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					                  Jansen Art Studio Inc.
                             P.O. Box 290
                       Smoketown, PA 17576
                          fax 717-361-7140
                     e-mail JansenAS@aol.com

  20%            Spring Savings Coupon                           20%
            Save 20% on purchases from this newsletter when you
          s                enclosed this coupon          Vide DV
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P ac          Bo oks    Brushes     JansenArt Traditions         ’s
              This coupon is not valid towards Seminar Classes
                Coupon valid from 1/10/05 through 03/10/05
                                  We now have DVD’s
                  Each DVD features over 2 hours of painting lessons and techniques
                  Each DVD includes a CD with Step Photos, Lesson Plan and Pattern.
                              DVD 1001 Golden Florals- $24.95
 Join David as he presents painting very special flowers using color + gold paint to produce very unique results.
David will show all the steps from preparing your plate, painting the flowers, glazing colors to applying the varnish
                                             for a professional result.

                                                 DVD 1002 Tapestry Florals- $24.95
                                        One of the most popular styles taught by David. He will walk you through the
                                          history of this style and then take you into drawing and designing with the
                                       flowers. Following the designing he will show preparing the cabinet, decorating
                                       with the Tapestry Flowers to achieving a professional and durable finish with the
                                                                       new resin varnishes.

                         DVD 2001 Color Theory Series- $ 24.95
8 Disc Set. Each Disc is $24.95 or purchase the entire set for $159.50 and save $20% on buying each
individually. You will be billed as each DVD is released. You will receive 1 new disc every 3 months.
 David’s most popular class and lecture series.
                                                         Release Dates for this DVD Series
                                                          Disc 1- Color and Pigment Wheel. Hue Studies- 05/20/05
                                                          Disc 2- Value Studies. Paint for Form.- 08/20/05
                                                          Disc 3- Controling Intensity within a Color-11/20/05
                                                          Disc 4- Selecting and Understanding Toners- 02/20/06
                                                          Disc 5- Creating Interest and Harmony-05/20/06
                                                          Disc 6- Understanding Light and Shadows-08/20/06
                                                          Disc 7- Internal, External and Simultaneous Contrast-11/20/06
                                                          Disc 8- Mapping a Painting-02/20/07
                            New Packets From Our Studio

P 4009 The Philadelphia
     Vireo $ 7.95

                               P 4020 Samson and
                                 the Lion $ 6.95

                                                                P 4022 Top Sail
                                                                Schooner $ 8.95

P 4006 17th Century
    Dutch $ 7.95                                    P 4021 The Ompir
                                                      Scooter $ 6.95

                  P 4004 Eagle Flyer $ 7.95

                                                P 4008 The Warbler $ 7.95

                                              We Have Many More!
                                         Please visit us online for a complete and
                                       current list of all available packets. We also
                                        have free patterns, designs and technique
                                       videos on the webiste for you to download.
                                        Visit us at Http://JansenArtStudio.com
  Palette- JansenArt Traditions
Toner-        Raw Umber,
              brush mix as desired.

Dar k Blue   Prussian Blue Hue +
             Medium Grey+ Toner
             2:touch: 1
Medium Blue Medium Blue +
             Toner 2:1
Light Blue   Aquamarine +
             Toner 3:1
Dar k Yellow Raw Sienna +
             Toner 2:1
Medium Yell. Yellow Oxide +
             Toner 3:1
Dar k Red    Burgundy +
             Toner 2:1
Medium Red Naphthol Red +
             Toner 2:1
Medium White Medium White-
             No Toner
White        Titanium White-
             No Toner
Black        Carbon Black-
             No Toner
Blue Green   Teal Green +
             Toner 2:1
Yellow Green Pine Green +
             Toner 2:1
                                     18th Century Tapestry Florals
                                               Oval Box
This is 18th century France style of painting. French artist would paint this style of flowers on large cabinets called
“Armoires” or on decorate walls in the home. If you would like more information and patterns on this style please see our
book “Painting Tapestry Florals”.
Base the oval box with Jansen Art Traditions Blue Grey + a little Pine Green and Medium White. Mix this together then
add an equal amount of Light Primer. This will make a base coat the primes and seals the surface for us. Let dry and
sand lightly. Use a large, old stiff brush to do the next step in the preparation. Pick up very little Medium White + touch
Pine Green in the old brush. Stroke the brush on the palette until the paint starts to dry. Just before the paint starts to dry
brush it over the box very lightly in many different directions. This is called dry brushing. Repeat this step until most of
the Blue Grey is lightly covered up with the Medium White mix. Dry. In the old brush pick up a little Prussian Blue +
touch Pine Green and Raw Umber. Use this color to lightly dry brush the top/ side of the box. Dry. Using a small flat
brush, pick up a little of the Prussian Blue + Raw Umber + Pine Green mix and some water. Wash a transparent thin
band around the bottom of this side piece. Dry. Transfer the pattern with grey transfer paper.
Suggested steps
1. Using a # 6 filbert, wash in all objects with a very transparent Raw Umber+ touch Dark Blue. Use water to make this
transparent color because we have to be able to remove our graphite lines.
2. Darken all objects with a little more Raw Umber+ touch Dark Blue . Use a sideloaded # 6 filbert. No need to be
perfect here. Most of this will cover up. This is step one on the step sheet.
3. Transparently wash in the flowers and leaves with the suggested base color. Add water to this to keep the colors
slightly transparent. Use short choppy strokes for interest. Don’t blend smooth.
         Suggested Base Colors
         Reds- Medium Red + Dark Red 1:1
         Leaves- Yellow Green
         Yellows- Dark Yellow + Medium Yellow 1:1
         Blues - Medium Blue + touch Dark Blue
         Whites- Raw Umber.
4. Dry well. Remove graphite lines. Give the oval box a coat of Glazing Medium to protect the painting and add depth to
this layer. I like to add layers of Glazing Medium during the painting to increase the interest and depth to the objects.
5. Now that we have the graphite lines removed, we will add Glazing Medium to the brush as we paint. This will increase
the interest and help with transparency. Sideload the filbert with desired colors + Glazing Medium to keep them slightly
transparent. Build the petals and objects using strokes pulled from the tip to the base of the object. You may have to
repeat this step a few times as the colors dry. We want to soften some of the shadows while build an area of color for
the highlights to sit. Do not cover all the shadows or the original base colors. Small strokes are best.
         Suggested Petal and Leaf Colors
         Reds- Medium Red + Dark Red 1:1 + touch Medium White
         Leaves- Yellow Green
         Yellows- Dark Yellow + Medium Yellow 1:1 + touch Medium White
         Blues - Medium Blue + touch Dark Blue + touch Medium White
         Whites- Medium White + touch Raw Umber
6. Sideload the filbert with the desired colors + touch Glazing Medium. Use short “choppy” strokes to shadow and tint the
objects. This shadow and tint color should be transparent. You do not have to blend this. The next petals and highlights
will soften these colors. Refer to the step sheet to see just how “choppy” I like to leave it.
        Suggested Petal and Leaf Colors
        Reds- Dark Red + touch Raw Umber
        Leaves- Yellow Green
        Yellows- Dark Red + touch Raw Umber
        Blues - Dark Red + touch Raw Umber
        Whites- Dark Red + touch Raw Umber
                                                                          Reduce or Enlarge Pattern as needed.
                                                                          Photocopying for other reasons is not

All Designs Copyright Protected by
David W. Jansen
Photocopying is a violation of U.S. Code Title 17.
No form of mechanical reproduction is allowed.
This pattern may not be taught without permission of Jansen Art Studio.
You may photocopy for the purpose of reduction or enlargement only.
    7. Sideload the filbert with desired colors + Glazing Medium to keep them
    slightly transparent. Build the petals and objects
    using strokes pulled from the tip to the base of the object. You may have to
    repeat this step a few times as the colors dry.
    We want to soften some of the shadows while build an area of color for the
    highlights to sit. Do not cover all the shadows
    or the original base colors. Small strokes are best.
              Suggested Petal and Leaf Colors
              Reds- Medium Red + Dark Red 1:1 + Titanium White
              Leaves- Yellow Green + Medium White
              Yellows- Dark Yellow + Medium Yellow 1:1 + touch Titanium White
              Blues - Medium Blue + touch Dark Blue + touch Titanium White
              Whites- Medium White
    8. Dry piece well. Give the surface a coat of Glazing Medium to protect and
    add interest.
    9. Start first highlights with suggested colors. Keep these highlights smaller in
    area than the base color. You may switch
    to a small brush such as a size 4 to help with this.
              Suggested Petal and Leaf Colors
              Reds- Medium Red + touch Dark Red + Titanium White
              Leaves- Yellow Green + Titanium White
              Yellows- Medium Yellow + touch Dark Yellow + touch Titanium
              Blues - Medium Blue + Titanium White
              Whites- Medium White + Titanium White 1:1
    10. Final highlights and details. Using the same colors with just a touch more
    white, repeat the highlights in a smaller area.
    Sideload the filbert with Dark Yellow and tap around flower centers. Dry.
    Sideload with Medium Yellow + Titanium
    White and tap a few smaller highlights around the centers. Be careful not to
    cover up all of the first color. Use a small
    round to add a few dark details such as leaf vein lines, stems etc. Vary the
    colors. Dry.

    Dry the piece well. Give the box 2 coats of JansenArt Traditions Water Base
    Polyurethane Varnish and 1 coat of wax if desired.

Teaching Aids We Reccomend For This Design

PC 102 Tapestry Palette Color Card- $ 4.95
      This will help you make the exact color used to paint this design.

DVD 1002 Tapestry Floral Video- $ 24.95
        Watch David as he paints the flowers on a large cabinet. Video is 2
hours long and features all techniques used in detail. He also walks you
through preparation and finishing of your pieces.
 Number                   Name                        Cost          Order               Total

         Please Include Coupon From Front Page To Receive Your 20% Discount
                                                          Sub Total
                 Jansen Art Studio
                 P.O. Box 290                        Shipping    U.S., Canada               $ 5.00
                 Smoketown, PA 17576                          International Air             $10.00
                 717-361-2136                             International Surface             $ 5.00
                 fax 717-361-7140
                 E-mail JansenAS@aol.com             PA. Residents Add 6%

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             California Seminars in March 2005

                                                  Americana Table
                                                 March 18, 19, 20 2005
                                    Other Wood Pieces and Patterns will be available
Norwegian Sampler Class
 March 11, 12, 13 2005

                                   For Seminar Information
                                           Please contact
                                            Carl Larson
                                        4659 Drury Court
                                      Fremont, CA. 94538

                                 Learn the history of pigments and mixing with this
                                 special 3 days class. We will talk about value and
                                 intensity and how it relates to today’s colors and
                                 pigments. We will be painting a few charts and some
                                 small sample pieces to help learn the theory. This is
                                 David’s favorite class!

                                 Contact Holly Hocks

                                 1328 South Mary Avenue
        Holly Hocks              Sunnyvale, CA. 94087

    3 Day Color Theory           408-732-1367

March 7, 8 and 9 (Mon-Wed).
                                                         Jansen Art Studio Color Mixing Cards
                                                          The Color Mixings Cards are hand painted and
                                                          hand mixed cards that you can use to check your
                                                          mixed palette colors against. Each card is lami-
                                                          nated with durable 5 mil plastic for easy clean-
                                                          up and to protect the cards. You can keep these
                                                          with your painting supplies and take with with
                                                          you wherever you are painting.

       PC 101 Soft Bavarian Florals- $ 4.95

                                                                     PC 103 Soft Stroke Florals- $ 4.95
                                                                   PC 104 Contemporary Rosemaling- $ 4.95
                                                  PC 105 Traditional Rosemaling - $ 4.95 Available 01/01/05
                                                  PC 106 Contemporary Hindeloopen - $ 4.95 Available 01/01/05
      PC 102 Tapestry Floral Colors- $ 4.95
                                                  PC 107 Traditional Hindeloopen - $ 4.95 Available 01/01/05

         Jansen Art Studio Seminars                              David W. Jansen MDA
             Location - Radisson Penn Harris Hotel and Convention Center
Register Now                       Http://www.Radisson.com/camphillpa                     Register Now
Hotel is providing a Special Rate for those who stay at the hotel. Everyone is invited to our home one
 evening for dinner. We will also provide a Breakfast and Afternoon Snack. Evening painting will be
available for those who like to stay up late! Registration is starting now. To register please send $50
                                     per class to secure your spot!
                         June3-6 Floral Styles Prep Day is June 2- $225
                     2 New Styles of Florals. Alternate patterns and pieces will be available
                    June 9-11 Rosemaling Styles Prep Day is June 8- $225
  2 New Styles of Rosemaling. We will also spend some time studying design and drawing these styles. Alternate
                                     patterns and pieces will be available
                   July 17-21 Furniture (Desk) Prep Days July 15-16-$375
  Beautiful reproduction of an antique writing desk. Desk is approximately 60 inches high x 22 inches deep x 36
 inches wide. Piece comes in 2 sections for easy transportation. Other pieces and designs will be available should
                                            you desire a different piece.
              August 19-22 Gudbrandsdal Bowl Prep Day is August 18- $225
             Beautiful 20 inch bowl by Paul Loftness decorated in the Gudbrandsdal Rosemaling style
                August 26-28 Decorative Sampler Prep Day August 25- $225
               3 styles will be studied this year. Alternate pieces and designs will also be presented.
                                                        Traditions Artist Brushes
All Brushes are new high quality synthetic brushes made in the USA. This new synthetic fiber is formulated to last longer and give
you high quality artistic results. All brushes are backed by a 100% manufactures guarantee, if your brush gives you a problem, we
replace it at not cost.
JAB01   Size 1 Round               $ 6.25     JAB02   Size 2 Round              $ 6.25    JAB03    Size 3 Round                 $ 6.65
JAB04   Size 4 Round               $ 6.95     JAB05   Size 5 Round              $ 7.95    JAB06    1/2 Inch Flat                $ 10.85
JAB07   3/4 Inch Flat              $ 16.75    JAB08   Size 4 Shader             $ 6.75    JAB09    Size 6 Shader                $ 7.75
JAB10   Size 8 Shader              $ 8.50     JAB11   Size 4 Chisel Blender     $ 6.95    JAB12    Size 8 Chisel Blender        $ 8.65
JAB13   Size 12 Chisel Blender     $ 10.25    JAB14   Size 0 Script Liner       $ 5.95    JAB15    Size 0 Script Liner          $ 5.95
JAB16   Size 3/0 Short Liner       $ 5.95     JAB17   Size 1 Short Liner        $ 5.95    JAB18    Size 2 Short Liner           $ 5.95
JAB19   1/2 “ Oval Mop             $ 17.95    JAB20   1” Antiquing (Mop)        $ 7.50    JAB21    3/8 Inch Angular             $ 10.50
JAB22   Size 4 Fan Brush           $ 10.50    JAB23   Size 4 Filbert Brush      $ 7.95    JAB24    Size 6 Filbert Brush         $ 8.95
JAB25   Size 8 Filbert Brush       $ 9.95     JAB26   Size 10 Filbert Brush     $ 12.95

Number     3 oz Bottles       Price          Number     3 oz Bottles  Price         Product                Traditions Mediums
JA01 Burgundy                 $ 5.00         JA26 Ultramarine Blue    $ 3.50        Number
JA02 Naphthol Red             $ 5.00         JA27 Sapphire Blue       $ 3.50        JAM01         3oz. Glazing Medium         $ 2.75
JA03 Naphthol Red Light       $ 5.00         JA28 Cerulean Blue       $ 5.00        JAM01b        8oz. Glazing Medium         $ 6.00
JA04 Naphthol AS Hue          $ 5.00         JA29 Aquamarine          $ 3.50        JAM02         3oz. Extender/ Blending     $ 2.75
JA05 Medium Red Rose          $ 3.50         JA30 Blue Grey           $ 3.50        JAM02b        8oz. Extender/ Blending     $ 6.00
JA06 English Red Oxide        $ 3.50         JA31 Dioxazine Purple    $ 7.00        JAM03         3oz. Multi-Surface Sealer   $ 2.75
JA07 Quinacridone Gold        $ 5.00         JA32 Red Violet          $ 5.00        JAM03b        8oz. Multi-Surface Sealer   $ 6.00
JA08 Perinone Orange          $ 10.50        JA33 Quinacridone Violet $ 5.00        JAM04         3oz. Satin Varnish          $ 2.75
JA09 Vermilion                $ 5.00         JA34 Light Violet        $ 5.00        JAM04b        8oz. Satin Varnish          $ 6.00
JA10 Yellow Deep              $ 5.00         JA35 Titanium White      $ 3.50        JAM05         3oz. Faux Finishing         $ 2.75
JA11 Indian Yellow            $ 5.00         JA36 Warm White          $ 3.50        JAM05b        8oz. Faux Finishing         $ 6.00
JA12 Yellow Oxide             $ 3.50         JA37 Medium White        $ 3.50        JAM06         3oz. Texture Medium         $ 2.75
JA13 Diarylide Yellow         $ 7.00         JA38 Medium Beige        $ 3.50        JAM06         8oz. Texture Medium         $ 6.00
JA14 Hansa Yellow             $ 7.00         JA39 Light Grey Value 8  $ 3.50        JAM07         3oz. Light Primer           $ 2.75
JA15 Hansa Yellow Light       $ 3.50         JA40 Medium Grey Value 6 $ 3.50        JAM07b        8oz. Light Primer           $ 6.00
JA16 Yellow Green Light       $ 7.00         JA41 Dark Grey Value 3   $ 3.50        JAM07c        16oz. Light Primer          $ 9.00
JA17 Medium Green             $ 5.00         JA42 Carbon Black        $ 3.50        JAM08         3oz. Dark Primer            $ 2.75
JA18 Chrome Green Hue         $ 5.00         JA43 Raw Sienna          $ 3.50        JAM08b        8oz. Dark Primer            $ 6.00
JA19 Pine Green               $ 5.00         JA44 Burnt Sienna        $ 3.50        JAM08c        16oz. Dark Primer           $ 9.00
JA20 Blue Green Light         $ 7.00         JA45 Raw Umber           $ 3.50
JA21 Teal Green               $ 5.00         JA46 Burnt Umber         $ 3.50        JAT01         Artists Technical Guide     $ 9.95
JA22 Phthalo Green-Yellow     $ 10.50        JA47 Brown Madder        $ 7.00        JMIX01        Laminated Mixing Card       $ 2.65
JA23 Phthalo Green-Blue       $ 5.00         JA48 Light Pearl         $ 3.50        JCARD         Hand Painted Color Card     $ 6.95
JA24 Phthalo Blue             $ 5.00         JA49 True Silver         $ 3.50        JAS1          1oz Sampler Color Set       $19.95
JA25 Prussian Blue Hue        $ 3.50         JA50 True Gold           $ 3.50        JAS3          3oz Sampler Color Set       $49.95
Jansen Art Studio Inc.
P.O. Box 290
Smoketown, PA 17576
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