repeat
ultrasound of his leg to check if the thrombus (a blood clot he
developed from the central line IV) is gone. If not, Ryan will
continue on another course of blood thinners, which will last
three more months, and then we go back again. In any case,
things are looking really good. He was lucky.
                                                                                 Who Do You Call?
As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about luck.
Wikipedea states, “Luck (also called fortuity is a chance
                                       fortuity)                  Your Calgary Evergreen Community Association board
happening, or that which happens beyond a person’s control.       members are fielding calls in recent months regarding areas
Luck can be good or bad (as in; Good fortune or misfortune).”     of the Evergreen Residents Association (ERA) responsibility.
                                                                  Please take note that these are two completely separate and
According to Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of       distinct organizations.
Hertfordshire, “Lucky people are more relaxed and open, and
therefore see what is there rather than just what they are        The Evergreen Residents Association (ERA) to (ERA),
looking for. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance     whom some of you pay a yearly fee, is owned and operated
opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their         by Genstar - one of our community’s developers. It was set
intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive         up to maintain entry features and their included amenities,
expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms      as well as some other specific green spaces throughout the
bad luck into good.”                                              Genstar-developed portion of Evergreen.

Professor Wiseman’s four top tips for becoming lucky:             All of the areas pertaining to the Evergreen Residents
• Listen to your gut instincts - they are normally right          Association are shown on the map you would have received
• Be open to new experiences and breaking your normal             with your 2008 ERA invoice. The ERA is responsible in these
   routine                                                        areas, so please refer to the map, and contact Genstar with
• Spend a few moments each day remembering things that            your questions or concerns. These would include such
   went well                                                      responsibilities as garbage pick-up, snow removal, burned-
• Visualize yourself being lucky before an important              out street lamps, damage to public property, etc.
   meeting or telephone call. Luck is very often a self-
   fulfilling prophecy                                            The number to call for Genstar is (403) 256-4000.

Personally, I believe that the power of prayer pulled Ryan        Your Calgary Evergreen Community Association
through his illness. Many of my family, friends, neighbours,      (CECA) is a volunteer-run organization which Evergreen
colleagues, and even Ryan’s cardiologist share this belief.       residents, but we cannot do anything about the ERA-owned
Whatever you believe, you need to make the best of whatever       portions. Only Genstar can address concerns in these
cards you are dealt in life. Be thankful for what you have, and   particular areas.
try not to worry too much about what you don’t. Be positive.
                                                                  Thank-you for your diligence in wanting to show
I pray that this season of cutbacks, layoffs, and recession       ownership within your community!
doesn’t bring you down. Remember what you
have and be thankful for it every day. Your
                                                                     Luck is believing you’re lucky ~Tennessee Williams
luck will soon improve!

Laurianne Schell,                                                  I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work,
Editor, Evergreen Edge                                                     the more I have of it. ~Thomas Jefferson
                                                                   If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one
                                                                                 million realities. ~Maya Angelou

      Pg. 8          March 2009                     Visit us at:
Pg. 9   March 2009   The NEW Official Newsletter for Evergreen
                                                                 expected to help create 112 additional housing units for low to
                                     Civic Chat                  moderate income residents, who have experienced
                                                                 homelessness. The new haven for the city’s most vulnerable
                             Dave Rodney,                        citizens will be located at 105 10th Avenue SE, & will consist
                                                                 of bachelor & one-bedroom units. The facility will also
                           MLA Calgary-Lougheed                  provide support services designed to resolve the underlying
                          #311A, 2525 Woodview Drive SW,         causes of homelessness & help individuals regain
                                 Calgary, AB T2W 4N4             independence, including mental health & addictions
                        counselling & employment & life-skills training. In addition to
                               Visit:          provincial funding for the project, the Community & Seed
                                 Phone: 403-238-1212             Equity fund will provide $1.9 million, Service Canada will
                                                                 provide $1 million, & the balance will come from the Mustard
GOOD NEWS: Our schools are coming to a                           Seed Street Ministry’s Capital Campaign.
neighborhood near you— soon!
                                                                 Tough new legislation targets properties used for
Signs are up at the designated spots for our new K–6 Public      illegal activities
School in Bridlewood, our new K–4 School in Evergreen, &
our new K–6 Catholic school in Evergreen. The schools’           Albertans now have a new tool to combat illegal activities
design development is almost complete, targeted design           associated with gangs, drugs & prostitution in their
milestone dates are being met, & boards are working closely      neighbourhoods: the Safer Communities & Neighbourhoods
with design teams to ensure schools will reflect the             (SCAN) Act—which creates a new sheriffs’ unit to investigate
individual districts’ programming needs & requirements. All      public complaints about properties used for illegal activities; &
applications for required permits have been submitted to         if necessary, close those properties for up to 90 days.
the municipality, but…the permitting process in the City of      Concerned tenants or residents can report a problem
Calgary has been somewhat slow at obtaining the                  property by phoning 866-960-SCAN (1-866-960-7226) or
development & construction permits. There have been              visiting
multiple attempts to work through the permitting issues
                                                                 Online entrepreneurial tool reaches Calgary
with the City of Calgary & particularly the Water Resources
group that are integral to having Storm Water Management         Entrepreneurs looking to open & operate a business in
reports & Development Site Servicing Plan submissions            Calgary have a new tool to cut paperwork & reduce the red
approved. Despite these delays, the contractor has reported      tape. BizPaL, an online business licence & permit tool, is an
recent progress in working with the city through the             innovative service that provides entrepreneurs with simplified
permitting process, & the contractor is moving forward with      access to the information on permits & licences they need to
site preparation work in anticipation of the imminent            get started. The BizPaL service in Calgary was developed in
issuance of the permits. Despite permitting issues in            partnership by the City of Calgary, the Government of Alberta,
Calgary, the contractor reports that all schools are             & the Government of Canada. Area business owners &
proceeding—on schedule!                                          entrepreneurs can access the service by visiting
                                                        or For more
AB expands health coverage to midwifery                          information & access to the websites of participating partners,
New mothers have more choice, improved care                      visit
Effective April 1, 2009, expectant mothers will have access
                                                                 AB Fast Facts
to innovative, publicly-funded midwifery services in
                                                                 - $10 change in oil prices has $2 billion impact on revenue
hospitals, community birthing centers, & homes.
                                                                 - $1 impact in natural gas prices has $1.7 billion impact
Interest now charged on late Maintenance                         - 1 cent change in Canada/US exchange rates has $300
Enforcement payments                                               impact
A 4.25 % interest rate will now be charged for failure to
comply. Those who are unable to pay maintenance debts in
full may contact the program to make alternative payment
arrangements. The program manages 50,000 files/mo &
serves 100,000 clients & more than 65,000 children.
(403-310-0000 or
Calgary homeless to benefit from affordable
housing money
The Calgary Mustard Seed Street Ministry’s housing               MLA Dave Rodney with students at “Calgary Reads” &
initiative received $21.4 million in provincial funding,         citizens at the Calgary-Lougheed AGM

     Pg. 10          March 2009                     Visit us at:
                        Civic Chat

    Burns and Scalds - Calgary EMS
Burns versus Scalds
• Causes of burns include skin contact with extremely hot
  surfaces, or contact with caustics, radiation, or electricity.
• Scalds are burns that result from contact from hot liquid
  or steam.
• Whatever the cause, the severity of a burn is classified
  three ways:
  1st degree: Affects only the top layers of skin (e.g. sun
  2nd degree: Deeper and more painful than 1st degree
  burns; blisters will develop.
  3rd degree: The most severe; the deepest layers of the
  skin are affected; may appear charred and leathery.
First Aid
• Cool burns immediately with copious amounts of cold
   water. Damage to skin can continue to worsen if the burn
   isn’t aggressively cooled.
• If the burn is severe, call 9-1-1. This includes
   burns involving the face, neck, airway, genitals, hands or
• 3rd degree burns covering more than 5% of the body
   (i.e.: 5 times the area of the patient’s hand) are also
   considered severe.
• Never apply butter or creams to cool a burn. This may
   worsen the burn by insulating more heat into the affected
   area and increase the chance of infection.
• Check the temperature of your hot water tank. Many
  homes keep hot water temperatures as high as 60C /
  140F. This temperature will scald a child in just seconds.
• Avoid picking up a child while holding any hot liquids.
• Use placemats instead of tablecloths. Tablecloths can be
  pulled downward causing hot drinks or food to spill on a
• Ensure hot items are well out of a child’s grasp. Turn pot
  handles to the back of the stove and ensure cords from
  kettles and slow cookers cannot be reached.
The best way to treat a burn is to prevent one in
the first place. Each year The City of Calgary Emergency
Medical Services responds to serious emergencies where
young children have sustained burns at home. The most
common cause is a child accidentally tipping or pulling hot
liquids, such as coffee, tea, or soup onto themselves
resulting in severe burns or scalds. It is important to note: a
child’s skin can burn more easily than an adult’s. Hot liquids
or steam that may only cause a mild burn on an adult may
cause a scald of much greater severity on a child.
For more information on safety and prevention, log onto:

     Pg. 11         March 2009                      The NEW Official Newsletter for Evergreen
                                                                •   Monitor changes in revenues;
                        Civic Chat                              •   Monitor hiring and the number of vacancies; and
                                                                •   Look for ways to reduce spending on out-of-city travel,
                          Alderman Diane                            conference, and meals.
                          Colley-Urquhart                       It is wise, that during this time of global economic
                                                                uncertainty, that we maximize our flexibility so that we can
                       You can contact my office regarding
                                                                mitigate risk to the City of Calgary, Calgarians and City
                       any civic matter at 403-268-1624 or
                                                                employees. Furthermore, it is prudent that we ensure that
                       by email at          we develop and have a contingency plan in place for, even if
                       Alternatively, you can contact ‘311’.    we never use it, during these uncertain times.

Economy and the City of Calgary                                 Council Pay Increase
I am pleased that the City Manager, Owen Tobert, has sent a     Many Ward 13 residents and Calgarians have contacted me to
clear message to city employees about the impacts the           express their concerns with Council’s decision to accept a
current global economic downturn could have on city hall.       5.5% pay increase.
In his memo, Market Volatility Planning, the City has been
told to plan for the possible fallout from the down-turning     A 5.5% hike in pay would bring Aldermanic pay up from
global economy.                                                 $101,277 to $106,341 per year (including car allowance).
                                                                That is an increase of $5,064 for 2009.
Calgary is not immune to the current global economic
malaise. City Manager Tobert has requested that the             While some Calgarians are not receiving a pay increase this
General Managers of each of the City’s business units           year, others have had their salaries rolled back or been laid
increase their oversight and direct approval in key areas to    off. I strongly believe Aldermanic salary increases should be
ensure that as much flexibility is available. These areas       frozen this year to send a message to other City employees
include:                                                        and demonstrate that Council understands the serious state
                                                                of the global economy.
•   Review capital spending priorities;
•   Look for opportunities to constrain discretionary           In past years, as well as in 2009, I will not vote for nor will I
    spending;                                                   accept a salary increase. I will also not donate the $5,064 to

      Pg. 12        March 2009                     Visit us at:
a charity and get a tax receipt as a benefit. These are
taxpayer dollars. As I have done in the past, at years end, I
will write a cheque back to the City of Calgary for the
increase given to Council.

Telework Calgary
In October 2006, I brought forward a Notice of Motion on
the Telework Initiative that was unanimously passed by
Council. It was to support a partnership between the City of
Calgary, the Haskayne School of Business, Calgary Chamber
of Commerce, Climate Change Central and other private
corporations to develop a telework strategy for Calgary.
In May 2007, the City of Calgary launched a 4 month pilot
project. Over the course of the telework pilot, 100
employees teleworked from home a total of 1,828 days.
Employees participating in the pilot program worked from
home an average of two days per week.
During the four month pilot, participants saved 6,656
commuter trips and reduced vehicle kilometers travelled by
80,487 kilometeres. In turn, the resulted in a reduction of
18,366 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions as well as
1,286 kilograms of other particulate pollutants.
I am pleased to announce that on 2009 January 8, Canada’s
Transport Minister, John Baird, through the federal
government’s ecoMOBILITY Program awarded nearly
$1 million in grant funding, over three years to Calgary
Economic Development, to implement the regional
telework program. Of the nearly $3 million awarded to 14
municipalities across Canada, Calgary received, by far, the
largest grant. Calgary will continue to be a Canadian leader
in promoting innovative alternative programs such as

Diane on HMCS Calgary with the
deployment of the Canadian Forces on
their peacekeeping mission. Diane
was instrumental in bringing forward
the Military Leave Policy for the City
of Calgary with Mayor Bronconnier.
This policy is best practice in Canada.

  Calgary Crime Map
  If you visit the website below and click on the Calgary
  Crime Map link, you will find a web page that will allow
  you to search a variety of criminal offences in any Calgary
  community you wish.
  Please remember that they are just statistics and don’t
  always accurately reflect what is actually happening in
  your communities.

    Pg. 13         March 2009                      The NEW Official Newsletter for Evergreen
                                                                       pay $100 for a licence and pay higher fines if they violate a
           Civic Chat                 Bylaw Bulletin                   bylaw. This designation will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
                                                                   •   Removal of Feces - When dogs are taken off the
The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services strives to ensure          owners’ property, their owners must carry a “suitable
that pets, pet owners and their neighbours live in safety and          means” of picking up the pets’ feces. This can be anything
harmony. Last fall, changes were made to the Responsible Pet           from a littleplastic bag to a shovel and pail.
Ownership Bylaw that may affect you. Listed below are some         •   Off-leash areas - A Peace Officer can order dog owners
of those changes that were made in response to citizen                 to restrain and remove their dogs from off-leash areas.
concerns and to ensure the safety of pets and all Calgarians.
                                                                   Impound and Keep Fees:
Animal Well-Being:
       Well-Being:                                                 •              fees:
                                                                       Impound fees Dog and Cat - $38.10 (plus GST=$40.00)
•                Vehicles
    Animals in Vehicles - Leaving animals in vehicles is           •   Keep fees - Animal & Bylaw Services will not charge this
    prohibited if weather conditions (too hot or too cold)             fee until the second day of impoundment. Thus, owners
    jeopardize the animal’s health and safety.                         will only pay the impound fee and not the keep fee if they
•   Tethering - Owners must supervise their animals when               pick up their pet within the first 24 hours. This has been
    tethered on their property. This is to help reduce incidents       done to encourage owners to pick up their animal ASAP    .
    of barking/noise complaints and to protect the well-being of       Starting on day two, the keep fees will be:
    the animal.                                                        Dog - $20.00 per day or portion thereof (plus GST)
                                                                       Cat - $15.00 per day or portion thereof (plus GST)
Citizen Safety and Comfort:
•   Nuisance Animals - Animals with multiple, repeated             To obtain more information on the Responsible Pet
    offences may be declared a nuisance. Owners will have to       Ownership Bylaw , visit or call 3-1-1.

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                                                                    The St. Patrick’s Day custom came to America in 1737.
                     Community Corner                               That was the first year St. Patrick’s Day was publicly
                                                                    celebrated in this country, in Boston.

                       Saint Patrick’s Day                          Today, people celebrate the day with parades, wearing of
                                                                    the green and drinking beer. One reason St. Patrick’s Day
                             The person who was to become           might have become so popular is that it takes place just a
                             St. Patrick, the patron saint of       few days before the first day of spring. One might say it
                             Ireland, was born in Wales about       has become the first green of spring.
                            AD 385. His given name was              ~ Submitted by Rhonda Pomfrey
                           Maewyn, and he almost didn’t get
the job of bishop of Ireland because he lacked the required
                                                                                          Look for our Easter
Far from being a saint, until he was 16, he considered himself
a pagan. At that age, he was sold into slavery by a group of                              Colouring Contest
Irish marauders that raided his village. During his captivity, he
became closer to God.
                                                                                           in the April issue!
He escaped from slavery after six years and went to Gaul
where he studied in the monastery under St. Germain,
bishop of Auxerre for a period of twelve years. During his
training he became aware that his calling was to convert the
pagans to Christianity.
His wishes were to return to Ireland, to convert the native
pagans to Christianity. But his superiors instead appointed St.
Palladius. But two years later, Palladius transferred to
Scotland. Patrick, having adopted that Christian name earlier,
was then appointed as second bishop to Ireland.
Patrick was quite successful at winning converts. And this fact
upset the Celtic Druids. Patrick was arrested several times,
but escaped each time. He traveled throughout Ireland,
establishing monasteries across the country. He also set up
schools and churches which would aid him in his conversion
of the Irish country to Christianity.
His mission in Ireland lasted for thirty years. After that time,
Patrick retired to County Down. He died on March 17 in AD
461. That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick’s Day
ever since.
Much Irish folklore surrounds St. Patrick’s Day. Not much of
it is actually substantiated.
Some of this lore includes the belief that Patrick raised
people from the dead. He also is said to have given a sermon
from a hilltop that drove all the snakes from Ireland. Of
course, no snakes were ever native to Ireland, and some
people think this is a metaphor for the conversion of the
pagans. Though originally a Catholic holy day, St. Patrick’s Day
has evolved into more of a secular holiday.
One traditional icon of the day is the shamrock. And this
stems from a more bona fide Irish tale that tells how Patrick
used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity. He
used it in his sermons to represent how the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit could all exist as separate elements of the
                                                                        GOOD LUCK
same entity. His followers adopted the custom of wearing a
shamrock on his feast day.

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                       Choosing the right program:                8) Canadian Studies – This
                       Public education options in                program is offered at Juno Beach
                       Calgary                                    Academy for students in grades 7
                       Karen Kryczka, Wards 11 & 13               - 12 and helps students develop a
                                                                  deeper sense of their country
                       In order to help our students succeed,
                                                                  through learning about Canada
                       the Calgary Board of Education offers
                                                                  and applying the foundational
                       several programs, in addition to the
                                                                  principles of Canadian citizenship,
                       regular school program, that students
                                                                  leadership and development, personal fitness and academic
                       and their families can choose from
                       based on their individual needs and
                       personal preferences. Although some
                                                                  For more information on the Calgary Board of
of our Alternative programs may focus on a particular style
                                                                  Education or any of these alternative programs
of learning or on a certain discipline, all of them follow the
                                                                  please visit our website at -
Alberta Mandated Program of Studies.
                                                                  grams/prog-choice.asp . As your Trustee I can be
                                                                  grams/prog-choice.asp.          Trustee
1) Language Programs – The CBE offers four different              contacted at or by calling
language programs. Previous experience in the language of         403-294-8120.
choice is not necessary and parents do not need to know the
language for their child to enroll. Students can enter any of
the language programs in Kindergarten or grade one. There
is also a late French immersion program that accepts
students entering grade seven. Language options include:
French, Spanish, German, and Chinese Mandarin.
2) Traditional Learning Centre – This program fosters
a structured and orderly learning environment. Student
instruction is teacher lead and sequential. There are 11 CBE
schools offering the TLC program.
3) Montessori – This is a multi-age and multi-grade
grouping for students in K- 6. Montessori features self-
directed, hands-on co-operative learning experiences for
students. Studies of ecology, global issues and peace issues
are featured.
4) Sports Programs – The CBE offers programs for
developing and elite high-performance athletes representing
a variety of Olympic sports. There is flexibility in the

students’ academic courses to accommodate training
schedules as well as traveling for competition.
5) Fine and Performing Arts - This program focuses on
teaching skills related to music, art, drama and dance. Four
CBE schools will offer the alternative program, which is
available for Grades 5 – 12. High school students can receive
the Fine and Performing Arts Certificate by completing 40
credits in arts and related courses.
6) Science School – S  Scientific ideas guide the learning,
which is suited to students who are risk takers in their
learning and are curious about the way the natural world
and/or technological world works. This program is offered at
Langevin School and Louis Riel School for students in grades
5 – 9.
7) All Girls School – O  Offered at Alice Jamieson Academy
for girls in grades 4 – 9, this program ensures that girls will                          Donate
develop academic, leadership and organization skills for
success in their personal life and their future careers.

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                  Community Corner
Shawnessy Library
333 Shawville Blvd. S.E.
Monday - Thursday  10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday - Saturday  10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday             Noon – 5 p.m.
Telephone: 403-260-2600

Banish Those Winter Blues
It’s not too soon to start thinking about spring spring.
You’re bound to be inspired when you browse our wide
selection of gardening and landscaping books, or why not
register for one of our programs!
Programs for Adults:
Waterproofing Your Basement: Learn how to prevent
flooding, mould, and other hazards in your basement.
Presented by Basement Systems Calgary on Wednesday
April 29 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Adult Book Club Tuesdays, Feb. 24, Mar. 24, and April 9
7:00 – 8:30 p.m. or Wednesdays , Feb. 25, Mar. 25, and Apr.29
2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
          Writers’ Workshop:
All Sorts Writers’ Workshop: Bring your passion for
writing and share your work in creative facilitated sessions. All
genres welcome. Featured guest writers. Co-sponsored
with St. Mary ’s University College. Thursdays, Mar. 12,
and Apr. 09 from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
                     Keep Your
Career Basics 101: K eep Your Job. Understand
employer expectations and what it takes to be successful at
work. Workshops are led by professional career practitioners
from Bow Valley College Career Connection. Tuesday,
March 3 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Fifty and Forward:
Safety and Security for Seniors: Learn tips on basic
security precautions from Calgary Police Service. Age 50
and up. Thursday March 19 from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Programs for Children:
Does your grade 3 – 6 child need help with their homework?
Why not register them in Homework Help. Students meet
on Wed. evenings 7:00 – 8:00 until April 22 with trained
volunteers for fun literacy activities and help with their
Storytime registration begins March 17.
Feeling stressed about the economic downturn? Why not use
your library card to access job postings
on the internet, use our computers to
update your resume, or borrow books
on job interviews. Ask staff to help you
find what you need.
Register at or in
person or by calling 403-260-2600.

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                          Community Corner
Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
                      Provincial Park
                           The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
                           (The Friends) became a Registered Charity in 1994.
                           Its mission is to protect, preserve and enhance the
                           diverse natural and human heritage found in Fish
                           Creek Provincial Park. They fulfill this mandate
                           through a series of programs and activities that
                           include park stewardship, water testing, wildlife
                           monitoring, park care programs, such as the annual
                           clean up, and through a variety of community
                           activities and educational programs.
                             Membership in the Friends is over 500 strong, and
members are critical to the effectiveness of the Society. Membership benefits
include updates on Park events, activities, and happenings, free admission to a
monthly speaker series, subscription to the monthly Voice of the Friends
newsletter, regular meetings on park activities, “behind the scenes” park
involvement, reduced prices on environmental education programs, and discounts
through affiliated groups and stores.
Please check out our website for upcoming events:
For more information, please contact Debbie Cole-Gauer, Executive Director
Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
Phone (403) 238-3841 •Fax (403) 297-5284

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          A Pond For All Seasons                                   The flat leaves can be used to weave baskets, mats, bags, and
                                                                   chair-bottoms and also to provide shelter. Dried stalks
             Perfect Plants for Ponds
                                Ponds                              were used for hand-drills and arrow shafts, and adhesive
                                                                   glue can be made from the green stems.
Common or Wide-leaved Cattails
are a primitive plant dating back to                               Natives used the cattails medicinally. They applied the jelly
the time of the dinosaurs.                                         from between the young leaves to wounds, sores, carbuncles
Cattails grow in wetlands such as                                  and boils to soothe the pain. Poultices made from split and
shallow lakes, sloughs and marshy                                  bruised roots can be applied to cuts, burns and stings. The
areas. You will recognize these tall                               ash of the burned cattail leaves can be used as an antiseptic
emergent plants most readily by                                    or styptic for wounds.
their broad, long, strap-like leaves                               A stand of cattails, which can grow up to 12 feet tall, provides
and their brown ‘cigar-shaped’                                     shelter for a multitude of wildlife that live and eat on and
seed heads.                                                        amongst them.
A stand of cattails is about as near as you will ever get to       This includes insects such as Water Boatmen, large diving
finding a wildlife supermarket. They contain at least three        beetles, dragonflies, caddisflies and Water Striders (also
known medicinal properties, eight food products, and have          known as Water Skaters, and called Jesus Bugs in Texas
twelve functional uses. There is no other plant growing in         because they walk on water). Stagnant Pond Snails also feed
our area that is more useful for human survival and which          on them,
provides food in all four seasons. It is very easy to harvest,
                                                                   Red-winged Blackbirds and various waterfowl, such a
and very tasty and highly nutritious.
                                                                   Canvasback and Ruddy Ducks, nest among the cattails. The
Humans can eat all parts of the cattail at various times.          Downy Woodpecker hammers for insects in plant stems
Native peoples ground the tuber-like roots for flour and           where larvae might be hiding.
prepared other parts in many different ways. The “flour” can
                                                                   Frogs use them for shelter and frogs, toads and salamanders
also be fermented to produce ethyl alcohol, valuable as
                                                                   lay their eggs in the water between them. Fish also hide or
antifreeze, and as a cheap industrial solvent.
                                                                   nest amid them.
In early spring, the roots can be dug up to locate the small
                                                                   Muskrats eat Common Cattails and use them to build their
pointed shoots. These can be peeled and eaten. As the
future round flowering stem’s growth progresses to a height        winter houses. Look for these muskrat ‘push-ups’ —
                                                                   domes of frozen vegetation, mostly cattails, covering a hole
of two or three feet above the water, it can be pulled and the
                                                                   in the ice over the feeding area.
outer skin layer peeled away. You will end up with a thin
stalk a little bigger than a pencil — this is the tender core or   White-tailed Deer, Raccoons, Eastern Cottontails all use
‘heart’ of the cattail. (These prized shoots are known as          cattails as cover.
“Cossack’s Asparagus” in Russia).
                                                                   The flower heads are in two parts: the upper portion
The ‘heart’ of the cattail tastes like a combination of tender     produces the male flowers, the lower part bears the female,
zucchini and cucumbers and add a zesty texture and flavour         which upon maturity transforms into the cigar-shaped
to salads. Added to soup towards the end of the cooking,           seedheads, sometimes called ‘candlewick’.
they retain a refreshing crunchiness and are superb in a stir-
                                                                   The cattails in Fish Pointe Wet Pond are spreading as the
fry. The green flower spikes are also edible and the male
                                                                   underwater part grows new lateral shoots rapidly. The
flowers at the top of the flowering stalk produce nutritious
                                                                   cattails at the north end of the pond produced seedheads last
pollen when in bloom in late July. The pollen, which is very
                                                                   year. As the plants mature we should see many more
rich in vitamins and minerals was harvested and used in bread
                                                                   produce flower heads. Their increasing presence will add
by American Indians. A sticky substance extracted from the
                                                                   to the diversity of life forms using this wetland.
stems may have value as an adhesive for paper sizing, or in
facial and shaving creams.                                         Dorothy Spring
The fluffy masses of seeds are very soft and do not mat. They      Identification of flora and fauna provided by Gustave J. Yaki
were used for diapers, insulation in coats, blankets and
                                                                   Photographs preceded by an asterisk provided by Anne Elliott
pillows. During WW11 several million pounds were used
to stuff lifejackets, pillows, mattresses and
                                                                   Photograph of muskrat provided by Phil Smith
baseballs. Compressed into wallboard they make excellent
insulation against sound and heat. Many birds use the fluff to
                                                                   Photograph of cattails and pond scene provided by Ron
line their nests. A Native name for the cattail meant “fruit for
the papoose’s head”.

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               Community Corner                                AHOY MATES!
                                                               AHOY MATES!
                                                               It’s time to mark your calendars for the
         RT ALDERMAN IS HAVING                                 6th annual Robert Warren School Silent
           A USED BOOK SALE!                                   Auction in support of the Grade Nine West
                                                               Coast Sailing Trips.
   WHEN:      THURSDAY APRIL 16TH: From 10 to 7 P   .M.
              FRIDAY APRIL 17TH: From 10 to 7 P .                 WHEN:       Saturday, April 4, 2009
              SATURDAY APRIL 18TH: From 8 to 1 P  .M.                         7 – 10 PM
  W H E R E : AT RT ALDERMAN SCHOOL                               WHERE:      Robert Warren School Gym
                                                                              12424 Elbow Drive SW
              (725 MAPLETON DRIVE S.E.)
  DONATIONS: WE ARE ACCEPTING BOOK                             Please join us for an exciting evening of assorted desserts,
                                                               refreshments and an always astounding array of items
                                                               available to bid upon. Tickets are $10.00 per person ($15 at
                                                               the door) with all proceeds from the event going towards the
Please note that we cannot accept:                             cost of the trip.
magazines, textbooks, Readers’
Digest books, encyclopedias and                                Tickets can obtained via telephone or email by contacting
discards from libraries.                                       either Lorna Bertschi 403-256-0052 or
                                                               Debbie Olsen Patton 403-254-2173
The money raised in the sale will
be used to buy equipment for the                               In addition to providing the students with an opportunity to
school.                                                        further their leadership and outdoor education skills, students
Help us help the environment by                                past and present speak about this trip also serving as a
donating your books and come and                               building block towards personal growth and development.
purchase recycled books at a great price! This event is open   Come…tempt your sweet tooth and help support the sailors
to the public so tell family and friends about the sale.       in this very worthwhile and tasty fundraiser!

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                  Free Event Listings

    City of Calgary – Community &
       Neighbourhood Services
      Youth Programs
F ree Youth P rograms
1. Deer Park Sonics
The City of Calgary in partnership with Deer Park United
Church provides a youth basketball drop-in for those aged 12
– 17. If you want a fun place to play some 3-on-3 basketball,
come out and get active while meeting new people.
   Cost:       Free                     Ages:
                                        Ages 12 – 17
   Day:        Mondays 6:00pm – 8:00pm
               (no program on holiday Mondays)
   Location: 13825 Parkside Dr. SE
               (St Phillip Elementary School)
   Start & End: Jan. 12 – May 11, 2009

2. Girl Talk
This amazing girl’s only program will introduce girls to a
variety of recreational games and social issues. Plus, build a
strong foundation for future, healthier lifestyle choices.
   Cost:        Free (Girls only)      Ages:
                                       Ages 11 – 17
   Day:         Tuesdays 4:30pm – 6:30pm
                (no program on holiday Tuesdays)
   Location: 77 Deerpoint Rd. SE
                (Deer Park United Church)
   Start & End: Jan. 13 – May 12, 2009

3. Riverbend Youth Drop-In
The City of Calgary in partnership with the Riverbend
Community Association is launching a youth recreation drop-
in for those aged 11 – 17. This particular sports drop-in is
centered on the activity of choice for the night. Come and get
active while meeting new people.
    Cost:       Free                    Ages:
                                        Ages 11 – 17
    Day:        Tuesdays 4:30pm – 6:00pm
                (no program on holiday Tuesdays)
    Location: Riverbend Community Association
                19 Rivervalley Drive SE
    Start & End: Jan. 13 – May 12, 2009

    VA ULT
VAULT is a youth volunteer program where members will
participate in monthly meetings (first Thursday of every
month) to develop leadership skills and have an opportunity
to implement their skills in volunteer opportunities once a
   Cost:        Free                   Ages:
                                       Ages 12 – 17
   Day:         Thursdays 5:00pm – 6:30pm
   Location: CNS South Area Office 502 Heritage Dr. SW
                (Rose Kohn Arena Building)
   Start & End: Jan. 8 – May 14, 2008
For more information contact 311.                       

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                       Mind’s Design now offers a happy
                       medium for small businesses. Our
                       display cubes are now available.                         YOUR
                       FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!
                       For more information, contact Jan at 403-257-3146       AD HERE!
                       or email:

       The Curtain Goes Up on the                                   bard’s birth. Students in vocal, speech arts and choral speech
                                                                    categories will highlight some of his greatest works.
       2009 Festival! By: Bonnie Elgie
                                                                    Non-competitive piano classes have also been added. We
If things get better with age, then this is certainly true of the   received a good response from both youth and adults. As one
Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival! Now in its 78th year, the 2009      participant said “This is great - I get to play for an audience
event is shaping up to be the biggest, most diverse festival yet    and receive a critique from the adjudicator without the
with new classes, more entries and many new adjudicators.           pressure of competition!”
“We’re very excited about all that this year has in store,” says    This year, the Festival is pleased to welcome many new
Mary Ross, Festival Director. “We’ve seen a significant             adjudicators. This talented group comes from across Canada
increase in entries, especially in the Musical Theatre              and the United States. They will evaluate and provide
category.” In recent years, Calgary has hosted a large number       feedback to the 10,000+ performers taking part in the
of touring and community productions of popular musicals.           Festival. It’s a wonderful opportunity for participants to learn
Calgarians have been treated to everything from Rodgers and         from exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable individuals.
Hammerstein to Andrew Lloyd Webber. Audiences who attend
Musical Theatre classes at the Festival are always delighted by     As always, we are indebted to the volunteers for the
the variety of music and talent displayed.                          countless number of hours they give to the Festival. Their
                                                                    backgrounds may differ but they do have one thing in
At a time when many people are watching their budgets and           common and that is a love for music and the speech arts.
the amount they spend on entertainment, the Festival                This event could not be produced without them.
provides tremendous value. All of the classes and
performances are free to the public, with the exception of the      As the curtain goes up on our 2009
special evening concerts. Given the diversity of the classes and    Festival, we look forward to
the range of ages and skill levels of the performers, there         seeing many old friends at the
really is something for everyone! For concert information and       concerts and classes, and hope
tickets, please visit or call 403-    to meet many new people as
283-6009.                                                           well. It promises to be
                                                                    another remarkable year.
One of this year’s unique additions is the Robbie Burns classes
commemorating the 250th anniversary of the famous Scottish          See you at the Festival!

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      Classified Ads Work!
    Call or email Jan today to place your ad!!!
              Phone 403-257-3146

403-726-9292: All Your Plumbing and Heating Needs:
Hot Water Tanks, Furnaces, Gas Lines, Renovations. Phone
Steve For Your Free Quotes. KESTRAL MECHANICAL

ART CLA SSES FOR KIDS: 6-12yrs Apr- Jun
Starts week of April 6th in 4 SE/SW communities.
Lillian 403-236-9819 or

Condo & House Cleaning: Husband/wife team. Trustworthy.
Outstanding work. Eco-friendly products and high quality
vacuum. Bonded & Insured Please visit our website @ or phone (403) 254-8804

Residential and Commercial Renovations; plumbing, electrical,
interior and exterior painting, beasements, bathrooms,
texturing, repairs and remodelling. Call for free Estimate.

Residential service work including repairs and installations,
water heaters, furnaces, gas lines, and renovations. Free
estimates and flexible hours. Professional service at
affordable rates. Call 403-281-8089

              PLUMBING          HEATING LTD.
Residential and commercial service. Renovations, gas fitting
and backflow testing. Fully licensed and insured with
competitive rates. Customer satisfaction assured.

Relax, spoil yourself and let us clean your home. We offer the
most affordable rates. Please give us a call for a free estimate.
We will put a smile on your face. Situated in Riverbend.
Call Terry at 403-808-0965 or 403-203-2259.                                        Disclaimer
RGC TAX SERVICES:                                                       The opinions expressed within any published article,
Personal Income Tax Return Preparation                              report or submission reflect those of the author and should
                                                                             not be considered to reflect those of the
Exp. tax accountant qualified to deal in
                                                                    Community Association. The information contained in this
personal income tax (pension income splitting,
                                                                               newsletter is believed to be accurate,
self-empl income, hm office exp, capital loss                                     but is not warranted to be so.
carrybacks, etc) email

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