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4 Important Components of Analyzing Your Site Visitors By Luca Moretti

While many of your blog or site visitors may leave comments or send you emails that tell you more about them and what they are interested in, many will have a look around your site and click onward without leaving a trace of information about who they are and what they care about. Traffic analysis allows you to get an idea of who your website visitors are so it is essential if you want to improve your online marketing efforts. When marketing either online or offline, it’s important to know who your target audience is. You can become a more effective online marketer by determining who your website visitors are and what makes them tick. Just like in the offline world, online marketers must first determine what the desired end result is and then analyze the target audience so they can use the right buzz words, images, and angle to appeal to this audience and get them to complete the desired action. Even if your customer base and target audience are constantly shifting, it’s essential to get a rough idea of who they are in order to effectively market your products and services. Here are 4 important components of analyzing your site traffic. 1. If you are already using a site traffic analysis tool like Google Analytics, there is already a breadth of information available to you about your site visitors. One important factor you should analyze is visitor location. By finding out where your visitors are typically located, you can create landing pages to target people in specific geographic areas. 2. Visitor loyalty, bounce rate, and time spent on site are valuable ways to measure how interesting and engaging the content on your website is for visitors. By knowing how much time people spend on your site and how often they visit, you can figure out how enthusiastic people are about your content and know what’s working and what isn’t. 3. Keywords and search terms that visitors are searching for on your website and on search engines that lead them to your website are important to take note of. Keywords and search terms reveal what your site visitors are looking for and what gaps you may be able to fill in the future. When you consistently find a particular keyword being searched for on your site, it’s practically guaranteed that the keyword topic would be successful if you used it to create new content on your site.
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4. Take a look at all of the traffic sources that lead visitors to your website. This includes referral sites, bookmarks, ads, and search engines. This information will help you because then you can figure out what sources are bringing you the most traffic and what type of content people are reading that leads them to your site. Data about traffic sources also tells you where you could increase visibility for your site. Analyze your site traffic with these factors in mind. Don’t just look at your statistics every once in a while but study them regularly so you can start to see the bigger picture. By applying what you learn from your traffic, you can vastly improve your online presence and offerings for visitors. http://SEOSapien.com is a search engine optimization company. We offer guaranteed SEO services to all industries World Wide in English, Spanish and Italian. Find this and more articles at http://www.seosapien.com/blog/

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Searching For Buried Treasure By Pamela Upshur

Everyone hates the thought of statistics. However, if you don't track the status at your Web site, you will never truly understand who is visiting your Web site and, more importantly, why. Identifying and retracing the "steps" of visitors in Web sites are the meat and potatoes of search engine positioning. Before you start having flashbacks of high-school algebra class, you should know that tracking and analyzing Web site stats isn't rocket science. As a matter of fact, tracking and analyzing stats is fairly easy. Regardless of whether you analyze your won Web site's log files or use an on-demand Web service to collect and process your stats, you can expect to get the same basic information. The following provides you with an overview of the types of data and reports that you can expect and provides you with insight on how to analyze this data in order to make improvements to your Web site. By tracking and analyzing stats, you can discover which of the pages at your Web site are visited most often. Although you might think that your top-level home page is the most popular, this isn't always the case. In fact, your analysis might reveal that most people visit some other page at your Web site. This is because the Web allows anyone to visit any Web page at your Web site, and visitors don't have to start at your home page. One report you will want to generate is one that tracks popular Web pages. Depending on which Web traffic analysis tool you use, the name of this report will be different. You should look for a report named something like Most Requested Page or Most Popular Pages. Another report that you might want to look for is one that depicts how much traffic each major area of your Web site receives. Using a report like this, you can determine which area of your Web site needs additional attention versus which pages you may wish to further exploit by using viral and permission marketing techniques. You might also be interested in looking to see if you can generate reports that show which Web page are visited most often and which Web pages receive the least attention. These reports might be called something like the Most Request Pages and Least Requested Pages report. The main purpose of generating these reports is to gain an insight as to how people are visiting your Web site. Using the information presented in these reports, you can determine what content your visitors appreciate most and try to provide more of it. You can also find out which pages your visitors are just skimming through and try to improve them in order to give your visitors a reason to slow down and look around, Finally, by looking for common exit points in your Web site, you can focus your efforts on trying to find ways to redirect your visitors back to other parts of your Web site and increase your overall level of stickiness. Pamela Upshur is the owner of http://www.upshurcreative.com.

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